29 February 2012

Hot as Hell

If this lad isn't working as an escort or in porn, he should be. He could make a bloody fortune. Both of these videos are short but they made me hard, so based on that fact alone I rate him as three thumbs up.

28 February 2012

Cubicle Warrior

I had a meeting in Century City yesterday and rode up in the elevator with two blokes who I could tell were very toned under their suits. They were quite pale, like they spent far too much time working long hours inside, hunched over their spreadsheets and audit reports. The entire time they talked about some incredibly dull sounding financial arcana.

One of the lads was dark-haired and married while the other was ginger with a trim beard with no wedding ring. I was picking up some signals on my gaydar about him, but he spent the entire time gazing at his coworker. Perhaps that's what keeps him slaving away long hours whilst he fantasizes about the other lad, spreading him on the sheets and auditing his assets.

27 February 2012

Solomon's Thatch

The fuzzier lad here first debuted in porn all waxed and shaved. But more recently Solomon has appeared with his fur in its natural state. While both these lads are cute, Solomon is the hotter of the two, in my opinion, because he's not all mowed down to his skin.

These are stills from a new clip just released last week. I hope no one convinces him to pluck and harvest again. He makes me hard just looking at him and his fantastic natural pubes in the third shot below.

26 February 2012

Orifice in the Underworld

Okay, I know it's a really bad pun, but I couldn't help myself. That aside, beyond the cheesy setup, this video is pretty hot. I hope it makes you all hot and bothered, too.

25 February 2012

Hardcore Consumer Reports

Here we have an amateur consumer reporter testing a Fleshjack. It certainly helps that our intrepid advocate is quite easy on the eyes.

24 February 2012


Newsweek ran these photos for a feature about US Navy SEALs. I had no idea their training was so tactile. So many male hands all over male flesh. My oh my. I need a SEAL to come train me.

These photos are quite large so be sure to click each one to see these fine specimens of young manhood in all their glory.

23 February 2012


I used to dislike this bloke because he took the same name as the legendary Jake Andrews, one of the true great male porn stars. But then I realized that's not fair because chances are this young pup was given his porn name by some producer.

He does bear some resemblance to the great Jake Andrews when he was young. He could be the older one's son from a weekend adventure on the other side of the tracks when some sex-crazed took advantage of the legend and got herself knocked up.

The younger Jake does not have the presence of the original. The legendary Jake exuded masculinity even when he bottomed. There was nothing nelly about him.

The younger Jake is starting to mature into something interesting. He's not there yet but he could be there. He's still too sweet and baby-faced, but sometimes a face like that is meant to have a fat cock stuffed into it. He could play the naive bottom well.

It would be really interesting to cast the older Jake and the younger Jake in a scene together. I'm getting hard just thinking about that. Then the young pup would really know what it was like to be fucked by a real man. The older Jake has made occasionally returns to porn in recent years. Maybe he'll be back again soon.

These pictures are all rather big, so if you click each one, he'll fill your screen.

22 February 2012

On the Beach

The production values here are not outstanding, but I nonetheless found this very hot because it's true porn -- three lads fucking on the beach, unaware they're being filmed. It's pure, unabashed animal lust. I always prefer a good amateur scene over something shot professionally.

21 February 2012

Got Subtext?

Is he just a clueless hot lad posing whilst eating a banana on a camping trip? Or is this an invitation of some kind?

20 February 2012

Too Cocky

I've featured Alain here before on the blog. I'd rate his body a nine, his face a five, and his attitude a one. He's done a little bit of straight porn but mostly does solo jerkoff stuff. I've seen some of it, and he seems to be into that "worship my body but you'll never be worthy to touch me" sort of stuff.

Now some blokes are really into humiliation. They hear that and they just want to grovel. Others, like me, hear that and they just want to retaliate. I want to handcuff him, strip him naked, stuff a dirty jockstrap in his mouth, and ride him like a whore, then share him with my closest dozen friends. Okay, I'm a bit twisted, but there you have it.

19 February 2012

Big Derek

Derek is one of my current favorites. I like how he paws and tosses around the smaller lad like some kind of horny ursine creature. I suspect this won't last long on the Xvideos site so watch sooner rather than later.

18 February 2012

Off the Hook

One viewer praised this video as "off the hook." I like the sound of that. Hope it knocks you off the hook, too. I love the part when Antonio is face-fucking Nils at about 7:30 and his balls are flying back and forth.

17 February 2012

Room Service

These are stills from a porn magazine, which in turn are outtakes from an early 1980s stag film called Room Service Plus. According to GEVI, the older bloke here is Tico Patterson, while Bryan Harris plays the room service bellhop. Patterson did a lot of porn flicks but this was the only reported porn role for Harris -- I wonder why? Maybe he moved in with David Geffin.

This looks like it was shot in one of the many tacky motels found in Hollywood. They were built in the 1950s, but by the 1980s they were home to transients, hookers, hustlers, and frequent porn shoots. The rest of the occupants could barely be called that because they checked in, fucked for a few hours, and then checked out. I spent a bit of time in various Hollywood motel rooms with married older men who cruised me at once place or another.

If you'd like to download a free folder containing scans of this entire 32-page magazine, please click here.

16 February 2012

The Cardigan

I like the sensation of wearing a rough sweater against my bare skin. (Or what we would call a "jumper" in the UK.) There's something very sensual about it. Your skin is continuously stimulated.

The last shot here is my favorite. There's a threshhold when yanking your foreskin just begins to yield to pain. Your balls start to tighten, and you can feel the hair on your scrotum standing tightly in the folicles.

15 February 2012

I Dreamed a Dream

I woke up the other morning from a dream about a stranger giving me a handjob to discover I was giving myself a handjob. I happened to see this video later in the day and found it a curious coincidence. Of course I wasn't sleeping in an old railroad car nor did I end up in a hot threeway a few minutes later.

14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Unfortunately I have no idea who they are. I found it on an image hosting site without any accompanying pictures or text. I'd love to be a fly on their wall and watch them in action.