22 November 2017


Last week, The Independent ran a short article (link here) about how Crain's New York Business, a leading trade reporting publication, had downgraded the value of Donald Trump's business by 90 percent.

That was because Trump's company claimed last year it had $9.5 billion in revenues. However, recent public filings made by Trump's own company revealed the actual revenue was less than one-tenth of their claim, or about $600 million to $700 million before expenses.

Hence, Crain's is now correctly reporting Trump's business is worth less than one tenth of what Trump was saying. This has caused Trump's business to be knocked far down in rankings; it was previously at the number three spot but is now way down at number forty.

This is so typical of Trump's style of dissembling and gross exaggeration. He can't achieve something legitimately, so he lies to make it look like he did.

Raw Sexuality

Derek Anthony is the top here, an older bloke in his mid-fifties who oozes raw sexuality. He's been featured twice before on this blog in video scenes which are still active, and those can be found here and here.

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21 November 2017


Politico published a great piece over the weekend (link here) about how Donald Trump's support has been slipping dangerously amongst swing voters in key swing states recently. Those surveyed in the comprehensive study were all Trump voters last year.

But their support has either already soured or is about to if he doesn't shape up. In particular, people reacted negatively to his incessant and strident use of Twitter.

This is not a new phenomenon. Previous surveys have shown people strongly dislike his Twitter use, including a majority of Republicans. Favorability ratings for his tweets are the lowest even for his supporters amongst all the issues about which they were questioned.

Yet Trump continues to do it. Why he does so is anyone's guess, but it almost certainly has to do with his unstable emotional state. He thrives on defying others, even if he knows -- or should know -- that doing so only harms himself. He's like the people who deliberately self-harm with knives and other sharp objects.

Over at The Daily Beast, Matt Davis wrote a good piece yesterday (link here) about how Trump has self-sabotaged with tweets before that have had disastrous results and how he did it again Monday. The why is not known without getting Trump down on a couch, but one thing is clear: this shit isn't helping him at all.

So I say keep it up, Donny. Keep shooting yourself in the foot and kicking yourself in the crotch at the same time. Demagogues usually know how to massage their message, but Trump seems incapable of trying to reach anyone except his hardcore base.

Muscle Flip Flop

Michael is the taller of the two lads here, and Sean is his fuckmate. Michael made his debut in porn this year while Sean has been at it since 2011. Both are versatile and Sean, in particular, is very kinky.

Michael stands 6'3 and probably weighs around 200 pounds. Sean is 5'10 and weighs 175. I've seen several videos where these two lads are paired, but I don't know if they're a couple or just love to fuck each other.

Michael was featured here on the blog once before in a threeway scene that can still be downloaded and Sean here in a video scene that's still active.

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20 November 2017

Mission to Moscow

Yesterday, Politico published a detailed article (link here) about Moscow's thirty-year cultivation of Donald Trump and his multiple visits to that country. This dates back to when Russia was still part of the Soviet Union aka the USSR, a larger communist nation that dissolved in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Trump's first trip to Moscow was in 1987, where visits by prominent Americans behind the Iron Curtain were rare. He was one of a group of prominent westerners cultivated by the KGB, the ultra-secret Soviet spy agency.

The USSR is no more but the KGB's successor, the Federal Security Service aka FSB, still thrives. Vladimir Putin was a long-time high-level KGB officer and specialized in recruiting and grooming foreign operatives who helped spy for and run covert operations for the Soviet Union.

There are times where Trump's life and behavior parallels that of the fictional Russian mole in The Manchurian Candidate. More than a few prominent people in Washington have openly wondered if Trump was Moscow's plant in Washington. If true, it would be the most successful espionage operation in history.

More likely, Trump has a strong affinity for Russia because they have loaned him hundreds of millions of dollars and his philosophy strongly aligns with theirs: autocratic, bullying, greedy, and hateful. While he has verbally trashed hundreds of respected and revered officials, Trump has never said anything negative publicly about eiher Putin or Russia.

This all leaves us with a critically important question: does Trump care more about Russia than America? If so, why?

Almost certainly there is more below the surface here than what we can see. It's no surprise that Western intelligence agencies have long been suspicious of Trump.

Someday soon, we hopefully will learn if there's any depth to this story than idle speculation and very curious coincidences.

Stay tuned.

Hail Caesar

The beefy, ripped stud here is Caesar, or at least that's the name he's using in porn at the moment. He needs some basic makeover tips, like lose the glasses in porn shoots, close your mouth when you don't have a cock in it, and straighten your posture.

I do not recognize him as having done any other porn shoots. Does anyone else here know anything about him? Unfortunately, he does not use a last name in porn, so it's impossible to search him in any of the credit databases.

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19 November 2017

The Tangled Web

My post yesterday reminded me that I have not yet posted the superb and exhaustively comprehensive investigative work that Bloomberg Media has performed in tracking the complex and intricate web of Donald Trump's hundreds of conflicts of interest (link here).

This is arguably the most detailed documentation, with links to hundreds of articles in award-winning media outlets that provide extensive details about the many shady characters and businesses associated with Trump. It's regularly updated and should be bookmarked for future reference, sharing, and reading.

Hulking Badger

The top here, named Badger, is huge and thus makes the bottom look tiny. Badger is not the fittest man ever, but this nonetheless is a very hot scene. This is the only video where I've seen Badger. Does anyone know if he goes by another name or if he's done more porn?

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18 November 2017

Strange Bedfellows

Reuters broke the story yesterday (link here) about how Donald Trump and his family developed their first international hotel in Panama with a fraudster and later fugitive in business with a man laundering money for drug cartels and two former criminals from Russia.

It's a detailed piece and, rather than summarize it here, I recommend you head over to Reuters to read it. This is not the first time Trump has gotten into business with people linked to serious criminality.

The corrupt business practices and criminal connections described in this article are much like Trump's development projects in Azerbaijan (details here) and the Republic of Georgia (details here). He has also been accused of using his Manhattan projects as laundromats for Russian mobsters and organized crime (details here).

I certainly hope Special Counsel Robert Mueller, conducting the criminal investigation into Trump and associates is looking very carefully at these matters. Among other federal laws, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act requires Americans investing internationally to know their fellow business partners, something which Trump clearly has not done.

Trump looked the other way in order to make a buck and jumped into bed with unsavory characters. Hopefully the time will soon come when he will pay the price for his reckless and greedy behavior.

Firm But Fair

The top here, named Dalton, is aggressive and demanding but not cruel. He knows what he wants, and he's found a submissive bottom perfectly happy to serve him in every way possible. Dalton was featured once before here in a video on this blog that's still active.

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17 November 2017


Ohio state legislator and Republican Wes Goodman regularly trumpeted his Christian faith and family values. His wife Beth frequently appeared beside him in public events and campaign literature.

He also was loudly anti-LGBT and regularly spoke out against marriage equality. His campaign materials heralded how "the ideals of a loving father and mother, a committed natural marriage, and a caring community are well worth pursuing and protecting."

This week, Goodman abruptly resigned from office after it was revealed publicly that had been caught performing a sexual act with a man in his legislative office. News reports did not reveal what that sexual act was.

Ah yes, the party of family values.

The Seduction

The story here is that the horny, eager bottom seduces a straight lad he knows, played by Mark Long. Mark definitely has an "ordinary bloke" vibe, the sort who you don't pay too much attention to until you see him in a swimsuit or the gym shower and realize what he's packing.

I couldn't find Mark's stats but he's obviously tall. I see ordinary blokes like him whenever I'm out and about and I always wonder what they're packing. When they're tall and have a nice bulge in their crotch, I don't need to use much imagination.

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16 November 2017

Teeing Up Lies

New York magazine published an article last week (link here) that documents how the current GOP tax proposal, which Donald Trump has also been promoting heavily, is a shameless exercise in mass deception.

While claiming to benefit primarily the middle class, the proposal really benefits the extremely wealthy. And as I documented on this blog before, the Trump family stands to see lower taxes in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The New York piece reveals how owners of golf courses, like Trump himself, will see a particular windfall in the tax package. The article quotes from a Bloomberg News piece (link here) with the title "One Tax Loophole Untouched So Far: The Trump Golf-Course Break."

It's astonishing how the President can lie so brazenly and that his deception can so easily be exposed. Yet he's counting on his supporters not to tune into the news and, instead, blindly buy his bullshit.

This is the bottom line here: Trump himself and his children will be the biggest beneficiaries of this tax bill if it passes, not the middle class. Many middle and working class folks will actually see their taxes increase.

Jaxton on Top

I've featured Jaxton Wheeler eight times before here on this blog, and he's back today with his ninth appearance because I can never get enough of him. He oozes sex from his every pore. He actually looks bigger than his stats reveal -- he's 5'8 and weighs in at 195. He just projects bigger because he's often paired with smaller, slimmer lads.

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