30 September 2014


Lads dressed in costumes at comic conventions often could be classified as geeky or nerdy -- certified pocket protector users.

There are definitely some exceptions. Who knows if this lad was a paid model or a hot fan, but does it really matter? Spandex on the right man is magnificent no matter what.

29 September 2014

Adam Sans Eve

You may recognize this bloke; he's appeared in porn for several years under the name of Adam Ramzi. He's one of the few porn dudes I can think of who appear from time to time with a full beard. I think that makes him extra hotter.

If you've ever been sucked off by a lad with a big fuzzy beard, you know that's a fantastic sensation. You feel his woolly brush on your balls and thighs as you fuck his face. I'm getting hard just thinking about that.

The pictures below are much larger in their original; to download a free folder with nearly one hundred large photos of Adam, solo and in carnal action, you'll want to click here.

28 September 2014

Mr. Thick's Poolboy

Thanks to the regular reader who alerted me to this recent addition on the Xvideos site, featuring Mr. Thick having his way with his hapless poolboy. Mr. Thick's neighbors are lucky to be able to look out their windows to see this going down next door.

Remember, if you don't have time to watch now, you can always download a free copy of the movie from the X-videos site for later viewing, because you never know how long it will be on the source site. To watch on the Xvideos page or to download your own copy, you'll want to click here.

27 September 2014

Sassy Lad

I found several copies on the Xvideos site of the two lads from the "management trainee" photo shoot posted here earlier in the week. Whilst the scene has some excellent cocksucking, the portion where the big bloke tops the little lad is a disappointment.

I found another scene with the same little lad, Allen King, this time paired with older and bigger Edu Boxer. Allen gives Edu some sass about studying, so Edu helps him focus by stuffing his cock in the lad's mouth and funhole.

To watch on the source site or to download a free copy of the "management trainee" video, click here. For the sassy lad scene click here.

26 September 2014

Cuban Cucumber

I've wondered how long it takes for a lad like Adriano here to break into porn. Ten minutes?

I have this mental picture that he shows up in a porn producer's office, drops his pants, and a contract is signed within minutes. Even if he can't fuck on camera and has no acting ability, they can always put him in a jerkoff or blowjob vid where he's getting sucked.

Fortunately Adriano can fuck on camera and then some. He's Cuban, 5'5", and with a reportedly ten-inch cock. I believe I've only ever seen him topping. He should bottom sometimes, too, because it would be great to see him riding a thick shaft whilst his rigid cock bobs around in the breeze.

The pictures below are much larger than they appear and have been archived for your free downloading here.

25 September 2014

The Management Trainee

Allen wasn't sure he'd like his first job out of college, working as a management trainee at Consolidated Industries. His boss Mr. Brooks seemed gruff and unfriendly at first. With time, Alan realized Mr. Brooks was actually rather quiet and shy, not to mention supportive and a good mentor.

After a few weeks, Allen realized he was developing a whopping crush on Mr. Brooks and lived for those few moments when the big man patted him on the back or rested his big paw on his shoulder whilst working at his computer. He assumed the older man was straight because every fifth word out of his mouth was "pussy" or "cunt."

Allen had his heart in his mouth when Mr. Brooks took him along to a regional meeting at the Cleveland district office. On the next to last day of their trip, he could hardly speak he was so nervous when Mr. Brooks invited him along to work out at the hotel gym. He was treated to an unobstructed view of Mr. Brooks's strapping torso in his snug little shorts and sleeveless T-shirt that were soon drenched with sweat.

That night Mr. Brooks treated Allen to dinner and seemed to relax for the first time, in part because he had three vodka martinis. But the evening suddenly had an unexpected twist When Mr. Brooks handed his credit card to the waiter and then turned to whisper in Allen's ear: "How 'bout you come up to my hotel room now and let me stuff my big thick cock deep in your sweet little ass."

The originals of these photos are massive, with a total of one hundred in the set. If you'd like to download a free folder with all of them, be sure to click here

24 September 2014

Satisfying the Boss

No fewer than four readers alerted me to the Dato and Dennis film online. Thanks guys!

The somewhat nebulous plot here seems to be this: a straight friend calls and warns Dato that "the director" (Denis) will try to put the moves on him. The friend doesn't seem to realize that will not be a problem for Dato -- it's exactly what he wants.

Apparently corporate policy at these two lads' office mandates that they keep on their socks at all time, no matter what.

To view at the source site or to download your own free copy, you'll need to click here.