09 September 2018

Word Salad

Donald Trump held another one of his stream-of-consciousness rallies this past week, this time in Montana. It was an exercise in random-access narcissism. He babbles for more than an hour and then leaves. Why anyone can support such an unstable buffoon, let alone be impressed by him at one of these event, is anyone's guess.

CNN's Chris Cillizza bravely listen to the whole spew of disassociated nonsense to condense what Trump said down to the five dozen "most out-of-this-world lines" in Trump's monologue (link here). Calling it a speech is too much.

Two lines in particular stood out for me. One was this mush out of Trump's mouth, when vaguely speaking about Democrats: "one of them will most likely be a candidate to run against your favorite of all time President, me. Me."

Wow. Arrogant much? That aside, is this supposed to be some kind of persuasive technique? Or just pathetic babble?

This throwaway line later in the diatribe reveals a typical Trump technique. He said, unprompted, "we're going to have no crime."

Trump says this kind of garbage all the time, promising something virtually impossible to achieve. Another of his trademark lines, which he didn't use in Montana, is this: "all your dreams will come true with me as President."

When someone says things like this, you know he's lying and that he's insincere. He's promising the impossible. When someone promises this, you should run the other way.

Trump's supporters must have terrible memories. Because he keeps doing this kind of thing and they keep cheering him on, forgetting later that he even said it.

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