28 May 2016

Creamy and Delicious

If you enjoyed Bryce earlier in the week in his still photos, he's back today in a solo jerkoff video. He delivers a nice cream load of joy juice all over his ripped six-pack abs at the end. With a killer body and a great cum output, it's a genuine shame he didn't make a lot more porn before he retired.

If you'd rather watch this on the source webpage or to download your own free copy to keep, be sure to click here.

27 May 2016


This is Eddie, a straight dancer at a gay club in southern Florida. He's only ever done jerkoff porn, including one scene where he whacked off whilst poking another lad's happy hole with a dildo, and then Eddie blew his load on that bloke's chest.

I'm guessing he's Cuban American. His Latin looks and South Florida location makes that fairly certain. He may be straight, but dancing in a gay club, he has to get off on men admiring his body all day long.

The watermarked originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total nearly one hundred in number from several different shoots. To download the complete group in a free zipped folder, you'll want to click here.

26 May 2016

The Arresting Officer

Bryce was a scorching hot pornstar who appeared at the end of 2010 and disappeared about eighteen months later. Based on my calculations, he made a total of twelve scenes -- five solos and seven with another bloke, where he topped in all but one.

Why did he leave? Where did he go? No one seems to know. One porn blog claimed he was straight and gay for pay, while another blog claimed he was proudly gay and only fucked men.

Whatever the truth and wherever he went, Bryce was masculine and mesmerizing. Is it too much to hope he might return some day? If you know anything about what became of Bryce, please shout out in the comments. He has always been one of my favorites.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total more than three dozen in number. If you'd like to download a free zipped folder with the entire set, be sure to click here.

25 May 2016

Two Bulls & a Slutty Bottom

The willing bottom here is Dmitry Osten, who is eagerly used as a screwtoy by fuck gods Rocco Steele and Tomas Brand. Although they're somewhat aggressive tops, they make sure their bottom is fully satisfied, too.

I like how they prolong foreplay and sucking for a full half hour before Dmitry's joyhole is plunged. It's pretty clear that pup has had monster cocks up his ass before.

If you'd rather watch this scene on the source webpage or to download your own free copy to keep, you should click here.

24 May 2016

May It Please the Court

Ivan is the strapping lad seen in all the photos here (as opposed to Hans, who is in some but not all of them). Ivan is a lawyer from South Africa who also does porn. He's versatile but seems to favor bottoming over topping.

Do his legal colleagues know about his porn sideline? If he has a scheduling conflict in court, does he say to the judge, "I'm sorry, your honor, I can't appear on Thursday because I'm scheduled to suck cock in Monsterhung Maneaters"?

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total more than three dozen in number. If you'd like to download the complete set in a free zipped folder, you should click here.

23 May 2016

Johnny on the Spot

This lad looks like some of the cocky frat jocks easily spotted anywhere along the Southern California coast. He has a very high "dude" factor.

Nonetheless, he has a really hot body. I'm hoping he'll be back in a scene with another bloke. I badly want to see him both top and bottom. I want to see him sucking cock. I also want to see him sucking my cock, for that matter.

No details were offered by the producer about his age or life, other than the fact that he stands 5'11 and weighs 190 pounds. The producers also release a series of male/female videos with lads featured on their gay site, so I would not be surprised to see him pumping some pussy onscreen.

The originals for these photos total sixteen in number and are archived online in a gallery here. They also can be downloaded in a free zipped folder here.

22 May 2016

In the Mood for Self Love

Here are three big hot studs who very capably demonstrate you can make passionate love even if you're alone. First up is ripped Tye Cezaro, whose mind wanders whilst he stacks boxes, and that causes him to stop for a masturbation break.

He's followed by musclestud Kurt Rogers, who gets himself so excited wanking he has to blow the cameraman at the end of his scene. Kurt has been featured several times before here on the blog in both still images and video clips.

They're followed by big monster Rico Elbaz who clearly needs to buy a new pair of shorty shorts and who gets very turned on humping his duvet. Rico is straight and only does solo stroke videos like these.

If you'd rather watch these scenes on the source webpages or to download your own free copies to keep, click here for Tye Cezaro's warehouse wank, here for Kurt Rogers' solo and cameraman blowjob, and here for Rico Elbaz and his problematic shorts.