23 June 2017


Politico published a disturbing article yesterday (link here) with the title "Trump Doesn’t Want to Be President."

This is not the first time a piece of this sort has been published in a major media outlet. During the campaign, similar stories ran on occasion, but this may be the first time since the inauguration.

The piece opens with: "Donald Trump doesn’t really want to be president. If he did, he’d nominate candidates to the 350 important but vacant administration jobs and get on with the job of governance. He doesn’t seem to want to be commander in chief of the armed forces, either, having outsourced Afghanistan troop-level decisions to Secretary of Defense James Mattis. Don’t burden him with foreign policy -- which so daunts him that he’s postponed an official trip to Britain because (as some report) he fears the inevitable protests that will greet him."

The writer then goes on to describe how it seems Trump really wants to be White House communications director.

In some ways this might seem like a good thing that Trump has left so many positions vacant in his administration, a much greater number than any previous President. Fewer appointees could potentially result in fewer mean-spirited and discriminatory policies.

But what happens if we have another natural disaster the size of Hurricane Katrina and all the top FEMA positions are vacant, as they are now? What happens if we have a Three Mile Island-sized industrial accident and most of the top DHS positions are vacant, as they are now? Or what if we have another 911 with critically important intelligence and national security positions vacant, as they are now?

This article ended up making me realize Trump is dangerous in many more ways than we may have thought. And that is truly, truly frightening.


Calvin and Taylor are walking through the meadow in the state park when they're overpowered by enchanted lupines that send their testosterone into overdrive. Soon they're shucking their clothes as they start sucking and fucking right there in plain view of anyone passing buy. Dillon strolls down a nearby trail and cannot pass up this opportunity, so within seconds he's hard and naked and walking toward the other blokes in the heat of passion.

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22 June 2017


The Washington Post published a piece yesterday (link here) about the now dozens of times Donald Trump's press secretary has not answered a journalist's question and instead promised to "get back to you" with a response yet never followed up.

The "get back to you" response is not entirely without rationale, because the press secretary might not yet know the answer or wants to make sure he or she has the most up-to-date response. But when you never get back to all the people you promised, then when do those broken promises become a string of lies?

And when this becomes chronic, it turns from delaying into outright stonewalling. Remember when Trump constantly whined about President Obama's alleged lack of transparency and then later promised to be the most transparent President in history?

Well that of course turned out to be an outright lie. Constant stonewalling and rampant secrecy do not transparency make.

At some point, a promise to "get back to you" automatically converts into a lie. "Get back to you" has an inherent implication of "sooner rather than later." Most everyone agrees it is not the same as "I will never get back to you."

Prior to the press secretaries' employment, Trump regularly made a practice of promising to "get back to" something and then never bothering to do so. He still does this somewhat regularly.

Given many if not most of these promises were never fulfilled, they became outright lies.

One example that comes to mind is Trump's promise to answer soon all questions about the clouds over his wife's immigration history (link here). Ten months ago, Trump promised that news conference in a few weeks. Ten months later, it has yet to happen. I think we can assume now that was a lie.

The greatest example, of course, is Trump's notorious promise to release his tax returns. He first made that promise more than three years ago (link here) and repeated it several times more than year. But more than three years later, still no tax returns.

Only a hopeless optimist would see that as anything other than a bold-faced lie.

Fuzzy Cocksuckers

Jason and Sean here remind me of two hot and lean fuzzy blokes I saw walking down the sidewalk here in broiling Los Angeles yesterday. They were hand-in-hand, their shirts off, and one was bouncing a basketball as if they'd just come from shooting hoops in the park down the street. They entered the lobby of a condo building and disappeared out of sight. In my filthy mind, I imagined they were heading upstairs to shower together and then adjourn for some bedroom games.

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21 June 2017


The Washington Post's conservative columnist published a brutal op-ed yesterday (link here) that presents a withering indictment of Donald Trump's disastrous and scandal-plagued presidency so far.

She notes, for instance, in the latest support poll to date, his approval rating has plummeted to "a measly 36 percent" with his disapproval at a staggering 57 percent.

Trump has been repeatedly battered by Rubin and others for failing to fill key administrative positions. He is required to nominate about 560 people to key positions but has only nominated 145 to date, a number far below any of his predecessors, meaning more than 400 slots remain vacant.

As Rubin notes, "lacking scores of political appointees, he has little ability to see that his policy initiatives are implemented." To use a metaphor, Trump is stranded in open sea on an ocean liner with only a motorboat engine.

In some ways, this fecklessness is a blessing in disguise. By being magnificently inept, he can't inflict as much damage on the country and our civil rights as if he was running on full power.

Remember how Trump crowed during the campaign about his business background would make him a much better chief executive? The opposite has proven to be true, but then Trump is not particularly successful as a businessman. He filed for bankruptcy six times and many of his properties are believed to be mortgaged at 100 or more percent.

Abysmal approval ratings and a do-nothing record are the perfect formula for a landslide loss should Trump make it to the end of his term and try to run for re-election. While it's too soon to tell if Trump has fatally doomed his chances for a second term -- who knows if he'll even be able to finish his first one -- he certainly isn't helping his chances with his failures, scandals, and incessant lying.

Sometimes there really are silver linings to dark clouds.

Bubblebutt Pileup

Wagner was featured here yesterday in solo photos so he's back today with two of his mates, Flex and Diego, doing what horny men do best. This scene contains some great double penetration. Wagner frequently tops in scenes where that appears; perhaps he gets off on the sensation of feeling his hard cock sliding against another hard cock as together they fuck a tight manpussy.

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20 June 2017

Schroedinger's Client

One of Donald Trump's lawyers, Jay Sekulow, who hasn't actually been representing him for very long, was on all the Sunday talk shows defending his new client. He was a big bag of loud bluster but clearly in way over his head -- in the course of the morning he insisted Trump wasn't under criminal investigation and then later conceded that he had no idea what he was talking about and then agreeing his client actually was under criminal investigation.

The Wasington Post published a good article about Sekulow yesterday (link here), with the title "Jay Sekulow, Trump’s unlikely lawyer," focusing on how he has wide experience in civil litigation but close to zero experience in criminal defense work. That means the President of the United States is being defended in possible criminal proceedings by an attorney with the equivalent experience of a third-year law student.

I got a huge laugh at a woefully naive comment Sekulow made when he was being rhetorically disemboweled by Chris Wallace: his "proof" that Trump wasn't being criminally investigated was the fact that Sekulow hadn't been told there was a criminal investigation. If Sekulow actually had any serious criminal defense experience at the federal bar, he would know that targets are rarely told they are the subjects of a criminal investigation through their attorneys until they are about to be arrested so that arrangements can be made for them to surrender to authorities and avoid the public perp walk, an option that is not offered to all suspects.

Salon also has a good piece about Trump's criminal defense lawyer with training wheels (link here), with the title "Jay Sekulow’s bizarre debut: Donald Trump picked a lawyer he saw on Fox News and it isn’t going well," that details the lawyer's experience representing ultra-conservative clients, including the anti-LGBT hate group American Center for Law and Justice, founded by religious zealot and huckster Pat Robertson.

Isn't curious how Trump is always gravitating toward anti-LGBT haters for someone who claims to be "a friend of the gays"? A fast Google search also turned up an interesting 2005 article from Legal Times (link here) about how Sekulow has a history of securities fraud and also how he started charities that he used for self-enrichment, including one charity that bought houses worth millions for him to live in.

It sounds like Sekulow has the same Swiss cheese ethics as his new client Trump. Birds of a feather will flock together.


No, this isn't about opera. Wagner is the beefy hottie seen alone in the first three shots below and then topping. Originally from Brazil, he's been doing porn for nearly ten years as both a top and a bottom.

One porn index website lists his height at six-foot even and another at five foot seven. I'm guessing the latter is closer to the truth because of his overall proportions. Whatever the answer, he's a winner with that perfect combination of friendly, innocent face and body made for sin.

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19 June 2017

He Doesn't Care

A number of media outlets reported over the weekend about how six members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS abruptly resigned in outrage over Donald Trump's indifference to fighting this pandemic (details here).

"We have dedicated our lives to combating this disease and no longer feel we can do so effectively within the confines of an advisory body to a president who simply does not care," the six said in a published statement.

As rationale for their decision, they also cited how Trump has refused to meet with HIV/AIDS advocates, deleted AIDS policy pages from the White House website, and left key policy positions vacant.

The final straw was Trump's support for the farce of a healthcare bill, which isn't a health bill at all but actually a tax cut exclusively for millionaires and billionaires (if you earn less than $400,000, no tax cut for you). Trump's proposed bill would radically slash needed HIV/AIDS healthcare spending and particularly harm vulnerable communities.

Ironically, the largest HIV outbreak in recent years isn't among the LGBT community but among rural white, poor drug users in Indiana, home to Trump's vice-president. Trump won the poor white demographic there overwhelmingly.

In other words, Trump is once again shafting his own supporters. Remember on election night (link here) how he said, "I promise you I will never let you down"?

Yeah, he was lying. Again.

Le Baiseur

This big bruiser is brand new to porn and has done only two scenes so far, both times as a top. He goes by the name William Seed but admits that's not real. He's Canadian, 24, speaks only French, works in construction, and says he's bi but has never bottomed. Is that a hint he'll soon surrender his cherry on video? Let's hope so.

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18 June 2017

The Hammer

CNN broke the story on Friday (link here) that Special Counsel Robert Mueller, charged with investigating the ballooning Trump/Russia scandal, has hired thirteen elite lawyers with long prosecutorial experience to work on the cases. One of the attorneys, for instance, was the lead investigator and prosecutor in the Enron scandal which put Wall Street fatcats behind bars.

Subsequently, Vox published a detailed analysis of Mueller's legal dream team (link here) that documents why they could be Donald Trump's worst nightmare.

This sentence is of particular interest: "The fact that Mueller’s team can conduct such a broad probe — one apparently looking into every possible angle of the Trump-Russia scandal, from possible financial crimes to outright collusion with the Kremlin — is a reflection of just how much legal firepower he has assembled."

The piece then compares the vast experience of Mueller's team to the pitiful experience of Trump's three lawyers representing him in this matter: "a Wall Street lawyer with minimal experience in federal investigations who burst onto the national scene with a typo-ridden statement defending the President" plus two lawyers who have spent more time as talking heads on TV than in actual courtrooms.

Part of the reason Trump has such pitiful attorneys is because four top law firms declined to represent him, likely due to his mercurial personality, penchant for causing lawyers more problems by failing to follow their advice, and stiffing them in payments. They also reportedly chaffed at having to report to Trump's primary personal attorney, someone they view as vastly less experienced.

Slate also published a good piece about the Mueller's legal all-stars (link here) and how they will zero in on dubious financial transactions in Trump's past. The fact that Mueller has staffed up with lawyers experienced in prosecuting both financial crimes and also prosecuting corruption suggests Trump and team are facing a far darker future than they may realize.

The great irony to all this is the fact that Mueller's investigation will be far broader than former FBI Director James Comey likely would have conducted. It was only because Trump fired Comey that Mueller was hired -- meaning Trump's rashness was nothing short of self-sabotage.

This was exactly the sort of hubris that brought down Richard Nixon. He tried to stop the Watergate investigation by firing special prosecutor Archibald Cox in the infamous Saturday Night Massacre. That resulted in the hiring of John Sirica as special prosecutor, who ended up expanding the investigation and pursuing Nixon with greater aggression.

Trump is famously known to be intellectually lazy and reportedly has not read a book in decades, other than his own. Had he bothered to crack a history of Watergate, he might have learned how idiotic he was when he fired James Comey in an attempt to stop the Russia investigation.

Once again, Trump is his own worst enemy.

Big Bro's Fuck Den

The big gorilla here is Joe Stack and the fuzzy otter is Parker Wells. This scene is titled "Big Bro's Fuck Den" and is from a movie called Cum Bros. Stack didn't make a lot of porn scenes, but he was a pig in every one he made.

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17 June 2017

The Wrath

Donald Trump admitted in a Twitter tantrum yesterday (link here) that he is now being criminally investigated. So no more public preening about how he's innocent because he's not being investigated.

In true Trump style, he either lied about the investigation or he doesn't understand it. He wrote: "I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director."

Trump is not being investigated for that. He is being investigated for obstruction of justice and possibly more. He admitted to the Russian ambassador the day after he fired FBI Director James Comey that he had done this to shut down the investigation. He also admitted to NBC's Lester Holt in an interview that the Russian investigation the reason for Comey's firing.

With his latest Twitter barrage, Trump once again is attacking yet another of his own appointees. This time it was Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General.

Not surprisingly, the media has been widely covering this latest Trump tirade. Both The Daily Beast (link here) and Talking Points Memo (link here) published good pieces on Trump attacking his own people.

The media has been reporting over the last several days that some in the President's inner circle are encouraging him to fire Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating the mushrooming Trump/Russia scandal. But Trump himself can't actually do that; Rosenstein is the only one.

I've not yet seen any media pundits wonder about the following: did Trump order Rosenstein to fire Mueller and Mueller refused to do so?

If this turns out to be true, that would certainly explain Trump's explosion yesterday. He is known to completely lose his shit whenever he deems that someone has been "disloyal."

Are You Ready for Me?

The top here is super hot. I've seen him before but I can't recall his name. If you know, please shout out in the comments.

The sound here is more realistic than much of porn. Lots of grunting and irregular moans but lacking that obnoxious fake "oh yes, oh yes" redundancy of so many porn soundtracks. The fact that more than half of the scene is devoted to foreplay also heightens the verisimilitude.

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16 June 2017

294 Lies and Counting

The good people at The Toronto Star have once again published a compendium of major lies Donald Trump told in public since becoming President (link here).

For instance, Trump said recently, "next week we’re opening a big coal mine. You know about that. One in Pennsylvania. It’s actually a new mine. That hadn’t happened in a long time, folks. But we're putting the people and we're putting the miners back to work."

To his blindly loyal supporters, that sounds fantastic, because since Trump became President, this massive mine was opened, creating thousands of new jobs.

In reality, the mine was approved long before Trump became President and no more than a hundred miners will work there, all workers previously employed by the same company elsewhere. Zero new jobs.

Here's another Trump lie: "Dems are taking forever to approve my people, including ambassadors. They are nothing but obstructionists! I want approvals."

Gosh, that sounds terrible, his supporters would worry. How dare those nasty Democrats block our wonderful President.

Here's the reality: Trump is the one holding up ambassadorial nominations. He has only nominated ten of the needed 188 ambassadors.

And then there's this massive Trump lie: "Our tax bill is moving along in Congress, and I believe it’s doing very well."

The Trump supporters must get goosebumps hearing things like this.

The truth is: there is utterly no tax bill in Congress. Nothing has been written. It's non-existent. A big fat zero.

Read the list. Keep it handy. It's valuable rebuttal information anytime a sadly deceived Trump supporter believes what's spewing out of his mouth. Encourage them to read independent media where Trump's claims are vetted and checked.

At this point in time, unless Trump is delusional, he cannot possibly think anyone believes him any longer, other than his most devoted followers, a number that continues to shrink.

What's amazing, nonetheless, is some people still believe the lie that Trump is pro-LGBT.


This sturdy, muscular lad is Gerasim, a name with no parallel in English. He's from the Czech Republic, in his mid-twenties, stands six foot even, and weighs 190 pounds. He removed his body hair a while back and it's still growing in. I want to see him fully restored because then he will be hotter.

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15 June 2017

Self-Inflicted Wounds

Once again, Donald Trump has proven to be his own worst enemy.

Last night, The Washington Post broke the story (link here) that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has widened his probe to include a criminal investigation of Trump for possible obstruction of justice. This is now a part of Mueller's omnibus investigation into all matters relating to possible criminal activity and collusion by various members of Trump's campaign operation, including now Trump himself.

This investigation was triggered by Trump's firing of former FBI Director James Comey. In a great twist of irony, in his letter firing Comey, Trump crowed about how the latter had told him several times he was not under a criminal investigation.

But by firing Comey, Trump walked himself straight into a criminal investigation.

As the Post piece reveals, "Mueller sees the question of attempted obstruction of justice as more than just a 'he said, he said' dispute between the President and the fired FBI director."

The article also includes this tantalizing detail: "Investigators have also been looking for any evidence of possible financial crimes among Trump associates."

So it's official: Trump has entered into Richard Nixon territory. Nixon was brought down by his obstruction of justice. We can only hope the same happens with Trump.

Wish You Were Here

Brysen is seen alone in the first shot below and in the rest of the images with other blokes. The gist of this photo story seems to be that Brysen traveled to the Caribbean, fucked a bunch of lads, got sucked a bunch of times, and was fucked once.

It doesn't seem like he had much time for sightseeing, relaxing on the beach, shopping, or sampling restaurants. He's described as being 5'10, 180 pounds, and bisexual but leaning more toward lads.

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