26 May 2018

The Rabbit Hole

Paul Waldman at The Washington Post wrote a great piece yesterday (link here) with the title "Time to stop chasing Trump’s lies down the rabbit hole."

It is no secret that Trump uses bold-faced lies to try and distract attention from something he's done wrong or some controversy in which he has become ensnared.

Yet the media reports on his lies as if they are presidential statements that deserve serious reportage and analysis.

Trump's behavior in the last week or so, with an ongoing stream of lies about an imaginary conspiracy inside the FBI to get him, is the latest and possibly loudest example.

The reasons he's doing this are obvious. When he shamelessly lies in an outrageous way, the media will cover that, and the resulting controversy often overshadows and deflects attention away from the real issue.

So the real issue of late is the fact that more and more of Trump's people are being indicted and more criminality is being exposed. In a desperate attempt to divert attention and to speak directly to his die-hard supporters, Trump builds a house of lies and keeps nailing on more lies.

One is reminded here of Occam's Razor, a philosophical principle. It holds that the simpliest explanation for something is often the correct one.

So if people keep being indicted and more and more crimes are revealed, does this mean it's (1) true or (2) all part of an elaborate conspiracy to fabricate evidence and charges in order to frame innocent people?

Occam's Razor provides the answer: Trump and his administration are corrupt and there is no complex conspiracy. The "explanation" is nothing more than a pack of lies.

Built to Last

Both the top and bottom are identified in the opening seconds of this film. More often than not, the bigger, more muscular lad will top in a porn scene, but the opposite happens here.

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25 May 2018

Tidal Wave

On Wednesday, Gallup released the results of a national poll which showed that 67 percent of Americans -- a full two-thirds of the country -- now supports same-sex marriage (details here).

This is a startling rise from only two decades ago, when Gallup first began surveying this issue. In 1996, only 27 percent of Americans supported same-sex marriage.

Against that background, the Trump White House is an anachronism on this issue with its constant pandering of anti-LGBT and anti-same sex marriage voters. The administration, once again, ignores the wishes and will of the vast majority of Americans as it continues catering only to the far-right, extremist evangelicals.

Trump promised soon after he was elected that he would be President for all Americans, but that has proven to be one of his greatest lies. If you're not a far-right reactionary zealot itching to turn the country into a theocracy, then you don't matter.

The 2020 elections couldn't come soon enough. But in the meantime, we have the 2018 midterms and the chance to really clip this corrupt, reactionary administration's wings.

Beefy Debut

This is Lucas, who apparently is making his porn debut with this shoot. The producing website released absolutely no details about him except that he's 5'8. I'm guessing he makes his living in a gym manager. The releasing studio also gave no hint whether or not he would return for some man-on-man action.

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24 May 2018

Pay to Play

Yesterday, the BBC broke the story (link here) that Ukraine paid Donald Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen between $400,000 and $600,000 for a private, substantive Oval Office meeting with the President.

This shocking news immediately raises some pressing questions. Did Trump himself know about this payment? Did Trump receive any part of the payment as an illegal kickback?

This news also exposes the lie Trump repeatedly made that no foreign lobbyist would meet with anyone in his administration. And now the hypocritical Trump is exposed as having taken such a meeting directly.

The heat has really been turning up lately in the Cohen investigation, and federal criminal charges are now almost a certainty. That would probably explain why Trump has been tweeting particularly deranged conspiracy theories in the last week (details here). He's apparently hoping to hoodwink his base into believing he's been targeted by rogue elements in the Justice Department who spied on his campaign and planted false evidence.

This is Trump's only recourse apparently. This suggests he knows the feds already have damning evidence against him, and his only chance lies in discrediting the investigation entirely.

Hopefully, a majority of ordinary Americans will not be fooled by this. If Trump is trying to throw the country into a political crisis to protect himself, then Congress needs to act immediately to stop him.

Scruffy Marine

The top here goes by simply DJ in porn world, and I believe this just-released scene marks his hardcore debut. The pectoral tattoo reveals he is a former Marine. I hope we see a lot more of him soon.

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23 May 2018

Falling Dominoes

Michael Cohen is Donald Trump's fixer and personal lawyer and is currently at the center of numerous legal scandals. And yesterday, Cohen's nightmare life got infinitely worse with the news that his business partner has plead guilty to tax fraud and, in exchange for a reduced sentence, has "flipped," meaning he's now a cooperating witness against Cohen and possibly others (details here).

This is also very bad news for Trump. Now that the business partner -- a Russian immigrant named Evgeny "Gene" Freidman -- is helping prosecutors, he could be their leverage to convince Cohen to flip also and testify against Trump.

It's no mere coincidence that Trump has spent considerable time over the last few days peddling the false claim, with no evidence, that his campaign was spied on by FBI infiltrators. The President is attempting to discredit federal agents, so if they go after him, he'll claim their actions are political and without merit.

After all, it's the only defense Trump has left. When witnesses are testifying against him and there are reams of documents, he has no other recourse than to endless lies.

Keep your eye on the media for more Freidman revelations in the next few days and weeks. More could be coming.

Muscle Sandwich

This is a scorching hot threeway with Chris Rockway, Jordan Levine, and Austin Wolf. Chris is the smooth lad without ink. Jordan is the fuzzy stud with major ink. And Austin is the tallest of the trio.

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22 May 2018


It's no secret that the only real way to rein in Donald Trump and expose both his and his administration's crimes will be if Democrats win control of one or both houses of Congress this year in the midterms. Special Counsel Robert Mueller's criminal investigation of Trump and his associates continues, but that may not uncover all the secrets let alone reveal them to the public.

At the same time, it's no secret that Trump's level of public support remains highly negative but, at the same time, it's not deteriorating at the rate seen with Richard Nixon, for instance, as Watergate revelations compounded. With Democrats in control of one or both houses of Congress, they can hold public hearings about the President's crimes.

During the Watergate era, it was the combination of both congressional hearings and criminal investigations that exposed most if not all of the Trump administration's crimes.

The media published two interesting but somewhat contradictory pieces yesterday offering advice as to how Democrats may prevail this autumn.

In The New Yorker, the always excellent writer Jeffrey Toobin cautioned (link here) that Democrats need to be careful how they message on impeachment. Hitting the note too hard before the election might backfire.

Somewhat in contrast, The Daily Beast published a thoughtful piece yesterday (link here) about how Democrats must become a lot tougher on the Trump scandals or they risk losing the midterms.

Almost as if in response, The Washington Post published an interesting article (link here) about how Democrats in Congress plan to crack down on Trump's corruption as a winning midterm strategy. I think this is the right approach. Focusing on impeachment -- the remedy -- before fully exposing the crimes runs the risk of making such an effort look like a witch hunt.

Trump has supplied plent of rope from which to hang him. Democrats need to figure out how to best use that rope.

Older and Wiser

The top in the images seen below is the great Manuel, who has been featuring on this blog before here, here, and here. (Note that while the display photos with those three prior entries are no longer working, the high-resolution download sets are all still available.)

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21 May 2018

New Crimes Exposed

On Saturday, the New York Times broke the story (link here) that, in August 2016, Donald Trump's campaign, represented by his son Don Jr., met with an emissary for two wealthy Arab princes plus an Israeli specialist in social media manipulation who were offering help to elect the Republican candidate.

The mideast emissary told Trump's son "that the princes who led Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were eager to help his father win election as president."

The emissary then frequently met afterward on later dates with Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Michael Flynn, the latter who briefly was the President's National Security Advisor and has since been indicted.

So not only was the Trump campaign colluding with various Kremlin emissaries, now it has been established it was colluding the Arab princes.

It's also worth noting that colluding with foreign powers like this during a presidential campaign is against the law. Organizing the collusion would additionally be violating criminal conspiracy laws.

Now the Trump campaign's response to this is that nothing of value was passed between the foreign emissaries and the Trump campaign. Under the law, that does not matter -- conspiring to do it is all that's needed to establish legal liability.

Once this story broke, Trump had another Sunday morning Twitter meltdown where he rambled incoherently about an imaginary Department of Justice plot against him. Pay no attention to that noise -- he's trying to deflect attention away from his and his campaign's crimes.

Beefy Blond Bottom

The musclestud bottom here has gone by many names in porn since he started in 2010 -- David, Attila, Joe, Julius, Karel, Lesko, Mark, Ondrej, Trent, and undoubtedly more. He's from the Czech Republic, is in his early thirties, stands 5'9, and weighs 180 pounds. He usually bottoms but occasionally tops.

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20 May 2018


If you were to animate a Venn diagram of the way far right evangelicals, Trump supporters, and NRA supporters have overlapped more and more over time in the last two years, you'd find the circles now almost overlapping. Trump cannot praise the NRA enough and evangelicals try to convince us that Jesus Christ would be armed with an assault weapon if he walked the Earth today.

So it was no surprise to read that the new NRA president Oliver North was exposed recently (details here) for having said in 2014 that people who fight against gay rights today are like the abolitionists who fought against slavery in the nineteenth century.

Yes, that Oliver North, the disgraced Reagan apparatchik who helped mastermind the highly illegal Iran-Contra affair. He actually has a long history of anti-LGBT hate speech. In 2010 on Fox News, he said allowing openly LGBT people in the military was just like letting pedophiles serve in the armed forces.

Given that Donald Trump has repeatedly lavished praise on the NRA and given speeches to the organization's membership on multiple occasions, don't be surprised if you see him cuddling up to the LGBT-hating North in the near future. Trump has a long history of pandering to LGBT haters while continuing to peddle the lie that he's actually pro-LGBT.

Locked Away

No hint why the pierced stud is locked away in the safe here. Big Harley Everett and his pal are either the jailers or the rescuers. You can tell Harley is really turned on by performing in this hot scene.

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