23 August 2017

The Big One Thousand

The Washington Post continues to document all of Donald Trump's major lies since he's become President (link here). He now has the dubious distinction of telling at least one thousand major lies since being sworn into office.

At this pace, he should hit about 6,500 lies by the end of his four-year term, if he manages to last that long.

Most people with half a brain know that Trump lies incessantly. Anyone with even a basic bullshit detector can tell when he's dishing up porkies. Some of them are so obviously lies, like the gibberish about drug dealers throwing bags of narcotics over the border wall.

The problem with such a prolific liar is that he does it so often, people become immune. Many of his lies are outrageous on their own, but the stream comes so fast, we don't have time to be outraged because he lobs another falsehood within hours or sooner.

If you've ever studied confidence men, as I have, you will recognize how Trump has all the classic traits of a con artist. He lies so much and knows he's lying that he can fib with no "tells." In this, he's exactly like classic fraudsters such as Bernie Madoff.

Prolific liars rarely end well. But when and where will it all end and how soon?

Frat Party

I know these aren't real but they seem real and that's all that matters. I was never in a frat, but my first two years of university, I lived in dorm suites, so plenty of young lads were always coming and going from the living area. Had I seen porn like this back then, I certainly would've had more vivid fantasies about some of my roommates.

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22 August 2017

Pure Idiocy

Donald Trump brags about being the best ever President for LGBT Americans. Yet another one of his recent nominees proves that's nothing but a bold-faced lie.

Trump has nominated Sam Clovis to be chief scientist for the Department of Agriculture. In recent days, recordings and writings Clovis made over the last few years reveal him both to be rampant homophobe and an idiot (link here).

He has repeatedly argued, for instance, that being LGBT is a choice and that legalizing same-sex marriage could lead to legalization of pedophilia.

Not only does Clovis have utterly idiotic beliefs, he has zero academic qualifications or professional experience for the job Trump wants him to fill. He has a bachelors in political science, a masters of business administration, and a doctorate in public administration, a type of management degree.

His primary professional experience is as a conservative talk-radio host, which has nothing to do with science. He was national co-chair of Trump's presidential campaign, which reveals the real reason Trump nominated him: a political plum to reward him.

Clovis's utter lack of qualification for this job is part of a pattern seen in other Trump nominees, who have also been completely unqualified for the slots they filled. Trump isn't interested in running government efficiently -- he's interested in pillaging it and then breaking it.

Busy Lad

I read somewhere that between escorting, doing porn, and servicing his boyfriend, Austin has sex about six or seven times a day. He's the top here, in case you don't know already. Between gym time and sex, he must be pretty busy. The bottom here is Clark, and I believe this is the first scene he's ever done in porn, at least under that name.

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21 August 2017

The Unnamed Mole

The Daily Beast published a very intriguing article over the weekend (link here) about the arrest of an unnamed Russian intelligence operative who may have revealed to the CIA about how Vladimir Putin ordered spies and hackers to try and throw the election to Donald Trump.

The piece notes at one point how, if the agent wasn't already in prison awaiting a secret trial, he would have been murdered by Putin's government.

It's sickening to think how people may spend the rest of their lives in prison at hard labor or may even be executed for trying to bring the truth about Putin and Russian hacking to light.

Donald Trump, of course, has zero interest in pursuing the scandal on this end and has done everything to derail it. If the matter was actively investigated and the results published in the United States, it could put pressure on Putin to back off his persecution of this unnamed spy and others.

Of course, Trump will not do that. His selfishness and covetousness won't allow that. He's too busy trying to enrich himself as President to be bothered worrying about people who will suffer brutally because of his callousness.

The linked article is somewhat long but a worthy read. I highly recommend it.

Rough Trade

Is the phrase "rough trade" still in wide use? I know what it means, having consumed a good bit of vintage porn over the years, but do others?

The exact use varied, but the term generally referred to traditionally masculine-looking working-class blokes with big muscles and tattoos who turned tricks for men, usually as a top, and were on the prowl for a wealthy sugar-daddy who would keep them on the payroll. Often a rough-trade lad was quite alpha and dominant, and sometimes he downright humiliated and degraded his trick.

I have a sense the term is no longer widely used, because most men are out, at least to a certain degree, so they no longer have to pretend to be straight whilst quietly patronizing rougher men on the side. But the rough trade look still persists, even if unintentionally, and I would classify this lad as one.

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20 August 2017

The Resignation

Frank Bruni at The New York Times has another great column today (link here), this one with the title "The Week When Donald Trump Resigned."

Now just to be clear: Trump hasn't actually resigned. But he has abdicated the moral authority inherent in the American presidency this past week.

Trump constantly and consistently puts himself before the country. Rather than try to bring the nation together after Charlottesville, as all other modern Presidents would have done, he is interested only in fluffing his fragile ego.

The man cannot admit he is or was ever wrong. So he keeps doubling-down, like a spoiled child, insisting he's the best, he is right, that he knows everything, not caring a whit about the damage that may be done to America and its people.

Like all extreme narcissists, the man has a monumental ego to accompany his relative mediocrity.

Read Bruni's piece. It's a fast and great read. While it's not really relevant, in case you didn't know already, Bruni happens to be openly gay.

Big Floppy Balls

The top here is the legendary Antonio Biaggi. The best part of watching his monster cock bang in and out of man pussy is the way his huge low-hangers flop and bang all over the place.

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19 August 2017

The Departure

Donald Trump's highly controversial chief strategist Steven Bannon either resigned or was fired yesterday (details here and here), effective immediately.

Bannon was adored by the far right and loathed by many in the center and left and parts of the right because of his ties to the overtly racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-LGBT website Breitbart, which he formerly headed and to which he will return. Breitbart has been a critically important grass-roots support base for Trump.

At the moment, competing narratives exist in the mainstream media but are primarily of two sorts: (1) Bannon was fired and (2) it was an amicable departure. Time will tell which of those is correct.

If the Trump administration and Bannon are not at war from this point forward, then the White House status quoa probably will not change much.

But if this departure signals the beginning of a war between the Trump White House and Bannon's minions on the far right, what little support Trump has will continue to dwindle.

Bannon's exit may cause Trump's base to fracture and collapse, dividing into two camps, with each one smaller and less powerful.

If that happens, then Trump will be falling into the Richard Nixon basement. His departure from the White House will be sooner rather than later.

Alternatively, Bannon may remain loyal to the President himself but try to steer his administration from the outside through Breitbart and other far-right media ventures, making war on key individuals in the West Wing. That doesn't sound like something that would stablize Trump's White House and lead to a positive end.

All of this is speculation right now. It's too early to tell what the near-future will bring. Whatever the answer, we are certainly living in interesting times.

Stepdaddy Dean

The demanding stepfather here is Dean Phoenix, who started in porn in 1998, retired in 2011, and then came out of retirement last year to work once again. I could not find any interviews online about why he returned, but supposedly he works in a retail gig full time outside of porn. I wonder if his employer knows about his second career?

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18 August 2017

Corruption Inc.

While the back-and-forth about Trump's outrageous racist comments continues and he shows no signs of backing down, and while Congressional Republicans to a one refuse to give him any backup, it's important to remember that the President's odious remarks and opinions likely will not lead to his removal from office.

That's not to say there aren't other valid reasons, however.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is hopefully finding a lot of them during his criminal investigation into Trump's business and other practices. Earlier this week, The New Yorker magazine published an absolutely excellent, in-depth article by Adam Davidson (link here) about a previously little-reported and potentially criminal business deal between Trump and nefarious Russian parties in the Republic of Georgia that potentially involved bank fraud and money laundering.

This is the kind of potentially criminal behavior for which Mueller has assembled the best possible prosecutorial team. Trump's lawyers have tried to argue that investigating Trump's business is beyond a special counsel's law, but the law overwhelmingly is not on their side.

Quite simply, Mueller has all the powers of a federal prosecutor. And a federal prosecutor has the legal authority to investigate any and every suspected crime, no matter what that crime might be.

The Trump legal team's claim is as ludicrous as saying a federal agent couldn't arrest someone for murder, when evidence was found, if the agent started out investigating a bank robbery.

I urge you to read The New Yorker piece and share it with friends and associates. This is the kind of criminality that will bring Trump down.

Cuddly Gorilla

At 6'2 and 230 pounds, Arnie here looks like a big cuddly gorilla. There's a lot of big muscle to love here. The source website implies that he's straight, and he's only topped and not yet sucked cock on screen in the five scenes he's done to date, but who really knows.

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17 August 2017


Shortly after I wrote yesterday's political post, Donald Trump plunged off the cliff. He effectively annulled his own statement opposing white supremacy and Nazi hate groups by, one again, tacitly giving them support.

He once again played the false equivalency card, but much more brazenly and offensively than before, effectively advocating that pro-Nazi and anti-Nazi are two equal sides and that pro-white supremacy and anti-supremacy are also two equal sides.

Absolutely fucking no, they are not the same. Both do not deserve equal time. Both do not deserve equal respect.

This country and its allies fought against and defeated the Nazi movement. Millions of Allied soldiers died liberating Europe and much of the rest of the world from fascist brutality. Members of my family died in that fight, and likely yours, too.

Dana Milbank at The Washington Post wrote an absolutely brilliant column yesterday (link here) titled "Trump just hit a new low." The original title to the piece was "It's looking more and more like the White Nationalist House" -- the Post changes their headlines throughout the day for no obvious reasons.

Milbank writes: "When Trump finally gave a canned and grudging disavowal of white supremacists, he was urged anew to say more, to be presidential, to bring the nation together. Well, late Tuesday, Trump said more and told the nation what he really thought. It was downright ugly."

Further on he writes: "'You had a group on one side that was bad, and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent, and nobody wants to say that,'" said Trump. "Nobody wants to say that because there is — and there can be — no moral equivalence between Nazis and those who oppose Nazis. But Trump saw them as equal."

Right on.

Read the piece and share it with all your friends. It's time to really turn up the heat on the GOP to get rid of this man.

He disgraces America every day he remains in the White House.


This big uncut bloke has worked under a variety of names over the last ten years in porn, including Dean, Mark, and Honza, but most often as Angelo and primarily as a top. He's 6'4, 200 pounds, and from the Czech Republic.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total one hundred in number. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, you should click here.