04 July 2015

Hot and Explosive

I did not find any patriotic-themed porn that I thought was worth sharing today, so I decided on a scene which nonetheless is as explosive as any fireworks you might see this holiday weekend. When you have flip-flopping lads who both cum twice, you know you have a winner.

I am still confused, however, why the plumber wore a hardhat.

If you'd rather watch on the source webpage or to download your own free copy, be sure to click here.

03 July 2015

Caps vs Skins

Some lads wear caps when they shoot their shirtless selfies whilst others do not. Is there a significance to this? A hidden symbolism? Coded messages to a secret cult?

The answer is: no one cares. The fact that they're kind enough to show themselves off for all the internet to see is reason enough. The earth may some day run out of oil, but hot male selfies will always be a renewable resource with infinite potential.

The selection below is part of a collection with thirty safe-for-work shirtless selfies featuring various hot unknown blokes. To download the complete set for free, be sure to click here.

02 July 2015

Reader Submission

These popped up in my email the other day from a reader who wanted to share some pictures of himself. I asked if I could feature them on the blog and he agreed.

If any other readers out there look this hot, you are strongly encouraged to send in your photos for inclusion here. Go on, you know we want to see. Don't be shy. As to what you should wear: remember, less is more.

The photos below are archived online here in their original larger size (mirror here).

01 July 2015

Milos in Action

I hunted around on the various porn video pages and found a few featuring Milos from yesterday in a variety of roles. First up he plays footsie with a pal and then bottoms for him.

That's followed by a quirky scene where he tops a mate only a few feet away from railroad tracks. You can see several times when a passenger train speeds by as they fuck. People inside looking out the window certainly had a front-row seat. (Be forewarned this appears only to be part of the original scene, but I included it because it was unusual.)

Last but not least is a spirited hookup in a public restroom where Milos fucks another lad in the middle of the floor. Too bad more men didn't come in to use the loo because they might have wanted to join the fun.

To view on the source webpages or to download your own free copies, click here for the footsie bottoming scene. Click here for the train tracks scene. For the bathroom scene, you'll want to click here. You can also download a free copy of that vid on the Pornhub site, but you first must sign up for a free account.

30 June 2015

Sturdy and Versatile

This solidly built lad is catnip for me: a sweet, innocent face and a body built for sin. He goes by many names in porn, but most commonly as Milos. He's supposedly from the Czech Republic, stands 5'8, and weighs 155 pounds.

I've seen him both top and bottom in gay porn plus serve as the meat in the middle a three-way man sandwich, at once both a top and bottom. I've also seen him top and bottom in all sorts of bisexual porn combinations: fucking a chick while getting fucked himself and fucking a chick while sucking a cock and so on. He's obviously both sexually adventurous and easily aroused, which is a wonderful thing to be.

The watermarked originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total forty in number. To download the complete set without charge, be sure to click here.

29 June 2015

A Cabin in the Woods

I was reading a news article about the escaped convicts in upstate New York. The writer mentioned how it's not uncommon for people arriving at their holiday cabins to find an unknown man living there.

The writer says that like it was a bad thing. Imagine opening up your cabin after a long drive and finding big strapping Braun here inside with his jeans half down and begging for satisfaction.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and are part of a set with 140 images. To download the complete group for free, be sure to click here.

28 June 2015

Fuzzy Self Love

Two hot fuzzy lads today pleasuring themselves. First up is the celebrated Vincent Greco, who only did a few solo scenes but nonetheless had many fans. He was featured here on this blog four years ago in some nice still photos.

He is followed by a new scene with a tasty lad named Brian who's not as fuzzy but wisely keeps all his chest hair. Imagine seeing Vince popping Brian's cherry and then vice-versa before each spews cum on his lover's fuzzy chest and licking it all up.

If you'd rather watch on the source webpages or to download your own free copies, click here for Vince and here for Brian.