30 January 2015

Thoroughly Fucked

I imagine that one of the reasons I like loop gifs is because they focus on a hot moment in the porn and allow the viewer to examine it more closely. When you're watching the video, everything is passing in real time. You can step frame or instant replay, but it doesn't give you the same effect.

It helps that the bottom here has a really supple bubble butt that the top uses to the best advantage. And I guess when a bloke has a tramp stamp tattoo that reads "sex" that he's not one to play hard to get.

These loops are archived here in their original larger size here.

29 January 2015


This big strapping lad is Angelo. He's done only a handful of porn scenes in the last four or five years, both as a top and a bottom. I wonder why he's not done more of them.

I did find his listing on one of the rentboy sites. Perhaps he finds that a more lucrative career than porn. He seems to be an exclusive top when he's escorting. I'd wager that the right amount of cash might change his mind.

There are three dozen large format photos in this set, which can be downloaded it their entirety for free here.

28 January 2015

Adam's Houseboy

I'm sure if Adam Champ advertised that he needed a houseboy, he could find plenty of lads willing to pay him for the honor. Here's one candidate for the job who's much more interested in polishing Adam's knob than in shining his shoes.

If you'd rather watch at the source site or to download your own free copy, please click here.

27 January 2015

What About Chuck?

Can anyone identify the full name of the subject in this vintage photo? It looks like it's from the early 1970s and might be the first image of a set with a bloke stripping down in the woods.

His belt buckle appears to spell out the name "Chuck." Then again it might say "fuck" or "Buick." (Click here for a much larger size version of the same photo.)

This looks familiar to me, and I may have even once had the vintage magazine where this originally appeared. Sadly, my vintage smut collection was destroyed in a fire some years back, so I no longer have my home stroke library.

I'd like to search for the complete set, if one exists, but need a full name for the lad to do that. Unfortunately, because this is a black-and-white photo, Google's image search function will not work (it only works for color pictures).

If you know his full name, please reply in the comments. With a name, and if I find more photos, I will post them here. Thanks!

26 January 2015


I swear Jaxton Wheeler looks hotter every time I see them. He is one sexy beast. The longer hair really works for him.

And I particularly like the picture below where he has a woody whilst carrying the pup over his shoulder. It's like he's seduced the lad in the living room with wine and romantic music, got him out of his clothes, and now he's heading off to the bedroom to pop his cherry and give him the shag of a lifetime.

The originals for these photos are much larger than they appear below and total 25 in number. To download the entire set for free, click here. And remember: a stiff brush is the best way to remove dried cum from upholstery fabric.

25 January 2015

White Trash Theatre

This is one of the more curious porn videos out there. There's a bit of actual plot, too, and the acting isn't horrible. More important, some of the men are very hot as is the sex, albeit a bit rough at times.

To download your own free copy or to watch on the source page, you'll need to click here.

24 January 2015

Hairy Legs and All

I tend to prefer men over thirty for bedmates, but I do have a weakness for younger males with sexy, sturdy legs. In Southern California, where half the male population seems to be wearing shorts at any one moment, there's always a bumper crop of athletic young men proudly displaying their hairy legs.

Here on video are two younger lads with tempting legs and other enticing body parts. The first is allegedly named Raphael and the second is Payne. For a direct link to the source for Raphael or to download your own free copy, click here, and for Payne, click here.