14 July 2020


Until recently, the federal government prohibited sales of firearm silencers overseas in order to protect American soldiers serving abroad from being ambushed.

But no more, thanks to Donald Trump's administration, according to a breaking story in yesterday's New York Times (link here). Trump's White House hired a lobbyist for the silencer industry who went to work for the administration while doing the bidding of his former employer. One of his key tasks was masterminding how to get rid of the silencer ban.

As the Times article notes, this is in keeping with a familiar pattern in the Trump administration — hiring lobbyists in key positions who then go on to relax and repeal regulations affecting their former employers. At least four of Trump's cabinet secretaries and administrators are lobbyists who then went to work for his administration. All have focused on lifting regulations to the benefit of former employers.

And all of those former employers are heavy donors to Trump's re-election effort. Talk about pay-to-play politics.

Remember when Trump said he was going to drain the swamp? Turns out that was just a big fat lie wrapped up in a snappy slogan. Trump has worked tirelessly to make the swamp bigger and badder than ever.

And in the case of the firearm silencer industry, he has put the interests of a campaign donor ahead of the safety of the American military. Dollars before lives once again.

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13 July 2020


Over the weekend, Just Security published an excellent piece (link here) with the title "Top Experts: DOJ’s Bureau of Prison Blocking Michael Cohen Book about Trump Violates First Amendment."

The piece quotes top constitutional law experts about the outrageous agreement the federal government tried to force the former Trump lawyer to sign. With one somewhat qualified exception, all agreed it was flat out unconstitutional.

The piece is filled with numerous excellent quotes. This one really stands out, however: "This is a prior restraint, pure and simple, and not only violates Cohen’s rights, but also the right of the public to learn what he has to say."

So there it is. Not only is the Trump Administration violating Cohen's First Amendment rights, they're violating your and my constitutional rights to hear what he wants to reveal.

The fact that this was attempted only months before an election where Trump is on the ballot makes it all the more outrageous and vile. According to the linked piece, Cohen's book was due to be published in September — and hopefully still is. No wonder Trump wants to silence him.

I certainly hope Cohen's attorneys continue to pursue this matter and Congress takes a look, too. We need to know why the government attempted to silence him and also, most importantly, what he has to say.

It must be bad if Trump is trying to muzzle him.

Lundi Matin

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12 July 2020

Roger and Michael

In his most corrupt act yet, on Friday night, Donald Trump commuted his close friend Roger Stone's 40-month sentence only days before the convicted felon was due to report to prison. Stone had been convicted of obstruction of justice, witness tampering, and lying to federal investigators in order to protect Trump.

A lot of excellent writing has already gone to print about this brazenly corrupt act. The best I saw was an editorial (link here) in the Washington Post.

Trump's commutation was not a surprise. Many pundits expected him to do this immediately after the election. The commutation now surprised many because it's a politically self-harming act. That made me wonder — did Trump do this because Stone had given him an ultimatum, along the lines of "I better not spend one hour in prison or I'll sing"? We may never know.

Does Trump have the legal power to commute Stone's sentence? Absolutely. Could he be prosecuted after leaving office if he commuted the sentence as payback for Stone's silence? Absolutely. A legal act can nonetheless still be obstruction of justice.

The Stone commutation dominated the news from the instant it happened. That drowned out coverage of another matter with a curious parallel: Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen was returned to prison because he refused "to sign a home confinement contract that required him to promise he wouldn’t speak to any journalists, use social media or publish a tell-all book about Trump for the duration of his sentence," according to the New York Daily News (link here).

So here's the big question: Who ordered Federal Bureau of Prisons officials to demand Cohen sign such an outrageously unlawful document? The Bureau of Prisons, by the way, is part of the Department of Justice. Was this the Attorney General's order? Or Trump's order?

Hopefully, Cohen's lawyer will fight this. At least Cohen can continue writing the tell-all book he's been saying he's writing. But he might have to wait two weeks for that, because he's in solitary confinement, like all new prisoners, because of pandemic concerns.

If Trump and/or Barr ordered this attempt to quiet Cohen, could they be prosecuted for obstruction of justice once they leave office? Absolutely.

Two examples from the unbelievably corrupt Trump administration. Let's end this nightmare on November third.

What the Farmer Saw

Imagine being out in the field behind the house seen in this video clip. You approach the edge of the property, wondering what those people are doing around the pool. But then you get closer and you suddenly realize. Hope they remembered to use sunblock!

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11 July 2020

It Is His Fault

Matt Winkler at Bloomberg wrote an excellent piece on Wednesday (link here) with the title "It Really Is Trump’s Fault" and the secondary title of "the coronavirus pandemic squashed all the advanced economies, but none so dismally as the U.S."

Trump cannot be blamed for the virus itself. But he bears the blame for how bad things have gotten since the virus arrived in the United States.

Winkler brilliantly lays out his argument for why the country's current mess is, indeed, Trump's fault:

"It didn't have to be this grim. Dozens of nations dealing with the same challenges are showing superior infection, death and unemployment rates and quicker business rebounds after shutdowns earlier this year. But Trump's disdain for antibody tests, contact tracing, social distancing and masks, among other prerequisites for containing the coronavirus, enabled the U.S. to lead the world in confirmed cases and deaths (though not in deaths per capita)."

"Instead of peaking in late April with more than 30,000 daily new U.S. Covid-19 infections, the virus is resurgent in July — a stark contrast to such densely populated regions as Hong Kong, where Covid-19 retreated to insignificance within a month of its March high."

The per capita infection rate in the United States is more than twice what it is in the United Kingdom, more than three times what it is in Canada, and more than four times what it is in Germany. All four of those countries have advanced, first-world economies. Why did the United States end up in last place?

Answer: Because this is Trump's fault. And he must be blamed for that every single day until the election. We are all experiencing pain and loss because of his incompetence and corruption. November 3 is coming.

Up the Down Staircase

Any video with Rocco is hot, but the shot starting about 26 minutes in is pretty amazing, too. Be careful you don't fall!

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10 July 2020

Mixed Victory

The Supreme Court issued their ruling yesterday in Donald Trump's various tax cases. In sum, it was a short-term victory for Trump but a major loss for him in the longer run.

In all cases, the Supreme Court soundly rejected Trump's claims that he had sweeping immunity from criminal and congressional investigations while in office. As former Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal said yesterday, "If I’m Donald Trump, I am scared right now" (details here).

In what could be called the New York tax return case, the Manhattan District Attorney has been investigating whether the law was broken when Trump paid hush money to two women with whom he had affairs. The DA suspects Trump falsified business records to cover his tracks and wants his tax returns for grand jury review to see if any crimes have been committed.

Trump claimed as President he could not be subject to such investigations and that he therefore could not be subpoenaed. A 7-2 majority of Supreme Court justices said, in so many words, his claim is garbage and that he can both investigated and subpoenaed like an ordinary citizen.

The matter was referred back to the lower court for further proceedings and the grand jury will now reissue the subpoenas. Here is where it's a short-term win for Trump, simply because he can now run down the clock fighting those subpoenas like any ordinary private citizen . But the law is solidly against Trump and the grand jury could end up with the tax returns before the election where they will be under seal, meaning they will not be released to the public.

But here's the kicker: if Trump fails in his efforts to block the subpoenas on what we could call "ordinary citizen" grounds, then there is a chance, albeit probably a small one, that the District Attorney could indict Trump before the election. Talk about an October Surprise.

In Trump's other tax cases, where he's been fighting congressional subpoenas, the high court again rejected his arguments that he's immune from scrutiny. But the Supremes sent that case back to a lower court for further review of separation of powers consideration, so the matter was essentially a draw.

These congressional cases will almost certainly not be resolved before the election, so in that sense, it's a short-term victory for Trump in that he can play the delay game again. In the longer run, however, he can no longer rely on his special immunity dodge.

In all candor, this is about the best that could be expected for these cases. I think some people unreasonably believed if the court ruled against Trump, the tax returns would suddenly be available to the public within days. That was never the case.

What was decided and, again, in a big loss for Trump, is that he does not have the special immunity that he claimed. And in a delicious twist to the story, the two Supreme Court justices whom Trump nominated ruled against him in the district attorney's case.

Dick Rhymes With Prick

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09 July 2020


Yesterday, the defense and intelligence journal Just Security broke the extraordinary and disturbing story (link here) that Donald Trump ordered the CIA to share secret intel with Russia's spy agency "despite no discernible reward." In simple terms, the US gave an adversarial country our secrets without anything in exchange.

This happened about the same time America's intel agencies learned Russia was paying bounties to terrorists who killed US soldiers in Afghanistan. With Trump bending over backwards to help Russia's spy agency, it's no wonder they knew they could get away with paying for American soldiers to die.

Per the Just Security reporting, Trump didn’t just refuse to confront Putin about the terrorist bounties, he "undercut" American officials and took Russia's side. Then, "he embraced Putin, overtly and repeatedly, including at the historic summit in Helsinki."

So Russia was kicking America in the teeth and killing our soldiers. And Trump was repeatedly thanking them by giving away free intel and inviting Russia to join the exclusive G-7.

Claims that Trump is some kind of Manchurian candidate controlled by Moscow have always seemed far fetched. Yet when he does things like this, it's hard to keep disbelieving such claims.

He needs to be removed on November. We need a President who puts America first, not Russia first.

What You Did Last Summer

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08 July 2020

That Book

Donald Trump has been fighting in court to try and stop publication of a new tell-all book by his niece. So far he has failed and copies of the book have leaked to numerous media outlets, likely rendering the President's chances in stopping it now slim at best.

Needless to say, she may be related, but his niece rips into him savagely in a way seen in no other Trump tell-all book. Considering she witnessed many of the ugly incidents about which she writes and considering she has a doctorate and is a clinical psychologist, she offers a perspective that no other writer can.

The Washington Post and The Daily Beast both have good pieces (links here and here) summarizing some highlights from the book. Not to be outdone, The New York Times yesterday published three articles on the book's revelations (links here, here, and here).

From the Times piece, the book "depicts a multigenerational saga of greed, betrayal, and internecine tension and seeks to explain how [Donald] Trump’s position in one of New York’s wealthiest and most infamous real-estate empires helped him acquire what [his niece] has referred to as ‘twisted behaviors’ — attributes like seeing other people in 'monetary terms' and practicing 'cheating as a way of life.'"

There's more on the links above, including some startling revelations. Click through to read.

Bedroom Hunks

This semi-vintage scene, which I'm guessing is from the 1990s, features three legends of late twentieth century gay porn: Donnie Russio, Zak Spears, and Max Grand. I don't know what movie where this first appeared, but it is also on the compilation DVD titled Best Buddies.

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