27 November 2014

Stuff Something

As a Thanksgiving treat to American readers (and everyone else, too), I've uploaded a folder that I found on my hard drive recently with over a thousand images of hot men, in poses ranging from G-rated to X-rated. I've put a little sample of some favorites from the batch here.

When we came to the US when I was a lad, we never celebrated Thanksgiving. I guess because my parents had not grown up with the tradition, they felt no need to start. Neither my boyfriend nor I were born in the US but we always try to enjoy the holiday. This year we will be together at home in Southern California, where it is expected to be sunny and in the 80s on Thanksgiving Day.

To download the big folder of images for free, please click here. And for those of you who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving -- don't forget to stuff something.

26 November 2014

Triple Thick

A reader emailed me a while back that I was featuring Rocco aka Mr. Thick too much, so I've been saving up the links I've found to other sites. But I just can't help myself today because I discovered something by watching one of them that made me instantly hard.

The first is the one with the discovery: Mr. Thick is very much a "grower." This is the first time I believe I've seen him flaccid on film and he's ordinary sized. But then the blood goes to his cock and it grows and grows and grows. I wish more porn producers would show the blokes like this, going from soft to hard, because it's so hot to see their cocks stiffen.

The second features some fine fucking from Mr. Thick and, in the third one, he shares the bottom with a well hung black dude. The latter is longer than Mr. Thick but not as thick, so the bottom winces a bit more when Rocco stuffs his butthole.

To watch any or all of the videos on the source site or to download your own free copies, click here for the one where he starts flaccid, here for his second duo scene, and here for the threeway with his hung pal.

25 November 2014

Freshman Orientation

Although college policy dictated that freshmen share suites only with other freshmen, a computer glich resulted in first-year student Scott being assigned to the same two-man dorm room as Jason "Rammer" Jones, who was in his sixth-year of completing a four-year degree.

On the positive side, Scott had a taste of what the college catalog had promised with "exciting new opportunities." On the other hand, he found during the first weeks of school that sitting for more than a few minutes at a time could be a bit painful, given his rather rigorous orientation by his roommate.

24 November 2014

From Russia With Foreskin

This lad has a classic Russian heart-shaped face. He's billed as "Jamie Pavel," and the latter name is popular in Russia. He may not be from Russia itself, but I think it would be a safe bet at least one of his parents or grandparents came from Russia.

He has a lean, ripped body with a nice pelt of fuzzy ginger-blond hair. I'm so glad he didn't go apeshit and razor his body smooth like a girl. In about ten years, as long as he stays in shape and perhaps builds up some more muscle, he will be scorching hot.

There are three dozen large photos from which a selection of smaller images appear below. To download the free folder with all of the large photos, be sure to click here.

23 November 2014

Skip the Romance

Some days you need to be passionate and romantic. But sometimes you just need to bust a nut and any hole will do. This vid definitely fits into the latter category.

To view on the source site or to download your own free copy, be sure to click here.

22 November 2014

Almost Ginger

Some would call the top here a ginger but purists might not. He looks to me like someone who was more of a ginger when he was younger, but as he aged, his hair turned browner.

If you'd rather watch on the source site or to download your own free copy, please click here.

21 November 2014

The Naked Marine

These photos' origin is unknown. Perhaps he posted them somewhere online looking to hook up. I don't suspect he had any problem succeeding. I also hope if he's still serving that he stays safe.

The larger-size original photographs are archived here.