24 September 2018

Late-Breaking Developments

The efforts by Senate Republicans to confirm Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh ran into two major potential roadblocks last night.

This comes on the heels of allegations that a teenage Kavanaugh attempted a sexual assault on a fifteen-year-old girl when he was in high school. The alleged victim of that purported incident will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week.

Yesterday evening, The New Yorker magazine broke the story (link here) that a second woman has now gone public with allegations about Kavanaugh during his college years, claiming that he "exposed himself at a drunken dormitory party, thrust his penis in her face, and caused her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away."

Shortly thereafter, Los Angeles attorney Michael Avenatti -- who already represents a client suing Trump -- announced that he represented a third woman making allegations against the nominee. Avenatti claimed he had evidence (details here) that a younger Kavanaugh and friends targeted women with drugs and alcohol so that a "train" of men could gang rape them.

This is sure to be an explosive week with lots more developments on this story. Stay tuned.

Tall and Hard

The big lad featured here stands 6'2 and goes by Carter in porn and perhaps the real world as well. He broke into porn this year and has done nine scenes to date, including the one below, which includes his first on-screen bottoming.

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23 September 2018

The Simplest Explanation

The philosophical theorem Occam's Razor tells us that the simplest explanation is often the right answer. To that end, I offer here the simplest explanation as to both why Donald Trump is so utterly adoring of Vladimir Putin and whether Trump has been compromised by Russia as well as why he refuses to release his tax returns.

It is well known and documented that Trump heavily relied on massive debt to fund his real estate and other ventures. His six bankruptcies also attest to a common debt structure he used -- balloon financing.

Balloon financing is not like consumer loans you and I might secure, which require both the entire principal and interest to be paid over the life of the loan. Balloon debt is simply interest-only financing for a fixed period of time.

So Trump would, for instance, borrow $200 million, pay only the interest over a set period of, say, seven years, and then have to pay back the entire principal at the end of that term. This is usually done by refinancing the debt.

But refinancing isn't always possible, because of higher interest rates, tighter lending rules, a recession, business management, and many more reasons. Hence, why Trump filed for bankruptcy six times and defaulted on loans many more times -- he couldn't meet his obligations mandated by the balloon debt. The clock ran out.

With time, Trump's commercial credit rating got worse and worse. No American bank or lender would finance him. He turned overseas where he still had difficulty.

Except when it came to Russian lenders. They were happy to help. Sometimes they did this by laundering funds through Deutsche Bank. Sometimes they loaned to him directly. His son confirmed in a business magazine interview that Russia was their primary source of funds.

The largest lending institutions in Russia are all partly owned by the Russian government or partly or fully owned by Russian oligarchs who are close allies to Putin. Trump has close to $400 million in loans through a Putin oligarch-owned lender, Deutsche Bank, as well as undisclosed hundreds more through other Russian lenders, with totals running into the billions.

This is why Trump won't criticize Putin and tries to turn the US into a more Russia-friendly direction. He's afraid Putin will not refinance his balloon debt when it comes due.

This is also why Trump won't release his taxes, because his complex tax return would show Russian financing sources.

So the question remains -- is Trump compromised by Russia? The answer is obvious: yes. They hold his debt on a stick that they dangle in front of him. Behave or else. And he does. He owes hundreds of millions to a hostile foreign power. That debt allows Russia to control him to some degree.

This is the simplest explanation about Trump and Putin and his taxes. And Occam's Razor thus tells us it's most likely true.

Shipping Department Gangbang

On Michael's first day in the shipping department of a major porn distributor, he gets so turned on by the merchandise, he can't get any work done. Matters aren't helped any by his extraordinarily tight jeans. Used to these sorts of problems, his coworkers put into action their standard solution for randy new employees -- a welcome-aboard gangbang.

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22 September 2018


I finished Bob Woodward's new book Fear: Trump in the White House earlier in the week and wanted to share my thoughts about it here. I definitely recommend reading the book, but don't buy it -- borrow it from the library or a friend or glom a copy at a torrent or file-sharing site.

The work has strengths and weaknesses. The strengths are the original reporting not seen elsewhere before. The book stumbles at time for lack of clarity, focus, and organization, a problem frequently seen in Woodward's previous tomes. Like many newspaper reporters, Woodward has always had difficulty organizing and structuring a book-length manuscript.

The big takeaway for me from the book is the way it shows, at length and with many examples, how grossly incompetent Donald Trump is and how he's utterly unfit for office. He's a chaotic, neurotic mess. The book does humanize him some, but also shows how he's in far over his head.

Fear also thoroughly documents Trump's grossly corrupt nature. He thinks almost exclusively only about himself and will do or say anything to protect and better himself. The book also well documents Trump's complete contempt and disregard for the rule of law. He simply doesn't care about the law. Laws are for other people.

Trump and his people have tried to claim that Woodward fabricated quotes and facts described in the book. Considering that Woodward has hundreds of house of recorded interviews, reality comes down in the author's favor. No one has sued him for defamation because of what he wrote in the book.

All in all, Fear does feel a bit thin. Woodward may have wanted to get in early on the Trump book rush. He undoubtedly is working on another book about Trump, given he has a history of writing several books about a presidency. So it will be interesting to see his future take on what came after the first year of the Trump White House, which is his primary focus in Fear.

Dirty Stepdad

Stepdad invites his stepson into his mancave on his eighteenth birthday. He tries to tempt him with cigars and booze, but they don't work. Then he discovers porn sure does this trick. In a New York minute, Stepdad has his cock in his stepson's mouth. Was this his plan all along when he married the lad's mother?

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21 September 2018

The Story So Far

Yesterday, the New York Times published an absolutely excellent, comprehensive interactive article (link here) with the title "The Plot to Subvert an Election -- Unraveling the Russia Story So Far."

If you only have time to read one detailed article, make it this one. It provides a full and comprehensive briefing about the Trump/Russia scandal and how the President is struggling to suppress the truth.

The article also has a much shorter companion piece (link here) with the title "Collecting the Details of the Russia Investigation in One Place."

Try to read both items if you can in the next week or so. You'll be glad you did.

Locker Room Bear

After a late night spent throwing iron, Brad heads back to the locker room where he falls head over heels for a cub who has just joined the cub. It's love at first sight, but also lust at first sight. Brad makes a pass and the cub reciprocates, and within a half minute, they're going at it hot and heavy.

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20 September 2018

The Crack-Up

On Tuesday, Slate published an interview (link here) with the Yale psychiatrist who alleges that two White House officials contacted her and, as she said, said "that they were scared of President Trump’s behavior and felt he was mentally unraveling."

I thought this part of the interview, toward the end, when she talks about Trump unraveling before our eyes right now is particularly insightful:

"The increasing frequency in lying, the increasingly belligerent tweets, his inability to vary his responses to situations. For example, he cannot let a criticism go. He has to fabricate reality to situations that are distressing to him. And the thing about pathology, as opposed to normal reaction, is pathology actually becomes more rigid and more predictable. A healthy individual might be able to vary their response, especially if it’s strategy. They can choose to act differently if something is not working. Whereas pathology tends to become more and more rigid as it worsens. And what we’re seeing is simple repetition now, and worsening, greater frequency of his poor coping mechanisms."

America is not the first country with a possible madman as head of state. The historical record is full of precedents. Some countries unraveled as a result.

But others had sufficient checks and balances to curb the head of state's madness. Fortunately, America has those, too.

A Congress that is not entirely controlled by Republicans would go a long way to adding an additional layer of protection. That's why voting in the November midterms is essential. If even only one of the two houses changes parties, the President will be much more restrained.

And restraint is the best thing for a madman.

The Enforcer

This lad will never be accused of being handsome, but he can't help that. He focused instead on building his body to peak perfection. The fact that he's hung is a very nice bonus.

He's supposed to "look military" but I think he looks more like a mob enforcer. The shark shows up to collect on his mark, and he brings along this lad to sit there and look a little scary.

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19 September 2018


Donald Trump's Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was interviewed on business channel CNBC yesterday and attempted to brush off the fact that the administrative's massive new tariffs will increase prices for consumers (details here). "Because it’s spread over thousands and thousands of products, nobody’s gonna actually notice it at the end of the day."

In Ross's mind, if all prices are going up, nobody will notice.

His clueless myopia could be explained away by the fact that his net worth is around $3 billion. So he would hardly notice that prices are spiking at the supermarket because he has "help" who shop for him.

Ross is one of only several billionaires and multi-millionaires in Trump's cabinet. For a President who claims to be "for the little guy," his senior staff and policies are more likely sticking it to the little guy.

Speaking of Ross, over the weekend Politico ran a great article (link here) about how Ross and others in Trump's cabinet and senior West Wing personnel made out like bandits during the 2007-2009 economic collapse.

During the peak of that crisis, Ross predicted in another CNBC interview that a thousand smaller banks would collapse and that "there will be opportunities" for fatcats like himself to make a bundle. Indeed, using taxpayer funds, Ross snapped up failed banks, making himself millions at the expense of others' misery.

It's mind boggling how some working-class voters still continue to support Trump, given how his administration has stepped all over working-class households. Sadly, because these people consume little news and, when they do, deeply biased Fox propaganda, they think the President is helping them when in fact he's their predator.

The November midterms cannot come soon enough.

Big Muscle Bottom

The big ripped bottom here could probably easily best the top in a wrestling match, but he's not interested in that. All he wants is a big thick uncut cock slamming in and out of his ass. I laughted at how he has his name tattooed above his butt, as if to remind his tops who they're fucking.

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18 September 2018

Another Disgusting Scam

The Daily Beast ran a short item yesterday (link here) detailing how Donald Trump promised $4 trillion to $5 trillion would be returned to invest in the United States because of his tax law, but in reality, only $143 billion -- which translates to 3.58 percent of the $4 trillion he promised and even less of a percent of the $5 trillion.

One might be tempted to say "oh well, nothing lost, nothing gained," but the reality is that corporations will now pay no tax on international profits brought into the United States.

If you or I have a small overseas investment, we still have to pay tax on the earnings. But if you're a fatcat billionaire, Trump's tax "reform" will mean you pay no tax on your foreign profits.

Many of these American companies earn profits in third-world countries where they have no income tax.

The bottom line is that this change will mean the U.S. Treasury will have a lower revenue with no economic benefit in return. It's just a massive giveaway to billionaires and will burden the rest of American taxpayers with an increased national debt load.

And Trump still claims he's the President sticking up for "the little guy." More like he's sticking it to the little guy.

Big Meat

The very well hung top here, of course, is the great Rocco Steele. I believe he retired for a few months last year but then returned to the porn business, which is a very good thing.

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17 September 2018

The Accused

Late last week, Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was dogged by reports that a letter was circulating amongst senators from a woman alleging that he had sexually assaulted her in high school.

Over the weekend, the controversy rocketed to the top of the news when the accuser spoke publicly and revealed her identity in a story exclusively broken by the Washington Post (link here). She provided extensive detail on her allegations and also noted that she had been in therapy following the alleged incident and that she had passed a polygraph test administered by a former FBI agent.

Not surprisingly, a number of senators stepped forward -- both Republicans and Democrats -- and said the ongoing confirmation process for Kavanaugh must be put on hold until the FBI investigates and reports on the allegations.

The political journal Roll Call published a timely article yesterday afternoon (link here) with the title "Three Ways Kavanaugh Nomination Could Play Out After Accuser Speaks."

The first is that either the White House or Kavanaugh himself will pull the nomination. The second is that the vote is delayed until the matter is investigated. The third is that the scheduled vote will still take place this Thursday.

I don't think Trump will pull the nomination. He has a long history of inflexibility to the point of being self-destructive. I don't know enough about Kavanaugh to speculate about whether he will withdraw.

I think the delayed vote is a real possibility. Six of the Republican votes needed to confirm would come from female Republican senators. Delaying gives them and others breathing room. Hence, I think the third scenario -- no change in the scheduled vote -- is not particularly likely. Members of Congress instinctively kick the can down the road whenever they can, and a delay would achieve that.

Of course, there are many other reasons to opposite Kavenaugh other than on this issue; however, none of them have any chance of happening. So this is basically the only game in town right now; hence, the end result must be Kavenaugh does not become the newest Supreme Court member.

Presidents historically have nominated for moderate replacements when a Supreme Court nomination fails. If Kavenaugh is not seated on the Supreme Court, hopefully Trump will follow the precedent established by his predecessors.

This will certainly be an eventful week. Stay tuned.

Scruffy and Hung

This Petr, who has something of a scruffy vibe and is very nicely hung. He just started in porn earlier this month and this is his first appearance. He stands 5'8 and weighs in at 155. His age was not specified but I'd guess late twenties or early thirties.

He's also quite a leaky lad. You can see in the last photo below and a number of other shots that he's oozing precum. I guess he's excited about showing off that magnificent cock.

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16 September 2018

Look Who's Talking

Vanity Fair broke the story on Friday (link here) that Donald Trump's former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen has been talking with people in the office of special counsel Robert Mueller, who leads the criminal investigation into the President and his circle.

The article notes: "Those familiar with Cohen’s thinking were unsure about what he might have to offer prosecutors, but because he had worked so closely with Trump and his family for more than a decade, it was assumed that he could potentially be a useful corroborating witness."

In light of the fact that five of Trump's inner circle have pleaded guilty and are now cooperating with Mueller's investigation, it would seem a long shot that they're not spilling secrets about crimes involving the President. Mueller would not have cut a plea deal with some of these five if they couldn't provide significant evidence.

Possible other targets include Donald Trump Jr., the President's oldest son, as well as Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law. Other possibilities include Trump's longtime confidant and close friend Roger Stone, whose political dirty tricks stretch all the way back to the Nixon administration.

Mueller has produced some startling indictments in a little more than a year on the job, far more productive than past high-level special prosecutors. Nonetheless, this is a story with real cliffhangers, because all these cooperating witnesses means bigger fish are being readied to fry.

Stay tuned.

Pigboy Ruben

The top here is a monster. He also bottoms with equal enthusiasm. He has posted dozens of his homemade videos on Xvideos (link here).

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15 September 2018

The Big Flip

Yesterday, Donald Trump's campaign chairman Paul Manafort pled guilty to felony charges and agreed to cooperate with Robert Mueller, who leads the criminal investigation into the President and his circle (details here).

Make no mistake about it, this is one of the biggest developments in the Trump/Russia scandal and potentially fatal for Trump's presidency.

Manafort knows a lot about something. Otherwise, Mueller would not have offered him such a sweet plea deal.

The big burning question then is -- what does Manafort know?

Paul Waldman at the Washington Post (link here) outlines the most logical scenarios:

1. Manafort has information about crimes, but they are unrelated to Trump or his campaign. This means he has major information about Russian nationals who can prosecuted in the United States and/or affiliated individuals in the United States. This is an interesting possibility but would not touch Trump, so a disappointment on that front.

2. Manafort has information about crimes within the Trump administration but not involving the President himself. For instance, he could have damaging testimony about Trump's son, son-in-law, and/or the Attorney General. Now we're getting somewhere.

3. Manafort has damaging information about criminality involving the President himself. Oh boy. That would be a dream come true. Trump would fall worse than Richard Nixon.

Not mentioned by Waldman would be a sweepstakes trifecta: all of the above. We can only hope. Stay tuned.

Pound Me Again

This is a hot, vigorous scene that gets a little rough but is entirely consensual. Although promotional overlays appear on the screen a few times, the entire scene is presented, straight through to cumshots.

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14 September 2018

First-Degree Lying

Yesterday, Donald Trump tweeted that the death toll of nearly three thousand people was a fabrication masterminded by Democrats to make him look bad (details here).

This is typical Trump tactic -- divert attention away from some worsening scandal he's facing by making a totally preposterous claim that, in turn, spawns its own headline-devouring scandal.

It also turns the conversation to a discussion of his favorite topic -- himself. And he can play the victim card, too, at the same time. Not only have the bad Democrats fabricated a number, they did it to hurt him.

It also sends the message that any media outlet that doesn't report the "truth" about the number of victims cannot be trusted. You can only trust Trump and the few media outlets that report his claims as accepted truths.

What results is what some call a "first-degree lie," meaning a lie that was planned in advance of its utterance. It's the worst kind of lie because it shows a President who will stoop to any depth, no matter how low and shameful, in order to fluff his ego.

A Man of Many Names

Meet Andre aka Franc aka James aka Kenny aka Milos aka Ondra aka on and on and on. He seems to use a different name for every site where he appears. I've never seen a satisfactory explanation for why studios require new names when it's so patently obvious.

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