23 May 2017

Legalized Discrimination

Michelangelo Signorile at The Huffington Post published a horrifying article on Sunday (link here) about how Texas may soon pass a bill that would permit nurses, lawyers, and pharmacists to refuse service on "religious grounds."

Concurrently, as reported by NBC News (link here), Texas may soon pass a bill that allows state-funded adoption agencies to refuse children to non-Christian, single, or LGBT prospective parents on "religious grounds."

This "religious grounds" exemption is a favorite new tactic of anti-LGBT zealots who are using it as a back door to allow blatant discrimination. The bigot or hater who refuses service never has to prove what his or her religious beliefs are, if any.

Now one might think that federal courts will neuter such legislation as being unconstitutional, which is what happened in the 1950s and 1960s when integration laws were unsuccessfully challenged on "religious grounds." Since then, however, conservative judges and justices have shown time and time again their willingness to ignore binding precedent as they carve theocratic law wholecloth out of thin air.

If either or both these proposed provisions makes it to a federal court, a judge nominated by Donald Trump, who's filling judicial ranks with arch-conservative anti-LGBT candidates pre-selected by the Heritage Foundation and similar anti-LGBT hate groups, could uphold these draconian and horrific proposed laws.

Trump is in all likelihood an atheist but that won't stop him from nominating as many anti-LGBT candidates as possible in order to pander to his hard-right religious conservative base. The man is a raging demagogue and has no shame.


The top here is Manuel, who just started doing porn in early 2017. He's 38, stands 5'8, weighs 170, and keeps in fantastic shape. He's originally from Canada and only tops in porn unless he does a scene with his husband Mick, for whom he will bottom.

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22 May 2017

Adventures in Hypocrisy

Donald Trump's trip to Saudi Arabia has been awash with hypocrisy. He's doing all the things for which he endlessly criticized President Obama: bowing to the king, sucking up to the Saudis, and more.

He repeatedly criticized Michelle Obama for not wearing a headscarf while in Saudi Arabia. Both his wife and his daughter, who accompanied him on the trip, have repeatedly appeared in public without a headscarf.

On many occasions, Trump lambasted President Obama for not using the phrase "radical Islamic terrorism" when speaking with Middle Eastern countries. On this trip, Trump has avoided using the phrase (source here).

But this is what really takes the cake for hypocrisy: "We are not here to lecture," Trump told the Muslim audience. "We are not here to tell other people how to live, what to do, who to be."

That's exactly what Trump and his theocratic absolutists in his administration are repeatedly doing: telling LGBT Americans and other minorities what they can or cannot do, what bathroom they can use, what medical procedures are prohibited, and more.

Trump has no shame. Hopefully more and more people will be angered by his hypocrisy and work to weaken him during the 2018 midterms.

Ebony Beef

Ridder is the beefy black lad who tops throughout this scene. He has a great body and a fantastic thick uncut cock. He's been doing porn for a few months and, so far, eight scenes of his have been released, with him topping in all of them.

I'd be curious to know if versatile porn performers earn more and work more frequently than those who only top or bottom. I suspect nobody tracks this kind of data, but porn agents might have an anecdotal knowledge.

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21 May 2017

No Shame

Donald Trump has never been shy about his Islamophobia. He made a number of shockingly hateful anti-Muslim comments during his campaign and has not let up since becoming President.

His immigration ban was also a thinly veiled attempt to ban Muslims from entering the country. A number of federal courts used his own hateful Islamophobic comments in the past to block the measure as a blatant piece of discrimination and intolerance.

And now Trump is traveling to Saudi Arabia to lecture people about how he knows to be a better Muslim. Or maybe you could call the speech "Donald's Tips for Making Hateful People Like Me Hate You Less."

The speech is being billed by the White House as Trump's attempt to encourage Muslims to turn away from extremism and toward a more moderate and tolerant stance. The Administration has not announced that it's being written by one of the most stridently anti-Muslim members of his staff, Stephen Miller.

I imagine Saudi leaders will sit stone-faced through his presentation because they want the military equipment the US will give them. Saudi Arabia has a fairly tight national security force so there's not likely to be much civil unrest there.

How the rest of the Middle East will react is anybody's guess.

A lot of pundits and columnists have written about this forthcoming speech, but none of them have yet addressed the glaring hypocrisy in Trump's ranting about religious extremism.

Trump thinks Islam should avoid extremism yet he is perfectly happy to embrace Christian extremists and include many of them on his staff. You could even call his Vice President, Michael Pence, a religious extremist with his stridently anti-LGBT and anti-civil rights stance.

The man has no shame.

Sticky Kisses

Here's a great flip-flop scene with Jake Deckard and Kyle King. I particularly like the sticky cummy kiss at the end. Cum-coated kisses are the best kisses!

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20 May 2017

Sequential Bombshells

Donald Trump is out of the country for eleven days, and the media gave him a rousing sendoff yesterday with bombshell after bombshell. Air Force One was literally in the air for only four minutes when The New York Times broke two important stories and The Washington Post followed minutes later with a major piece of its own.

The Times lead off with the shocking revelation about how Trump bragged to Russian officials during a closed-door Oval Office meeting (link here) that he had fired the "nut job" FBI director and thereby hampered the campaign collusion probe.

The newspaper reported from an internal White House transcript that Trump told the Russians, "I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job. I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off."

Many legal experts interviewed by the media said such a well-documented statement is tantamount to Trump admitting he had committed obstruction of justice, a potentially criminal act that could lead to both impeachment and a subsequent prosecution and even prison time for the President.

The Times followed that a few minutes later with a second article about how Trump's son-in-law's family was offering quid pro quo offers of American green cards in exchange for multi-million-dollar investments (link here).

"They said the President would make sure [my green card] came through," the newspaper quoted a member of the audience at the sales presentation. "They said there was no chance it could fail."

Not to be outdone, The Washington Post quickly followed with a big scoop of its own (link here), about how the unfolding criminal investigation into Trump's campaign and Russian collusion now includes at least one current member of his White House staff.

Remember about how Trump bragged during the campaign that he would "drain the swamp"? That turned out to be another lie. Four months old today, the Trump administration is already one of the most corrupt in American history, if not the most corrupt.

Gag on It

Most blowjob-only scenes seem rather tepid compared to the ones that include fucking, but this one is a notable exception. The deep-voice dirty talk is particularly good too.

I don't recognize the older bloke getting sucked. If you know his name, please shout it out in the comments.

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19 May 2017

Double Whammy?

Some Republicans on Capitol Hill have been talking none-too-quietly lately about the possibility that Donald Trump will not serve out his term, because of impeachment (details here), because he's removed from office via the 25th Amendment (details here), or because he'll just quit (details here).

Per the Constitution and federal law, when the presidency is suddenly vacant for whatever reason, the Vice President becomes President. But what if the Vice President slot is also vacant? The next in line for President per the Constitution and federal law is the Speaker of the House, who currently is Paul Ryan.

Michael Pence is on thicker ice than Trump, but he's not without serious problems of his own. His been caught lying repeatedly about his role in the Flynn scandal (details here) and he's also more entangled in the Russia scandal than many realize (details here).

Paul Ryan would not be a dream President for LGBT Americans, but he wouldn't be as bad as a President Pence. And arguably Ryan would be better for the LGBT community than the mercurial and unstable Trump who probably will never escape all the scandals gripping his presidency.

While he usually votes against LGBT interests, on occasion Ryan has voted for LGBT rights. For instance, he voted in Congress to ban employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Ryan received a 13 percent rating from the ACLU on his civil rights voting record, compared to Pence's 7 percent rating. Hence, Ryan is generally anti-LGBT but with exceptions while Pence is anti-LGBT with no exceptions.

Ryan has also expressed privately to associates that he wants to avoid so-called "culture issues" for Republicans now, suggesting he would not be on the anti-LGBT warpath, unlike Pence, who almost certainly would be.

All things considered, Ryan would be a conservative Republican President but not as bad as a President Pence. If Trump indeed does go, hopefully Pence will be gone concurrently or before him, much like happened with Spiro Agnew in 1974.

The Package

Porn world is like the real world in some ways, but very different in some important ways. In the real world, a courier shows up, drops off a package, gets a signature, and splits inside thirty seconds. But in porn world, a courier shows up, drops off a package, gets a signature, and agrees to fuck inside thirty seconds.

The top here is Kurt Rogers and the bottom is Ross Hurston. These two lads were featured here on the blog in a video version of this courier scene here. Kurt has appeared four more times in still photo posts here, here, here, and here. Ross was featured once in still photos here.

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18 May 2017

Circling the Drain

Donald Trump's administration is coming apart before it has even reached the four-month mark. The Comey firing and Trump's possible obstruction of justice are being investigated by three congressional committees and a new special counsel appointed yesterday, who will operate essentially the same way as a special prosecutor.

Criminal investigations of Trump's campaign and possible collusion with Russia are ongoing as well and at least one federal grand jury is reviewing the evidence. Subpoenas are currently being issued against key campaign officials by federal prosecutors and the grand jury (or possibly grand juries).

Yesterday also brought the extraordinary news that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said to a group of prominent Republican leaders in June 2016 that Donald Trump was being paid by Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin (details here). McCarthy's office vehemently denied ever making such a comment, but when told that a recording had been made of his statement, they conceded it was real but tried to pretend it was a joke.

Nicholas Kristof at The New York Times wrote an excellent column yesterday (link here) with the title "Dangerous Times for Trump and the Nation." He made a really good point in the piece which I'll quote verbatim:

"One crucial lesson here: Pressure matters. It was public opinion that stalled the Republican effort to repeal Obamacare, and it is public opinion in part that will ensure the integrity of this [Trump/Russia] investigation."

People have been calling, faxing, tweeting, texting, and speaking in person with their members of Congress to express outrage over Trump's behavior and possible criminal activity. That works. When politicians receive hundreds of not thousands of contacts every day, they know that voters are angry, and angry voters kick incumbents out of office at election time.

I have been burning up the fax lines to Washington and I hope you're finding ways to speak out, too. Trump was not elected by a majority of voters, and his support since the election has deteriorated significantly.

He's famously incurious about most subjects and reads almost nothing, but he needs to educate himself about failed presidencies of the recent past. The cheering fans at his rallies represent an ever-shrinking minority of voters and are not an accurate picture of public sentiment.

The ever-growing majority of voters who oppose Trump cannot be ignored, and the longer he does so, the more perilous his hold on the presidency.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

When I toured my house for the first time before I bought it, one of the features I noticed were the floor to ceiling mirrored closet doors in the master bedroom that stretched the entire width of the longer wall. The realtor said something like, "of course you'll want to get rid of these closet doors -- they're so eighties."

I felt like responding "are you out of your fucking mind?" The mirrors are still there.

Mirrors on bedroom walls means you and your lover can watch yourselves fuck. I have always really liked bedroom mirrors and so does my boyfriend. Who cares that mirrored closet doors first became popular in the 1980s?

Gabriel and Carter here clearly understand this kind of thinking. They're obviously very turned on watching themselves suck and fuck in the big mirrors.

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17 May 2017

The Bombshell

You've probably heard about how Donald Trump disclosed highly classified intel to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador. The intel reportedly came from Israel and its disclosure now puts an Israeli spy's life at risk.

Trump's act was incredibly foolish but actually legal, given that a President may decide at any time to declassify material and thereafter reveal it to whomever he wishes. But what is legal and what is right are not mutually inclusive.

The damage done by Trump here cannot be understated. US security was directly compromised and will remain that way at least throughout his presidency because foreign intelligence agencies will be far more reluctant to share any intel with the United States.

Such intel shared in the past has prevented terrorist attacks on Americans, American planes, and the homeland itself. But now, with that pipeline turned off, if there is a direct terrorist threat on America, US authorities may not receive warning intel out of fear that sharing it might result in Trump compromising their sources.

As a result, Americans may die because of Trump's carelessness and incompetence.

A great deal has been written about this in the last thirty-six hours. Hands down, the best piece I've read is by Jack Goldsmith, a Harvard Law School professor and former assistant attorney general during George W. Bush's presidency (link here).

Even though he's a Republican, Goldsmith clearly puts country before party as he blasts Trump for what he's done. It's a compelling read and not at all "legalese" -- it's easy reading for the lay reader.

Goldsmith lays out a nine-count indictment of sorts summing up the problem and the damage succinctly. The last count bluntly tells an inconvenient truth: "Trump’s alleged screw-up with the Russians reveals yet again what we have learned many times in the last four months: The successful operation of our government assumes a minimally competent Chief Executive that we now lack."

Read this piece and share it with everyone you know. America is now in a crisis like it has never seen before. Something must be done before it's too late.

Rutting Muscle

Both Sean and Derek have appeared here before but never together. Derek is the top and Sean is the bottom. Both are said to be straight but they're more likely bi.

Derek was featured in a still photo set here. Sean was featured here, here, and here in still photo sets and here, here, and here in videos. All download sets are still live for those links.

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