01 September 2018

Dirty Money

Federal prosecutors investigating Donald Trump and his circle racked up another win yesterday when it was announced that another associate of Donald Trump's campaign manager was pleading guilty to various crimes (details here).

It was also revealed that this individual, named Samuel Patten, had illegally steered a $50,000 foreign contribution into Trump's inaugural committee fundraising (details here).

Robert Mueller's team has been investigating whether illegal foreign money poured into Trump’s inaugural committee, which raised more than $100 million. Now we know at least some did. Foreigners are barred by federal law from contributing to campaigns and related activities like inaugural fundraising.

If Congress had any balls, they would pass legislation forcing Trump's inaugural committee to reveal all its donors and the amounts given. To date, the Trump campaign has refused to release any information about the donors who gave more than $100 million.

What, if anything, are they hiding?

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