23 February 2017


President Obama tried to stop schools from discriminating students based on gender identity. The Trump administration is reversing that policy entirely.

Schools will now be free to discriminate against these young people (details here).

The new education secretary, who has a history of being anti-LGBT, actually wanted to keep the rules in place. But powers-that-be inside the Trump administration overruled her, including the new Attorney General.

Now some people still insist Donald Trump is pro-LGBT, but this action reveals two interesting facts: First, more moderate voices within the administration that wish to accommodate LGBT people are being silenced. And second, the claim that Trump is pro-LGBT is directly refuted with actions like these.

Perhaps when Trump waved that upside-down rainbow flag for a few seconds, he thought he was summoning a leprechaun.

Winter Hookup

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22 February 2017

The Provocateur

Before a pedophilia scandal erupted this week, the gay writer Milo Yiannopoulos was often used as an example when Donald Trump's supporters claimed the President was pro-LGBT.

"How could somebody like Milo support Trump if the President was anti-LGBT?" they asked.

The answer is simple: Yiannopoulos is a provocateur. He could care less about Trump or other LGBT people. He's simply using Trump as a way to promote himself.

Mass media has no shortage of LGBT writers. With few exceptions, their politics are progressive and left of center. So to stand out in the crowd, a LGBT writer has to be distinctive (as is also the case for any non-LGBT writer).

If he was left of center, Yiannopoulos would just be another one of many. A few LGBT writers stand out because of their special talent, but that's not something you can force on yourself.

However, by acting like he was far right of center, and obnoxiously strident to boot, Yiannopoulos was alone. No other LGBT writer was way over there with him.

Ergo, by positionining himself far on the fringe, he became distinctive by saying and writing all sorts of outrageous, provocative statements. He made himself newsworthy to the conservative press: see, we're not bigots and haters, because we're listening to what Milo has to say. Look at us being inclusive!

Yiannopoulos is not the first one to do this. A small number of people from protected classes have made names for themselves by siding with the straight white male patriarchy and shitting all over other people in protected classes.

He isn't even the first LGBT person to do this. Tammy Bruce did that long ago. She was left of center until the mid-1990s, then decided changing her stripes would make her more marketable. It worked.

The bottom line to all of this is that Yiannopoulos's public posturings and outrageous statements are irrelevant when it comes to Trump's anti-LGBT policies and close friendships with anti-LGBT zealots.

No amount of posturing by a self-promoting provocateur like Yiannopoulos will change that fact.

Yo Dude

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21 February 2017

New Hampshire Call to Action

Five states and the District of Columbia currently prevent anyone from practicing "gay conversion therapy" on any minor. New Hampshire may soon join their ranks.

Senate Bill 224, introduced by Senator Martha Fuller Clark, is currently under consideration in the legislature. Like similar measures in other states, it would prevent any minor from being subjected to conversion therapy, a medically and scientifically worthless practice that can lead to significant trauma.

If you live in New Hampshire, you should contact your state legislators and urge their support for the bill. If you know anyone who lives in New Hampshire, encourage them to do the same.

The American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the American Counseling Association, The National Association of Social Workers, The American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy have all discredited this practice.

Currently, California, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington, D.C. prohibit anyone from practicing so-called conversion therapy on any minor under eighteen years of age.

Unfortunately, no federal law prohibits the conversion therapy scam. Last summer, the Republican Party approved a platform that condemned laws like the one proposed in New Hampshire.

Some anti-LGBT individuals in Donald Trump's inner circle are urging the administration to endorse conversion therapy and for the GOP to introduce legislation that would block states from outlawing the practice.

Vice-President Pence has been a strong advocate for conversion therapy and, in the past, tried to divert funds from HIV/AIDS prevention programs to groups that practiced conversion therapy. Pence wrote at the time: "Resources should be directed towards those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior."

I would not be surprised, as time passes and Trump's support continues to erode, that he might attempt to appease hardcore conservatives and religious fundamentalist by adopting policies that pander to them, including those more aggressively promotion bogus conversion therapies.

The Collector

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20 February 2017

Inalienable Rights

The Washington state supreme court ruled unanimously last week that a florist could not refuse to sell flowers for a same-sex wedding on religious grounds. While this is a state court decision and not binding on other states, the case has nonetheless been closely watched by civil rights and LGBT rights advocates because of possible national implications.

The florist's attorney has said they will now appeal to the United States Supreme Court. There is no guarantee, however, that the high court justices will take the case.

The state supreme court asserted some powerful arguments in its ruling. Per the court, this case "is no more about access to flowers than civil rights cases in the 1960s were about access to sandwiches," echoing back to the days more than a half century earlier when businesses refused to serve African-Americans and other minorities.

The court also said "public accommodations laws do not simply guarantee access to goods or services. Instead, they serve a broader societal purpose: eradicating barriers to the equal treatment of all citizens."

While discrimination cases are not new, this decision is important because it equates same-sex couples' rights with other persecuted individuals like interracial couples in the era of segregation.

The state's attorney general later said this month's case was a landmark because it established "sexual orientation is a protected class — just like race, just like religion."

If you'd like to read the Washington supreme court decision, it's available online free here in its entirety on the state's webpage.

This court ruling comes at an important time because of two related issues in the news.

First is the deceptively titled "First Amendment Defense Act" (FADA), a pending bill in Congress that Donald Trump has promised to sign. As I've written here before, FADA would allow anyone to discriminate against LGBT persons and others by simply claiming a religious basis.

Don't want gays in your restaurant or your medical office? With FADA passed, all you have to say is that it offends your religious beliefs.

Second is the potential seating of Neil Gorsuch, who was nominated by Trump recently to fill the current Supreme Court vacancy. Gorsuch has ruled in favor of discriminatory "religious exemption" cases in the past and could do so again if this florist case, or a similar one, came before the high court.

Here is where the rubber meets the road with Trump. It doesn't matter that he says he's pro-LGBT and once waved a rainbow flag upside down for two seconds. What matters is, as President, he has acted and will act to ensure that LGBT Americans are an inferior class who can be discriminated against at will on "religious" grounds for decades to come.

It's not what he says that makes him dangerous. It's what he's done and plans to do. Any LGBT person who continues to support him is only fooling him or herself about the dangers we all face.

Beefy Buddy

Filo is the bigger, more muscular lad topping here. He did a few jerkoff shoots several years ago with no fucking, and after a hiatus, he's back again and going all the way. He's in his mid-twenties, stands 5'10, and weighs 185 pounds. He has a high cuddly/cute factor with an innocent face plus a body made for sin -- the perfect formula for fun.

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19 February 2017

By Accident or By Design

Just Security is an excellent, non-sensational online forum run by the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University School of Law. They publish very readable, often shorter articles about the intersection of human rights and national security.

A few days ago they ran a short piece by a law professor about how both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin had pretty much identical goals in the 2016 American presidential election (link here). Hence my title to this blog entry "by accident or design" -- whether or not Trump and Putin colluded in their efforts, the result turned out like they had done so.

Both the media and federal law enforcement are now taking a closer look at the many contacts between the Russian government and the Trump campaign during the recent election season. Contact in and of itself is not illegal, but colluding to break the law is; whether or not that occurred remains to be seen.

As I've written before on this blog, Putin is a dangerous individual who persecutes LGBT people. Anyone who aligns himself with Putin is inherently suspect of being dangerous, too, as a result.

With Putin and Trump so deeply intertwined, it will always throw a significant shadow of doubt over the latter's claims of being pro-LGBT.

Gym Beef

I can't believe I've never featured Brodie here before -- he's the top in this scene. I did a word search through the full archives I have for this blog but nary a hit. I wonder if I used him before but did not mention his name. Needless to say, he's a hot one, and the bottom ain't mud, either.

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18 February 2017

Eighteen Lies

To follow up on my piece yesterday about Donald Trump's ludicrous press conference, The Toronto Star had a good summary piece with the squishy title of "Donald Trump said 17 false things at press conference where he called media ‘dishonest’" (link here). Let's not use waffle words, Toronto; call them what they are: lies.

Here's one bold-faced lie not mentioned in the seventeen whoppers. Trump said the following during yesterday's event, and I quote verbatim: "I am the least anti-Semitic person that you've ever seen in your entire life. Number two, racism, the least racist person."

That's right: Trump is claiming to be the "least racist person."

Sorry, Donny, but that's a huge load of bullshit.

Donald Trump and his father once repeatedly refused to rent apartments to African-Americans. Flat-out refused. The Trumps were sued by multiple plaintiffs as a result and settled out of court because they knew they were going to lose (link here).

Refusing to rent to a particular race is not the act of the "least racist person." Of the most-racist person, not the least. It's the action of a bigot.

This is a classic example of Trump claiming to be one thing when in fact he's the exact opposite. He does that frequently.

Which brings us to the upside-down rainbow flag and the claim that Trump is pro-LGBT. Once again, Trump's record shows that he's the exact opposite of what he pretends to be.

By surrounding himself with anti-LGBT zealots in the highest ranks of his administration, by admiring anti-LGBT reactionaries like Vladimir Putin and Roy Cohn, by supporting anti-LGBT legislation like the fraudulently titled "First Amendment Defense Act," Trump is showing what he really is -- someone contemptuous of LGBT Americans.

Actions speak louder than words.

Sean Gets Pounded

The beefy ripped bottom here is Sean Costin who has been featured on this blog before a bunch of times -- in still image sets (here, here, and here) and also in video posts (here and here). I love to watch him both fuck and get fucked; he's like a greek god statute come to life.

He's paired today with a smaller top named Sebastian Hook who nonetheless gives him a good pounding. Sean seems to bottom more than he tops, so I wonder if that's his personal preference. Or is he supposed to be straight?

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17 February 2017


Donald Trump's bilious press conference yesterday, if it could be called that, was deeply disturbing. The man appeared to be delusional at times with a tenuous grip on reality. During many moments, he seemed more like the president of a banana republican than the President of the United States.

The event was also a blizzard of lies.

A number of fact checkers have already published a voluminous rundown of the many falsehoods Trump spewed during the presser: PolitiFact (link here); ABC News (link here); NBC News (link here); The New York Times (link here); USA Today (link here); and the Associated Press (link here).

And finally, focusing instead on the biggest whoppers, Policy.Mic published a piece with the title "Here are the 5 biggest lies from Donald Trump's bizarre press conference" (link here).

This all brings me back to a point I've made a number of times here before: Donald Trump lies so easily and so often and so shamelessly, how can we believe anything he ever says, including whatever promises or statements he's made about LGBT Americans.

People who believe habitual liars are almost always left sadly disappointed.

Goofy Hot

This is Barton, who has something of a goofy face that's nonetheless endearing on a nicely muscled body. He's not fashion model hot, but he looks like he'd be a lot of fun both in and out of the sack.

He's described as 27, originally from Texas, out, 5'11, and 205 pounds. The source studio is intimating he'll soon be back and as a versatile top with another lad.

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