06 April 2020

The Worst Ever

Conservative historian and columnist Max Boot regularly speaks with contempt about Donald Trump but has previously resisted labeling him as the worst President in American history.

No more.

In yesterday's column (link here), Boot flatly declares "with his catastrophic mishandling of the coronavirus, Trump has established himself as the worst president in U.S. history."

An excerpt:

"We already have more confirmed coronavirus cases than any other country. Trump claimed on Feb. 26 that the outbreak would soon be 'down to close to zero.' Now he argues that if the death toll is 100,000 to 200,000 — higher than the U.S. fatalities in all of our wars combined since 1945 — it will be proof that he’s done 'a very good job.' No, it will be a sign that he’s a miserable failure, because the coronavirus is the most foreseeable catastrophe in U.S. history."

To get a sense of where we are, the American death rate today is expected to cross 10,000. More than a thousand people are dying each day. We are nowhere out of the woods yet.

Take care, stay healthy, and read and share Boot's piece. It's not long.

Socially Distanced

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05 April 2020

Me Me Me Me Me Me Me

Last Sunday, as the death toll in America from coronavirus passed two thousand people, Donald Trump was tweeting about the TV ratings for his daily TV appearances at his supposed briefings (details here).

A few days later, when the death toll passed four thousand people, he was bragging at one of his supposed briefings that he was "number one on Facebook" (details here). It's worth noting that, beyond being wildly inappropriate, this claim was a bizarre lie that can be easily disproven.

And Friday, as the death toll passed seven thousand, when the discussion at a supposed briefing involved the total number of people who might die in America from the pandemic, he bragged about having once dated and bedded models (details here).

Is he actually this fucking clueless? Can he think about anything other than himself? This is a national tragedy of epic proportions, potentially unlike anything this country has experienced before, thanks in no small part to his epic mismanagement. It may cause another economic depression.

Has he no gravitas for the situation? Can he not realize that people are anxious and grieving? Is he so crippled by narcissism that he cannot grasp that the universe does not revolve around him?

November cannot get here soon enough.

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04 April 2020

Dismantled Safeguards

On Thursday, the Los Angeles Times broke the story (link here) about how Donald Trump eliminated yet another pandemic-prevention program only months before the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

Called "Predict," the program trained scientists in sixty laboratories overseas to identify "1,200 different viruses that had the potential to erupt into pandemics, including more than 160 novel coronaviruses."

Why did Trump do this? Because he thought the program helped "foreigners" and thus was driven to do so because of racism and jingoism? Or did he cut the program so the money could be used elsewhere, like funding the cost of his innumerable golf outings?

Fortunately, the House of Representatives has formed a special committee to investigate the Trump administration's many failures in both preventing and responding to this pandemic crisis in the United States. The American people need to know how and why this disaster happened, just like it did after 9/11.

The Exchange Student

When Gavin arrived in America for his semester abroad, the thought he'd be living with a family. He soon learned he'd only be living with a man who demanded he call him "sir." Gavin experienced quite a lot during his year abroad, but he wouldn't exactly call it cultural exchange.

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03 April 2020

Five-Alarm Fire

Last week, The Bulwark published a terrific detailed article (link here) that presents a thorough timeline of how Donald Trump sat idly by during the first two months of the coronavirus scare.

Trump has more recently been trying to hide this history by, big surprise, lying and obfuscating the early days. This must not be allowed to happen.

The early days are the most critical when fighting an epidemic or pandemic. Here's an easy analogy: you discover your house on fire. Do you call 911 immediately or do you wait a few hours?

The answer is obvious. In Trump's case, he waited the metaphorical equivalent of three hours. Or maybe even longer.

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02 April 2020

Most But Not All the Blame

On Tuesday, The Atlantic published an excellent article (link here) titled "This Isn’t All Trump’s Fault (But He Isn’t Helping Either)" and the secondary title of "Even with perfect leadership, the pandemic was always going to be bad. But the president has caused the crisis to be far worse."

In part of the piece, the article authors compare the United States flat-footed response to the crisis to that of South Korea, which has done a superb job. They argue that South Korea's numbers per capita would be lower than the US for several reasons, but I disagree because they fail to take this into consideration: that Asian country's population has almost six times the density of the United States, meaning people live and work much closer together, this making infection far easier.

If we apply South Korea's testing, diagnosis, treatment, and social containment ratios to the United States, that means potentially we would be at about 63,000 infections in the US with under 1,100 deaths. In Trump's America, the infection rate as of this writing is 215,000 and the death rate is more than 5,100.

Therefore, Trump has made the problem four times as bad as it could have been with capable, visionary leadership.

Quarantine Scofflaws

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01 April 2020

A Warning Ignored

Yesterday, on the day that the coronavirus death toll in the United States surpassed the death toll on 9/11, the New York Times broke the story about how economists inside the White House warned in 2019 in a 40-page written study that a pandemic could kill hundreds of thousands of Americans and wreck the economy (details here).

That warning was completely ignored by Donald Trump and his senior staff.

Indeed, as recently as six weeks ago, one of Trump's senior economists told reporters "I don't think corona is as big a threat as people make it out to be." He, too, ignored the report that had been prepared by his own staff.

Trump and his senior people both brushed off warnings like this — others had come from senior intelligence and defense officials — and dismantled the government entities that prepared for a pandemic. It's as if the country had a sophisticated alarm system and Trump ripped it out and threw it in the trash.

Trump famously doesn't read anything so, of course, he didn't read the 40-page report warning of disaster. At the same time, he appears to have a mindset that refuses to acknowledge that bad things could happen. What else could you expect from a man who filed for bankruptcy six times? He apparently only ever anticipated the best and never thought about what might happen if things went south.

Every day brings new evidence and examples of why Trump must be defeated this November. He has broken the country and it must be fixed. Four more years of him might destroy it.

Seducing His Coach

The week after he turned eighteen, Sean put a plan into action he had long fantasized. He tricked Coach Wolf into thinking his wealthy father wanted to invest in a business proposal and wished to meet him at his hotel suite when he visited the city. Once Coach arrived and found Sean alone and no father to be seen, he realized he had been tricked. He was mad at first, but then a naked Sean made him realize, too, that he had long repressed fantasies about this lad he coached.

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31 March 2020

Power Grab

Nationalist and conservative politicians around the world are using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to seize more powers for themselves.

Hungary provided no better example of that yesterday when the parliament effectively voted itself out of power, ended democracy, suspended elections indefinitely, and gave the far-right nationalist conservative prime minister Viktor Orbán the unlimited and indefinite supreme powers of a dictator (details here). He will now rule by decree, a power that cannot be challenged or appealed.

Orbán was also granted sweeping powers to muzzle any critics, including members of the press. If you try to speak out, you could be prosecuted for "spreading false information." Some public figures who support Orbán are urging him to use the decree to arrest any journalist who criticizes him.

The alleged rationale for granting Orbán unlimited power was that it would allow him to more rapidly address needs in fighting coronavirus. Yet Hungary has one of the lowest coronavirus infection rates in Europe, thus underscoring that this move used the virus as an excuse and not a reason.

Donald Trump has repeatedly and effusively praised the far-right Orbán in past public statements. He has yet to say anything critical about this blatant power grab. Will he?

Lockdown Lads

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