11 September 2018

The Rinse Cycle

David Leonhardt at the New York Times wrote an excellent piece on Sunday (link here) with the title "The Urgent Question of Trump and Money Laundering."

In it, he makes a compelling argument: Trump's erratic public behavior, slavish devotion to Vladimir Putin, and plenty of indirect evidence point to the fact that the President has been laundering illegal Russian money for many years. It's the only rational explanation to many puzzling things Trump has said and tweeted.

He quotes Congressman Adam Schiff, whom he interviewed for the piece, about a full investigation of Trump’s businesses and how they could give Putin, a hostile autocrat and head of a failed mob state, leverage over the President.

"We need to find out whether that is the case and say so," Schiff said. "Or we need to find out that is not the case and say so,” Schiff told me. “But to leave it as an unanswered question, I just think would be negligent to our national security."

Leonhardt then added in his own words: "So far, congressional Republicans have chosen negligence." And by that negligence, they could be obstructing justice if Trump committed money laundering crimes.

He closes the piece with an excellent sales pitch. We will learn about these things if Democrats take control of the House after the November midterm elections. If the GOP maintains control, it will all be swept under the rug.

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