24 May 2011

Cellblock Sex

I posted these for nostalgia value more than anything else. If you know your vintage porn, you'll recognize the wavy-haired lad appearing in all these photos is John Davenport.

I am about 98 percent certain I went to college with John. If it wasn't him, there was a bloke on campus who could have been his identical twin. The dates for his porn career in the 1980s correspond to the right years for him to have been in Southern California.

Unfortunately, I didn't see him in porn until after I graduated. Even if I had, however, I was too shy at the time to go up and ask "weren't you in Glory Hole of Fame?" Smut producers regularly posted flyers on campus bulletin boards looking for male and female students to appear on camera, so the opportunity certainly was there.


  1. had a crush on this man....Good mems! THANKS for brining him back on my radar!!!

  2. Anonymous09:49

    I certainly remember Johnny Davenport! One of my favourite porn stars ever. I think he worked under another name sometimes, Mike Paget. What I remember most -- well, besides that -- was his dazzling smile. I never saw any other porn star with such a great grin. I had heard John was killed in a motorcycle accident near Albequerque. Recently, I saw an "interview" he had suposedly given when one of his older videos was re-released. I sure hope that he's grinning still.

  3. Anonymous03:18

    thanks will. just love this guy. one of the very best.

  4. Anonymous09:47

    thank you so much for this nostalgic pictures. they belong when men use to be men and no boys from esater europe or freaks. i am gay, a comon type, and y like normal looking men, please continue posting such pictures.

  5. John Davenport...one of the first porn stars w/an AMAZING cum shot!! HOT MAN!!!


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