08 February 2016

Pit Check

I have a gauzy memory from high school that when we lined up for gym class roll call, a lad had to snap his jockstrap when his name was shouted and then pull up his T-shirt sleeve to expose his armpit.

I guess the pit check was to make sure a bloke didn't have a rash or something else funky going on in there. Ever since early puberty, I have had very hairy armpits, so if I had any rash, no one was likely to see it.

Like many blokes, I find the sight of a man's hairy pit to be very erotic. I particularly like when a lad is shirtless or wearing a sleeveless shirt and you can see his hair peeking out even when his arms are down.

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07 February 2016

Classic Phil

The handsome lad with the hairy well-muscled chest who both tops and bottoms in this scene is the legendary Phil Bradley, who had many fans when he was a big pornstar in the late 1980s through the late 1990s. The older lad with this trio is Ace Harden, and the younger pup is Michael Karr.

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06 February 2016

Four Men in a Gym

This is actually two back-to-back scenes, both featuring living legend Tyler Saint. He is now fifty-years-old and still ripped and fantastic looking.

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05 February 2016

Auto Erotica

Now we have British Kayden gladly stuffing his big Yorkshire sausage into eager Chilean Alexis. He proves the old maxim that the taller the lad, the bigger the cock.

I remember a beanpole who lived in my dorm who was about 6'8, skinny as a rail, and with a goofy face. He always seemed to have a girlfriend, and one day when I saw him naked in the showers, I understood why. He was hung like a pornstar (but ultimately became a doctor).

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04 February 2016

Cum Wars

Who knew the imperial stormtroopers were such horndogs? Star Wars is more than ripe for a porn parody -- muscular men in snug uniforms crowded in space transports with so much free time on their hands. What's a lad to do?

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03 February 2016

Lube Job

This classic scene gives new meaning to the phrase "filling station." The legendary Clay Maverick is the somewhat older, darker-haired alpha top who walks in on two lads and takes over the action.

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02 February 2016

Improving His Grade

Poor Neal has been having a terrible time in his freshman economics class. He has a massive crush on Professor Jackson and can't stop fantasizing about the bulge in the older man's snug chinos.

After he barely passes his midterm, he proceeds to the professor's office and, close to tears, says he'll do anything to raise his grade when he meets with his secret idol. "Please, sir, isn't there something I can do?"

"Son, I've noticed you seem awfully distracted by something in class," the older man says in a soft, kind voice as he closes the office door. "Is there any kind of a problem?"

The young lad feels his face blaze red with a deep flush when the professor asks this. How can he respond?

"Would it help if you were not so distracted in class?" Jackson asks. "Perhaps your daydreaming has something to do with a goal, and once you achieve that goal, you won't be so distracted."

"G-goal-- sir?" the young lad is barely able to respond.

"You're practically drooling when you stare at my crotch, son. I know what you want. I think you know what you want. So why don't we turn your fantasy into reality and then that distraction in class will be resolved."

"You-- you want me to suck your cock, sir?"

"But isn't that what you want, son? And don't you want something else, too?"

"Could you fuck me after I suck you off? Please?"

"Now aren't you glad you made an appointment to come see me?" the professor asks as he pushes the lad to his knees directly in front of him and begins to unzip his fly.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total thirty in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.