24 June 2018

Unindicted Conspirators

Buried well in an NBC report this week (link here) was a reminder of a fact in plain sight: some key figures in Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign have never been interviewed by investigators working for Robert Mueller, who's conducting the criminal investigation into the President and his associates.

That very well might mean they're likely to be indicted.

This rogue's galley includes:

(1) Brad Parscale, Trump's 2016 digital media director and his 2020 campaign manager.

(2) Roger Stone, Trump's friend of many decades who appears to have been one of the conduits in the chain of cutouts between the campaign and the Kremlim.

(3) Michael Cohen, Trump's personal lawyer and fixer. As everyone knows, the FBI has already raided Cohen's office and seized an enormous trove of documents that a federal court has held are not protected by attorney-client privilege.

(4) Don Junior, Trump's oldest son and a conduit between the campaign and Russia on more than one occasion.

If one or more of these people are indicted and arrested, particularly anyone but Cohen, that could send Trump into a meltdown of the likes we haven't seen before. And if that triggers him to grant preemptive pardons, that would trigger a full-scale constitutional crisis.

Definitely stay tuned.

Interracial Muscle

These two lads are very hot together. I believe this was made available live when first shot, but of course it's now an archive copy. That doesn't make the sex any less erotic.

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23 June 2018

The Smear

Donald Trump regularly demonizes immigrants to America, notwithstanding America is the land of immigrants and the fact that Trump himself is both the child of an immigrant and married to an immigrant.

He did this in his State of the Union address. He does this in his absurd rallies. He did it as recently as yesterday in a bizarre White House event where he autographed photographs of crime victims (details here).

Reading this last news item reminded me of some important statistics. As a whole, undocumented immigrants commit fewer crimes per capita than native-born Americans (details here).

Considering it's looking more and more likely that Trump himself has committed a number of crimes like obstruction of justice and money laundering, he would be more than a little hypocritical accusing likely innocent people of crimes. But then Trump frequently and falsely claims innocent native-born Americans are criminals, too.

Unfortunately and sadly, Trump's constant lies about immigrants have convinced even people who don't support him that he's telling the truth about this topic. Back in March of this year, the New York Times published a great interactive piece (link here) that proves he's lying.

Trump is likely confident in the fact that too many people will take him at his word and not read easily found items on the internet that show he is, once again, lying through his teeth about this.

Rough Treatment

Be forewarned, this video has some rough treatment but it's entirely consensual and the passive partner is hard throughout. The dominant top slaps the eager bottom around and paddles his ass whilst also face fucking and rough fucking him. There is also some clean douching. If this is not your cup of tea, pass on this one please. Click the video tag below and it will take you to many more videos.

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22 June 2018

Fourteen Stories

The Washington Post published a great piece yesterday (link here) with the title "The Trump administration changed its story on family separation no fewer than 14 times before ending the policy."

The article blames, in part, this clusterfuck on the fact that the White House has lacked a communications director since March. That indeed may be part of the problem.

But I see a more fundamental reason why -- you have a White House with an utter disregard for the truth. When everybody has carte blanche to lie, those lies will contradict each other. But when everyone more or less tells the truth, then the stories would match.

The lying problem starts at the top with Donald Trump. And he's getting worse on this front. A number of major media outlets in the last week have noted his pace of lying has increased. The Toronto Star, for instance, published a piece yesterday (link here) with the title "Donald Trump said 71 false things in 14 days. His dishonesty is increasing."

Logic dictates at some point, and perhaps soon, his lying will reach a sort of critical mass where even his allies will turn against him, fet up with the incessant lying. He'll burn too many people he leans on, and their loyalty will run out.

Let's hope that happens soon.

Ivan's Saggy Balls

This is Ivan from Prague who has a beautiful uncut cock and fantastic saggy balls. If he was wearing a pair of short shorts, he'd have to be careful the whole time because those beautiful puppies would keep wanting to escape.

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21 June 2018

Anxious Racists

The Washington Post published a very interesting article on Tuesday (link here) examining why white evangelicals are Donald Trump's only remaining support base that has not wavered.

The answer is racism. They think white people like themselves are the most discriminated in society and therefore Trump is the only one who will protect them.

The piece notes: "Fully 50 percent of white evangelical respondents ... reported feeling they face discrimination that’s comparable to, or even higher than, the discrimination they believe Muslim Americans face.... White evangelicals fear losing racial status. White evangelicals’ perceptions they’re the targets of discrimination -- more so than other groups -- influence far more than simply their votes for Trump."

It's worth noting these people are also strongly anti-LGBT and anti-marriage equality. They seem to be anti anyone who is different than them.

Their hate grows out of fear and anxiety. One could safely argue that their fear and anxiety is irrational.

They're blinded and crazed by hate.


This beefy lad is from São Paulo in Brazil. He's 32, stands 5'9, weighs in at 165 pounds, and has a beautiful, thick uncut cock. He looks like he could be Blair Underwood's hotter younger brother.

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20 June 2018

Doubling Down on Hate

Both Politico and the New York Times ran detailed articles in the last few days (links here and here) about how Donald Trump is showing no signs of toning down his immigrant bashing and actually plans to dial it up even more in the months leading to the midterms in November of this year.

Apparently he's hoping people won't think about his rampant corruption, mental instablity, and weakening of America when they head into the voting booth and instead panic about more brown people. He's also been documented significantly dialing up the lies recently like never before (details here).

Scaring racists worked for him some in 2016, particularly in rust belt states, but midterms are not like a presidential race that's nationwide. His pandering to hate may work for him in congressional districts where he still has a positive favorability margin, but it likely will hurt him in the others.

For their part, congressional Republicans are in something of a panic. They're trying to pass limited legislation just to address the problem of Trump putting the innocent young children of immigrants into seperate internment camps.

Trump thinks he can accurately read American sentiment, but statistics show he isn't skilled like he thinks he is. A major, reliable survey conducted of American voters, only a few days ago, shows that two-thirds of us are opposed to his child snatching policy (details here). More than 80 percent of American voters favor eventual citizenship for so-called Dreamers, not deportation as Trump wants.

But if we voters turn out in droves this November, Trump's campaign of hate will stall. This can only happen if you make certain your voter registration is current, correct any problems that may interfere with your right to vote, and then actually show up on election day. Do it for the children.

Sandwich Cookie

Tim never fails to produced scorching hot scenes. To think he makes this in his own house. You don't need elaborate sets and expensive props. You just need hot men who love sex.

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19 June 2018

Systematic Rot

Forbes magazine published a great piece (link here) on Wilbur Ross, Donald Trump's Commerce Secretary, who repeatedly promised to divest himself of Chinese, Russian, and Cypriot assets worth hundeds of millions of dollars. He also told responsible officials that the divestiture was complete.

In reality, however, that was all a lie. He still owns an investment in a Kremlin-connected endeavor, and he also still owns an investment in a Chinese concern directly connected to the Chinese government, and he's still involved in a Cypriot being investigated for money laundering.

It's like everything Trump touche turns to rot. He is deeply corrupt, and anyone working closely for him soon becomes corrupt, too. It's happened with his children and his business partners.

Read the Forbes piece. It sounds like something straight out of a third-world banana republic.


He's a hot looking man, but I think his name is fake. I could find utterly no information or stats, but I'd guess he's in his later thirties and about 5'10, based on some clues in the pictures.

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18 June 2018

Heartless and Cruel

Every American presidential administration in modern times has deported undocumented immigrants, including children who accompany their parents. That is nothing new.

Notwithstanding its origin as a nation of immigrants, the reality today is that America is a much harder place to immigrate to than other first-world English-speaking nations like Great Britain, Canada, and Australia. That is because of laws made by Congress and not by any particular President.

Where there is difference, however, is in the severity and selectivity of enforcement. All but one President has focused on the more serious dangers, not every, single undocumented immigrant from south of the border.

For the first time in American history, the presidency of Donald Trump now has "zero tolerance" for people from certain countries, meaning people from nations with citizens of a darker skin. If you're not brown or Hispanic and have money and want to buy a condo at a Trump property, then you're no problem if you fly in with a check and overstay your visa.

More recently, Trump and his administration have dialed up their cruelty when it comes to immigrants from Latin America and other countries with darker-skinned peoples, many of whom are fleeing for their lives from corrupt governments, death squads, and murderous druglords. For the first time in American history, children of undocumented immigrants are being separated from parents and herded into kiddie internment camps (details here), where the youngest prisoners are barely out of diapers.

This is savage and heartless. Even conservative groups that have been strong supporters of Trump are now condemning his administration's brutality. Trump and his people have offered no explanation as to why his administration deviated from the practice of all past administrations, which was to keep detained families together, nor why harsh enforcement was even needed, given undocumented immigration totals are way down.

To add insult to injury, Trump cowardly refused to accept credit for his own brutal policy and lied about a fictional law that mandated separating children from families. He shamelessly lied and said "Democrats forced that law upon our nation. I hate it. I hate to see separation of parents and children."

That is 100 percent horseshit.

Not only does no law exist that children must be separated from parents and held in baby prison, and such a practice may actually violate federal law, a matter expected to be litigated in forthcoming days. Trump and Trump alone is responsible for what is happening to these young children.

I was ten years old when my parents immigrated to the United States. I was a native English speaker, but I nonetheless would have been traumitized if forcibly separated and put into a kiddie internment camp. I have no idea if we immigrated 100 percent legally, either, but then I'm white so Trump wouldn't care about me.

Some of the small children being separated and seized under Trump's order are much younger than ten and speak no English. No one has the communication skills to explain to them in ways they would understand. The psychological trauma they are facing will damage them for years to come.

This whole sorry affair only underscores the complete lack of moral values in the Trump administration. They could have followed the same policy as previous administrations and kept the families together.

But, no, they had to use innocent children as "a message," no matter how heartless and possibly illegal their own administrative actions.

Johnny on the Spot

This lad, who is topping in all but the last shot and goes by Johnny in porn world, broke into the business late last year with a jerkoff shoot. He's done about a shoot a month since then, usually as a bottom but sometimes in versatile roles.

He appears to be quite tall and is taller than his sexual partner(s) in nearly all the scenes he's done. Neither of the studios where he's done work released any information about him, but one of the lads with whom he was paired is said to be 6'2, and Johnny appears to be an inch or two taller.

He looks like many tall blokes do whilst naked -- long, lean, with wide shoulders, and a cock that is larger than their big frame would make it seem. If someone gave Johnny a hairstyle makeover, he might blossom into a real hunk. Nonetheless, he's fun to watch fuck or be fucked.

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