29 August 2010

Kyle & Rod

These are stills from an early 1980s porn loop. The bigger bloke is Kyle Hazard and his playmate is Rod Mitchell. Both were staples of 1980s smut.


  1. Love the 80's. Great shots here.

  2. Fucking hot and outdoors fuck too! Both dark hair and moustache! YEH!

  3. Anonymous16:50

    Just as hot now as it was then! Thanks.

  4. Anonymous13:32

    Gosh, do you remember when men looked like this?--the permed hair, the thick mustaches, the tan lines--this takes me back.

    Thanks for the memories-


  5. Anonymous15:45

    I remember this movie. They were on a houseboat. Was one of my favorites! The "ex" got the movies.

  6. Thanks for the flashback.. I remember this movie from the first year that I came out.. it was so damn good to see sex videos featuring masculine men on both ends... made me come to grips with my own homosexuality (finally). thanks for the memories.. I think there was one video out there with Kyle Hazzard getting fucked but I don't remember for sure.. and Rod Mitchell sure does look great on the receiving end... ps.. pic 02 is not available in the large size

  7. John, thanks for the heads up. Coding cockup on my end. I've fixed the link so now the large size can be seen.

  8. the picture before the last picture:: I got such a rush of FLASHBACKS..cause this was one of the movies I J/O soo MANY times to..and for some reason that scene did it for me..doesn't now(maybe if I saw the entire clip again??) but I have CUM a very long way..I believe this movie was part of three movies when Falcon first started and they always had three really hot movies on ONE tape..not very long movies..like 15-20 mins each...some of the best Falcon movies, are the early ones & some of the hottest gay porn..and the one with Bjorn fucking..he was too fucking hot on film..it was pure animal sex!

    Thanks for the memories!


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