03 September 2018

What Are They Hiding?

Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh will soon face a confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill, but in advance of that, the White House has suppressed millions of pages of the nominee's legal work for the government (details here and here).

Kavanaugh worked for a number of years as legal counsel inside the George W. Bush White House and generated six to seven million pages of records. But the Republican chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee only wanted about 900,000 pages of that to be available to Senators who wish to review his record.

Much of that severely slimmed down record, however, will not be available to the public. On Friday night, right before the start of a long holiday weekend and most people would not be digesting the news, the Trump White House announced that only about 267,000 pages would be made available for public review.

Particularly troubling are the approximately 100,000 pages that were cleared by Bush administration officials to release but that the Trump administration will suppress because of "executive privilege."

Which means the Trump White House is trying to assert privilege for documents created years before the Trump administration even existed. Documents from a previous administration which cleared their release.

Almost certainly they're hiding something. What is it?

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