19 February 2017

By Accident or By Design

Just Security is an excellent, non-sensational online forum run by the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University School of Law. They publish very readable, often shorter articles about the intersection of human rights and national security.

A few days ago they ran a short piece by a law professor about how both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin had pretty much identical goals in the 2016 American presidential election (link here). Hence my title to this blog entry "by accident or design" -- whether or not Trump and Putin colluded in their efforts, the result turned out like they had done so.

Both the media and federal law enforcement are now taking a closer look at the many contacts between the Russian government and the Trump campaign during the recent election season. Contact in and of itself is not illegal, but colluding to break the law is; whether or not that occurred remains to be seen.

As I've written before on this blog, Putin is a dangerous individual who persecutes LGBT people. Anyone who aligns himself with Putin is inherently suspect of being dangerous, too, as a result.

With Putin and Trump so deeply intertwined, it will always throw a significant shadow of doubt over the latter's claims of being pro-LGBT.

Gym Beef

I can't believe I've never featured Brodie here before -- he's the top in this scene. I did a word search through the full archives I have for this blog but nary a hit. I wonder if I used him before but did not mention his name. Needless to say, he's a hot one, and the bottom ain't mud, either.

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18 February 2017

Eighteen Lies

To follow up on my piece yesterday about Donald Trump's ludicrous press conference, The Toronto Star had a good summary piece with the squishy title of "Donald Trump said 17 false things at press conference where he called media ‘dishonest’" (link here). Let's not use waffle words, Toronto; call them what they are: lies.

Here's one bold-faced lie not mentioned in the seventeen whoppers. Trump said the following during yesterday's event, and I quote verbatim: "I am the least anti-Semitic person that you've ever seen in your entire life. Number two, racism, the least racist person."

That's right: Trump is claiming to be the "least racist person."

Sorry, Donny, but that's a huge load of bullshit.

Donald Trump and his father once repeatedly refused to rent apartments to African-Americans. Flat-out refused. The Trumps were sued by multiple plaintiffs as a result and settled out of court because they knew they were going to lose (link here).

Refusing to rent to a particular race is not the act of the "least racist person." Of the most-racist person, not the least. It's the action of a bigot.

This is a classic example of Trump claiming to be one thing when in fact he's the exact opposite. He does that frequently.

Which brings us to the upside-down rainbow flag and the claim that Trump is pro-LGBT. Once again, Trump's record shows that he's the exact opposite of what he pretends to be.

By surrounding himself with anti-LGBT zealots in the highest ranks of his administration, by admiring anti-LGBT reactionaries like Vladimir Putin and Roy Cohn, by supporting anti-LGBT legislation like the fraudulently titled "First Amendment Defense Act," Trump is showing what he really is -- someone contemptuous of LGBT Americans.

Actions speak louder than words.

Sean Gets Pounded

The beefy ripped bottom here is Sean Costin who has been featured on this blog before a bunch of times -- in still image sets (here, here, and here) and also in video posts (here and here). I love to watch him both fuck and get fucked; he's like a greek god statute come to life.

He's paired today with a smaller top named Sebastian Hook who nonetheless gives him a good pounding. Sean seems to bottom more than he tops, so I wonder if that's his personal preference. Or is he supposed to be straight?

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17 February 2017


Donald Trump's bilious press conference yesterday, if it could be called that, was deeply disturbing. The man appeared to be delusional at times with a tenuous grip on reality. During many moments, he seemed more like the president of a banana republican than the President of the United States.

The event was also a blizzard of lies.

A number of fact checkers have already published a voluminous rundown of the many falsehoods Trump spewed during the presser: PolitiFact (link here); ABC News (link here); NBC News (link here); The New York Times (link here); USA Today (link here); and the Associated Press (link here).

And finally, focusing instead on the biggest whoppers, Policy.Mic published a piece with the title "Here are the 5 biggest lies from Donald Trump's bizarre press conference" (link here).

This all brings me back to a point I've made a number of times here before: Donald Trump lies so easily and so often and so shamelessly, how can we believe anything he ever says, including whatever promises or statements he's made about LGBT Americans.

People who believe habitual liars are almost always left sadly disappointed.

Goofy Hot

This is Barton, who has something of a goofy face that's nonetheless endearing on a nicely muscled body. He's not fashion model hot, but he looks like he'd be a lot of fun both in and out of the sack.

He's described as 27, originally from Texas, out, 5'11, and 205 pounds. The source studio is intimating he'll soon be back and as a versatile top with another lad.

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16 February 2017

Out of Control

The Trump Administration is now in meltdown mode because of the Michael Flynn resignation and drip drip drip revelations about how Donald Trump was long aware of Flynn's illegal behavior but tried to cover it up and even lied to his own Vice-President.

This all grows out of Trump's baffling adoration of Vladimir Putin and his Russian kleptocracy. Why can Putin and Russia do no wrong in Trump's eyes?

To this end, The Boston Globe published an excellent article yesterday with the title "Five big, unanswered questions about Trump and Russia" (link here).

This excerpt is right on the money: "Why has Trump taken such a conciliatory approach to Vladimir Putin’s illiberal regime? Trump has never clarified what he expects to get from Moscow. What exactly does the United States need — and need so badly that Trump would go out of his way to praise Putin?"

And also: "Without a clear realpolitik explanation for Trump’s Russophilia, it’s hard to silence questions about whether he’s actually motivated by something else. Hidden business ties with Russian oligarchs? A close adviser who’s been compromised? Even blackmail inside the White House? There is no clear and straightforward explanation for Trump’s behavior toward Russia."

It's no secret that Vladimir Putin is a major enemy of LGBT people everywhere. He openly discriminates against and persecutes LGBT people in Russia with draconian laws and police actions. For that reason, given Trump's adoration of the Russian autocrat, the friend of my enemy is my enemy.

The very fact that Trump adores Putin should be at the top of every LGBT person's list about why Trump cannot be trusted. No amount of upside-down rainbow flag waving can hide the fact that Trump adores a near-dictator who thinks LGBT people are subhuman.

Big Sam

Sammy was featured here on the blog more than five years ago in a short photo set. I just came into possession of a new photo collection featuring him in several shoots that were very recently released. You can see a sample of the shots below.

I searched around online and could find no details about this stud. He's only done a very few solo jerkoff shoots but personal details and stats are utterly lacking. I'm guessing he's in his thirties, and it's obvious he's no stranger to the gym.

The originals for these images are larger than they appear below and are part of a collection with more than one hundred photos of Sammy from four different shoots. To download the entire group in a free zipped folder, you should click here.

15 February 2017

The Theocracy

The New York Times published an informative and ultimately disturbing article on Monday (link here) with the title "For Religious Conservatives, Success and Access at the Trump White House."

In a sentence, the piece details how Trump shamelessly panders to far-right theocratic Christians in exchange for their support while they blindly support him and ignore his obscene hypocrisy.

Given that ultra-conservative theocratic Christians are almost exclusively and hatefully anti-LGBT, I'm left wondering how any LGBT person could think that, somehow, Trump could be both pro-LGBT while concurrently pandering to the far right.

In short, it's all but impossible. Here's the bottom line: Trump needs the far-right for re-election. He knows, no matter what, he'll have little support from the LGBT community. So when it comes down to throwing either the anti-LGBT faction or the pro-LGBT faction under the bus, it will be the latter.

After reading the linked article, it's pretty clear that far-right theocratic Christians are easily fooled or lacking a moral compass. That's why they voted for Trump in overwhelming numbers.

In contrast, it's equally clear the pro-LGBT community is not easily fooled. That's why they voted against Trump in overwhelming numbers.

A few pro-LGBT people still cling to the delusion that, somehow, Trump will be pro-LGBT, notwithstanding he's surrounded himself with hatefully anti-LGBT people in his administration and promises to sign LGBT-discriminating legislation like FADA.

When Trump-supporting LGBT people finally wake up and realize they've been had, hopefully they will join the anti-Trump alliance and speak out against him.

Almost Busted

I imagine these "out in public" hardcore videos are shot in locations where passersby can be intercepted by a few production assistants, but the near-miss in this scene looks believable. The top is hot and the bottom is cute. They're pretty quiet when they fuck, all things considered, so maybe that's done to keep from attracting too much attention.

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14 February 2017

The Will of the People

A new survey has found that a majority of Americans oppose any attempt to deny services to LGBT people in the name of religion (details here).

In other words, they're against things like the fraudulently titled First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), which legalizes LGBT discrimination in the name of religion, a sweeping piece of pending legislation that Donald Trump has promised to sign into law as soon as it crosses his desk.

Trump has repeatedly said he will be the President of all Americans, that he will fight for all Americans, that he will unite all Americans, yet his unwavering support of the hate-based FADA exposes him as a rampant hypocrite. Perhaps the next time he makes this hollow claim, he should clarify his statement: "I will be the President of all heterosexual Americans."

How can he claim to support all Americans when he advocates something that the majority of Americans think is wrong? And if he signs FADA, which seems a certainty, will his LGBT supporters finally admit they were conned?

The Cellist

Maestro Saxon has become obsessed with his star pupil Duncan. When the latter spreads his legs and plays his cello, Saxon cannot help but stare at the thick bulge in the younger man's crotch straining against his snug trousers.

While Duncan plays, lost in the music, Saxon begins fantasizing about seducing his student on the concert stage for all to see. Fantasy becomes reality when Duncan suddenly stops playing and pulls his teacher into a kiss and then guides his head down between his legs.

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13 February 2017

The Coming War

Nico Lang wrote an excellent op-ed in the Los Angeles Times last week with the title "Don’t believe Trump’s spin. The war against same-sex marriage is just getting started" (link here).

His piece makes several powerful arguments, including this one: "Same-sex partners may get to keep their marriages under the Trump administration, but those unions will mean little if the federal government erodes the rights and benefits afforded to that status."

He could not be more correct.

What Donald Trump wants is simple: a country where both same-sex marriage is legal and widespread discrimination against LGBT people is legal.

Lang is specifically referencing the ludicrously titled "First Amendment Defense Act" (FADA), still pending before Congress, and the unsuccessful attempt by Trump to sneak it in early through an executive order. Trump has promised to sign FADA as soon as it reaches his desk from Congress.

If you don't already know, FADA would allow anyone to discriminate against LGBT people simply by evoking "religious freedom." It's legalizing Fags Keep Out.

This is why many LGBT people, including me, are so frustrated at those who think Trump is pro-LGBT. Waving an upside down rainbow flag for two seconds and stream-of-consciousness mutterings about protecting LGBT people from terrorists are all a smokescreen.

FADA means real, actual, tangible, and harsh discrimination. It means blatant segregation -- places where LGBT are allowed and places where they are barred.

Trump supports this travesty and has vowed repeatedly to sign it into law. That's the real issue, not some nonsensical inverted flag waving.

If Trump gets his way, and the courts don't block him, he'll be legalizing discrimination against us for all time and we'll be powerless to stop it.

That's just inexcusable. And morally reprehensible. And indefensible.

Well Above Average

This is Josh, who has done about a dozen porn scenes since his debut last year. He stands six foot tall and weighs in at 180 pounds. He's obviously blessed with a magnificent uncut cock that is well above average in both thickness and length.

With two exceptions, he has bottomed exclusively in each scene where he appeared. The two exceptions are a flip-flop tryst and also a four-way where he both topped and bottomed. Given the size of his meat, I'm surprised he has not topped more. Perhaps that is not his personal preference.

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