18 January 2017

Wrecking Ball

The Daily Beast published an excellent article yesterday (link here) with the title "Betsy DeVos, Trump’s Education Pick, Could Make Life Hell for LGBT Youth."

As the piece states, "same-sex marriage may grab the headlines, but education policy at all levels of government often has more of an effect on the daily lives of LGBT people, because despite all the progress in recent years, queer kids are still being bullied, and still attempting suicide at four times the rate of straight kids."

Considering how DeVos's family has given hundreds of millions to anti-LGBT organizations and she herself has supported a far right, conservative anti-LGBT "religious liberty" group, one has to wonder if she has any concern for our community at all.

The Beast article then lays out, in some detail, four specific issues where DeVos could collide with LGBT rights and do so much damage.

This is why Donald Trump's personal beliefs about LGBT rights are really secondary because he's appointed so many anti-LGBT people to the senior levels of his incoming administration. While he may passively support issues like same-sex marriage, the fact that his administration is largely run and controlled by anti-LGBT zealots is what matters at the end of the day.

The Spotter Surrenders

Whilst lots of porn set in gyms is unbelievable, this one actually has a credible set-up: the lad doing bench presses realizes his mouth is incredibly close to his spotter's crotch.

Curiosity and poor impulse control gets the better of him, and the next thing he knows, he has the spotter's fat hardening cock in his mouth. That's enough to send another bloke in the gym over the edge and he jumps in, too.

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17 January 2017

A Totalitarian Checklist

On the Princeton Election Consortium webpage, political scientist Sam Wang wrote an interesting follow-up (link here) to the Adam Gopnik article I linked here yesterday.

He's provided a handy checklist of totalitarian steps Donald Trump could take, has threatened to take, or has already taken. Readers then suggested additional steps to the list.

Sam's initial list is:

1. Taking sides with a foreign power against domestic opposition -- already done.

2. Detention of journalists -- too early for that but has spoken in favor of anti-First Amendment measures.

3. Loss of press access to the White House -- already done as a private citizen while campaigning; transition staff is planning to move press out of White House after inauguration.

4. Made-up charges against those who disagree with Trump -- already done as a private citizen.

5. Use of power to target individual citizens for retribution -- already done as a private citizen.

6. Use of a terrorist incident or an international incident to take away civil liberties -- too early for that.

7. Persecution of an ethnic or religious minority, either by the Administration or its supporters -- already openly planned by both Trump and his underlings.

8. Defying the orders of courts, including the Supreme Court -- already done as a private citizen.

The inauguration is Friday. Worried yet?

The Man With Thirty Names

Here's another bloke who has done porn under dozens of names. He's been Patrick, Dorian, Matt, Art, Landon, Pete, Frank and more with a whole passel of different surnames.

I've never seen a satisfactory answer for why porn companies constantly change names, given porn consumers usually can recognize faces and other physical characteristics. The bigger name porn studs don't do that, nor do they do it in straight porn, so what exactly is the point?

He's topped and bottom and done straight porn, too. He'd probably fuck a Geo Metro if you paid him enough money. He stands six foot tall, weighs 185, and reportedly works as a personal trainer when he's not humping somebody on camera.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total more than thirty in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.

16 January 2017

The Looming Face of Pure Authoritarianism

The brilliant Adam Gopnik published a short, must-read piece in The New Yorker last Friday (link here) that's a chilling overview of what we now face with the incoming Donald Trump administration.

I thought this portion from the last paragraph was very wise advice: "The best way to be sure that 2017 is not 1934 is to act as though it were. We must learn and relearn that age’s necessary lessons: that meek submission is the most short-sighted of policies; that waiting for the other, more vulnerable group to protest first will only increase the isolation of us all. We must refuse to think that if we play nice and don’t make trouble, our group won’t be harmed. Calm but consistent opposition shared by a broad front of committed and constitutionally-minded protesters -- it’s easy to say, fiendishly hard to do, and necessary to accomplish if we are to save the beautiful music of American democracy."

Now, of course, some people will clutch their pearls about the comparison to fascists and dictators, but that is a necessary analogy. Yes, Trump almost certainly will not be another Adolf Hitler.

But he might be another Benito Mussolini. Or Francisco Franco. Or Robert Mugabe. Or Ferdinand Marcos. Or Vladimir Putin. Or Augusto Pinochet. Or Anastasio Somoza. Or Slobodan Milosevic. Or Fulgencio Batista.

None of these people started out anything like they ended up, but the warning signs were there. And they were ignored by the complacent, many who later were victims of the men they tried to ignore or dismissed as harmless.

Let's not make the same mistake.

Bean Bag Banger

Topher -- the top here -- has been doing porn now for ten years. He started out as a twinky top but has metamorphosed into a beefier male, particularly in the last year or so. With a very few exceptions, he has always topped.

He has something of a Rudolph Valentino look which makes him distinct. He's now 31, stands 5'10, and weighs in at 175 pounds.

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15 January 2017

Good News Bad News

Donald Trump's nominee for Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, said in his confirmation hearing last week he has no plans to reverse rules allowing LGBT personnel to serve openly in the military.

"I’m not concerned about two consenting adults and who they go to bed with," he said in testimony. He also said he has no plans to reverse President Obama's order to open all front-line combat jobs to women.

This sounds like good news, if equality in being sent to war is good news. However, when pressed to account for his statements made a few years ago that "don't ask don't tell" should not be repealed, he waffled.

When asked "do you believe that openly serving homosexuals, along with women in combat units, is undermining our force?" he refused to answer. In the past, he said LGBT soldiers would undermine military effectiveness (details here).

Mattis was asked several times to account for his past statements, and he waffled every time. So what he actually believes and what will happen once he's in the Pentagon are anyone's guess.

Mattis is not the only one to dance around LGBT rights during confirmation hearings last week. Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson would not say if he believes "gay rights are human rights."

For his part, Housing and Urban Development nominee Ben Carson (who is utterly unqualified for this position and is also a strident homophobe) made the bizarre statement that there would be no "extra rights" for LGBT people if he becomes HUD Secretary (details here).

Do "extra rights" equal "equal rights"? Who knows.

Bottom line: no one appearing in confirmation hearings last week embraced LGBT rights without reservation. No one vowed never to discriminate against LGBT people.

During confirmation hearings for George W. Bush nominees, I remember a lot of soft peddling around questions of equal rights. No one would come out and say "I'm a bigot" or "I'm a homophobe."

Confirmation hearings are designed to sell a nominee, not investigate one. The real test comes once they are sworn into office but, unfortunately, it's also too late.

We're seeing nothing like the welcome and embrace that we saw during the last eight years. For that reason, many people, including me, still remain deeply suspicious. There are too many homophobes in the highest level of this administration and no one to counter-balance them.

Cowboy Hottub

Skip the first two or three minutes of this. The top here is Alec Powers, and I believe the bottom is Grant Larson. This is a scene from a mid-1990s porn flick titled Power Driver. The music is rubbish, but it's typical for porn of this era.

If you prefer watching this on the source webpage or to download your own free copy to watch at any time, you should click here.

14 January 2017

Watergate 2.0

It's too early yet to tell where the Russian dossier scandal is going and how much damage it will do to Donald Trump. He's certainly not helping his own case by throwing public temper tantrums over the matter and it's now become a full-blown crisis (details here).

If he had a modicum of maturity, he would simply deflect by saying something innocuous in a calm voice like "the matter is being investigated and commenting at this time would be inappropriate." But of course, he doesn't do that, and instead acts like a spoiled child and only makes reporters want to dig further.

Good. I hope they do. I hope it all blows up in his face. I hope it becomes Watergate 2.0 and cripples his administration.

The worse Trump does, the better our chances, I think. If Trump turns out to be the inept, ineffective, feckless, and corrupt buffoon he has every sign of becoming, then that will hurt Republicans badly. Democrats could bounce back in 2018 and 2020 like they did in 1974 and 1976 after Nixon's fall from grace.

A weakened Trump is the best possible news for women, people of color, minorities, LGBT folks, and any others who could be oppressed if he was without controversy.

Let them cut their own throats.

The Gentleman Caller

Jaxton Wheeler is the big beast top here. He's just about one of the hottest studs working in porn these days. I think part of the reason he's so successful is he has a unique look -- he's not just another gym bunny honey.

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13 January 2017

An Avalanche of Scandals

The New York Times published an interest analysis yesterday (link here) about how Donald Trump manages to sweep away attention from any one scandal by becoming involved in an ongoing parade of new scandals.

So while something like the Watergate scandal consumed the Nixon administration and the Iran-Contra scandal consumed the Reagan administration, Trump has such an ongoing avalanche of scandals that no one scandal receives much more than a day or two of coverage.

As a result, Trump is able to escape the damage of dozens of scandals whereas any one of those scandals would cripple any other politician.

Here is why I think this is so troubling: as President, he could do something extremely damaging to any one group's civil rights, but the media would give this scant notice because of the continuing onslaught of other scandalous distractions coming down the pike.

For instance, Trump could nominate someone to the Supreme Court who is stridently anti-LGBT, yet that will receive brief media attention because, in a day or two, a new Trump scandal will be distracting the media and the nation. Meanwhile, the Senate would routinely confirm his abhorrent Supreme Court nominee without much public attention because Trump was busy distracting the media.

If you need some context, imagine the Anita Hill scandal blew up in a day, but was quickly swept away by a new scandal the next day, and another scandal the day after that. The Anita Hill matter would never have been the major issue it became.

This is how civil rights could be whittled away. First it's one set of civil rights under assault, then another, then another, but the public and media are too distracted by the constant parade of scandals to pay much attention.

Until it's too late.

Ready to Corrupt

This lad is catnip for me -- an innocent, trusting face with a hard body ready for sin. Now maybe he's already been corrupted, and that's entirely believable, but if he admitted to being a virgin, I would not be surprised, either.

To the best of my knowledge and some quick research, this is the first porn shoot he's done. He's said to be 22, 5'11, and 205 pounds. He looks a little nervous in these photos, which makes him all the more alluring to me.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total nearly two dozen in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.

12 January 2017

This Week in Hate

It's no secret that Donald Trump's campaign and subsequent election has emboldened racists and haters of all stripes, including homophobes, and some of them are committing crimes on minorities of all sorts, as previously reported in this blog and many sources elsewhere.

As a result, in November, The New York Times began running a weekly feature called "This Week in Hate" (link here) which chronicles various hate crimes perpetrated by the far right. If you're not already familiar with this feature, you should be. I recommend bookmarking.

A President and administration that traffics in hateful rhetoric and policies cannot help but sow hateful and sometimes violent sentiments in some supporters. If the media and various public interest groups are vigilant, however, such crimes will not escape public condemnation.

In these troubled times, we must all watch and be aware. When we see injustice we must speak up to keep tyranny at bay.

Rutting Beef

Jacob is the top here. He used to be a rather slight twinky fellow, but he's put on a few years and a good bit of muscle, and now he's an alpha bull stud. He may be broke but he's neither straight nor a boy any longer.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total ninety in number in three different shoots featuring Jacob -- one with him solo and the other two with him topping another lad. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, you should click here.