23 October 2014

Thick, Thicker, Thickest

Here are some great still images of Rocco aka Mr. Thick. I wish porn producers would do more still sets of him because there isn't a huge supply out there.

Stay tuned for this weekend, when another Thick video will be featured. A trusty reader located another one online, and as always, it's a good one.

To see the pictures below in their original larger size plus some other stills of Mr. Thick, you'll want to click here.

22 October 2014

I Feel You In Every Heartbeat

This video has the best of all worlds: hot musclestuds plus intense passion plus five-star fucking. If they gave out Oscars for porn, this would have to be a serious contender.

To view on the source site or to download your own free copy, you'll want to click here.

21 October 2014

Rocky Graziano

This photograph of the famous boxer Rocky Graziano, with the title "He's a Good Boy Now," was made by legendary moviemaker Stanley Kubrick when the latter was young and before he became famous. This was made in 1949 or 1950.

I like this because he looks at once tough and vulnerable. I wonder if it was difficult to talk him into a bareass shot.

The original for this photo is truly massive, measuring more than 4500 by 4500 pixels. You may download a free copy in that size here. The shot below is cropped from the original.

20 October 2014

Adventures in Hirsutism

Here's another lad who definitely looks better the more beard he has. It gives him an older, rugged, wiser look. He also deserves special attention for not razoring his beautiful body.

He goes by the name Shawn Wolfe in porn. I've seen him both top and bottom. When he bottoms, his big thick hard cock bounces all over the place, a wonderful site to behold.

The originals on the pictures below are massive and part of a set with nearly one hundred photos featuring Shawn with beards of various sorts and conveniently bareass naked and hard. If you'd like to download the entire batch for free, be sure to click here.

19 October 2014

Calisthenic Couch Fuck

Is there a name for this sexual position? The bottom is passive with his legs high on the top's shoulders and curved like a letter C. The top is fully extended and fucks him like he's doing push-ups. Alas, I am too short and my boyfriend too tall to try this at home.

If you'd like to watch at the source site or to download your own free copy, please click here.

18 October 2014

Working Towards the Dean's List

Thanks to our longtime reader who finds so many vids to feature here. He was able to locate the live action version of the dean helping to keep an eager young student off academic probation and onto the dean's list.

If you'd like to watch on the source site or to download your own free copy, please click here.

17 October 2014

King David

This big strapping lad is British model and TV personality David McIntosh. He's frequently in the tabloids, most recently because of these pictures, which were leaked by an ex-girlfriend. McIntosh doesn't seem to be particularly upset about it, because he's referenced them several times in recent comments on his Twitter feed.

McIntosh styles himself in public appearances now as King David. He's 28, 6'1", and 185 pounds. He has appeared on British television in several reality shows, including Celebrity Big Brother. The originals of these photos are larger and are archived here for free downloading.