23 February 2020

Loyalty Over All

In March 2018, Donald Trump's personal aide John McEntee was abruptly fired and removed from the White House because he failed to pass a security background check due to undisclosed gambling debts.

Last month, however, Trump waived his security clearance requirement and brought him back, then quickly promoted him to head of administration personnel. McEntee was one of several Trump loyalists brought back to the administration.

McEntee has quickly established the highest priority for working in this administation — loyalty to Trump. He's also undertaken an administration-wide hunt to remove anyone considered disloyal to the President (details here).

So loyalty to the Constitution no longer matters. Same for loyalty to the rule of law. And loyalty to the betterment of America.

It's just about Trump and nothing but Trump.

Shades of a banana republic.

Delayed Reaction

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22 February 2020

The Manipulator

The New Yorker will publish a fascinating but disturbing article next week (already online, link here) profiling Stephen Miller, Donald Trump's immigration specialist who has links to white supremacists.

The piece is titled "How Stephen Miller Manipulates Donald Trump to Further His Immigration Obsession" and the deck title is "Donald Trump's senior adviser has been the true driving force behind this Administration's racist agenda. How far will he go?"

Miller is a deeply, deeply disturbed individual who gives every indication he is a sociopath. Not withstanding he is descended from early twentieth century immigrants and refugees, he has a pathological hatred of immigration. He doesn't just want to end illegal immigration. He wants to end all immigration.

The article makes him sound like a pathetic loser and perhaps that fuels his hate. At one point in a meeting, when he became angered when discussing how to severely limit asylum seekers, Miller admitted "It's just that this is all I care about. I don't have a family. I don't have anything else. This is my life."

Happy Hour

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21 February 2020


Donald Trump abruptly fired his director of national intelligence yesterday in a rage, not because of his job performance, but because he thought the man was disloyal for telling Congress that Russia would prefer to see the President re-elected (details here).

The episode aptly demonstrates how the paranoid Trump ranks personal loyalty above all other qualities. It doesn't matter if your work poses a risk to America's national security, as long as you are slavishly loyal to him, as if he was the monarch.

Trump named the current ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, to serve as acting director of national intelligence, effective immediately. Grenell is well known in Washington as being slavishly loyal to Trump.

Per the linked article: "Grenell’s appointment is likely to exacerbate tensions between the president and members of the intelligence community, who have been frequent targets of Trump’s ire. Current and former officials questioned Grenell’s qualifications to lead the intelligence agencies and said his loyalty to Trump appeared to be the reason for his appointment.

"'Nothing in Grenell’s background suggests that he has the skill set or the experience to be an effective leader of the intelligence community,' said Nicholas J. Rasmussen, who was the director of the National Counterterrorism Center under Trump and President Barack Obama... His chief attribute seems to be that President Trump views him as unfailingly loyal — hardly sufficient to make someone qualified to perform the duties of the DNI."

Grenell is openly albeit quietly gay, one of only a handful of LGBT appointees in Trump's administration. With a presidency so hostile to LGBT rights and one that actively seeks to roll back LGBT advances and to return LGBT Americans to a second-class status with fewer rights, it's amazing any LGBT person would serve an administration that finds them so repugnant.

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20 February 2020

The Offer

The lawyer for Julian Assange, currently fighting extradition from London to the United States to face criminal espionage charges, claimed in a court filing yesterday that Donald Trump offered to pardon his client if Assange said Russia had no role in the 2016 Democratic National Committee email leaks (details here).

When determining whether someone is lying about a matter like this, we must first consider how he or she could possibly benefit from being dishonest. I can't see any here. If the lawyer is lying, he's scuttled any chance of an actual pardon, so why would he do that?

The behavior is very much in keeping with Trump these days: since the sham Senate trial of abuse of power, the President has been caught several times engaging in quid pro quoa in recent days, now that Senate Republicans have roved too gutless to constrain him.

And finally, Trump trying to protect Russia is bizarrely in keeping with behavior he's exhibited ever since the election. (He must have borrowed a hell of a lot from them to finance his real estate holdings.)

So all in all, the story seems likely. And it's more than likely the Senate will do absolutely nothing about it to learn more.

Eddy and Teddy

This is a very hot pairing of two strapping musclestuds. Both are versatile so I don't know why they didn't flip-flop here. Maybe one or the other just wasn't in the mood.

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19 February 2020

Financial Ruin

I've said many times here before, when a Republican criticizes Donald Trump, that's someone worth our attention. To that end, a Republican former governor and member of Congress wrote a withering op-ed about the President in yesterday's New York Times worth noting.

The piece (link here) is titled "Why Do My Fellow Republicans Make Excuses for Trump's Deficits?" with the more provocative deck title of "He is driving the country to financial ruin. And his own party is letting it happen."

Debt and deficits are necessary during economic downturns to speed an economy toward recovery. That's why President Obama used them during the financial crisis at the beginning of his presidency. He then turned away from them as the economy recovered.

Under Trump, however, with the economy still expanding (but at a slower rate), he and his GOP enablers have exploded debt and deficits to record highs. That makes utterly no sense economically. It's a binge that will cause a particularly painful financial hangover in the intermediate future.

Worse still, the next time the economy hits a recession, which is inevitable, the already crippling debt will weaken the usual monetary tools needed to speed a recovery, thereby prolonging the downturn.

Trump's reckless budgets also underscore Republicans' whopping hypocrisy: they criticize debt when it's used to shore up a sagging economy in recession, a necessary tool, yet they look the other way when it's used at a much larger pace when it's utterly unneeded.

This will not end well. It could result in runaway inflation. It could result in economic stagnation. Or worse, it could collapse real growth, bring on a serious depression, lead to default, and thus push the American economy off a cliff.

Argentina's economic history offers a good lesson in how a strong economy can be destroyed with the sorts of reckless policies Trump has enacted with the GOP's health. From 1880 to 1930, the country experienced phenomenal economic growth, some of the highest ever recorded in human history.

Thereafter, the country's leaders made a series of economically disastrous decisions that pushed the economy off a cliff. As a result, the economy has never recovered to the levels seen nearly a century ago.

Something of the same could happen to the United States. Some fiscal roadmaps are so disastrous that they permanently cripple an economy. Trump seems determined to go down that road. The question is why.

Fuck Him Harder

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18 February 2020

The Grifter

Mother Jones, the investigative political and current affairs magazine, published an interesting and revealing article on Sunday (link here) about Paula White, a televangelist and fringe evangelical "minister" who has latched on to Donald Trump and vice versa.

White is clearly a grifter of the highest order. For instance, she recently told her followers to send her as much of their earnings as possible, even if that meant they didn't pay their electric bill. If they paid the bill, they'd be putting the electric company above God, she claimed.

In the past, she has sold promises of eternal salvation to followers by urging them to give her $1,144 for a package of "resurrection seeds" that grant eternal life.

White and Trump have been associated with each other since 2006 when he appeared on her television show to promote one of his get-rich-quick books. She now also has a consulting job on religious matters inside the White House.

White is obviously using religion to fleece the gullible. And Trump has obviously used his alleged real estate expertise to fleece the gullible with things like Trump University.

It's not surprising these two bottom feeders have latched onto each other for self-enrichment.

Alone Again (Naturally)

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17 February 2020


An interview in Salon yesterday (link here) considers this thesis: "Does Donald Trump believe in America?"

In my opinion, the answer is obvious — no. Trump is a rapacious narcissist. Hence, America is not an ideal to preserve and defend. It's a mark you can fleece for your own personal gain.

By accident or design, he actively and openly perverts the idea of America for his own personal enrichment. If you support him, his pitch goes, you will help make America great again. You are a true patriot. You make America stronger simply by supporting him. He is the state. He is America.

Anyone who opposes him is beneath contempt. He openly mocks and defames these people. He refuses to recognize a fundamental principle of democracy รข€” not everyone agrees at all times on something, but by working together we can craft a workable solution. He has no interest in this. Do it his way or else. Do it his way or your're a traitor, a word he throws around liberally.

Trump and Trumpism is now a cancer on America. The democracy can only be saved by excising completely that cancer. That can be done this November at the ballot box. He's trying to subvert the process, to void your and my vote. But if enough of us vote, he will fail at his attempts to do so and will be removed from office.

Sharing Is Caring

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