17 June 2017

The Wrath

Donald Trump admitted in a Twitter tantrum yesterday (link here) that he is now being criminally investigated. So no more public preening about how he's innocent because he's not being investigated.

In true Trump style, he either lied about the investigation or he doesn't understand it. He wrote: "I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director."

Trump is not being investigated for that. He is being investigated for obstruction of justice and possibly more. He admitted to the Russian ambassador the day after he fired FBI Director James Comey that he had done this to shut down the investigation. He also admitted to NBC's Lester Holt in an interview that the Russian investigation the reason for Comey's firing.

With his latest Twitter barrage, Trump once again is attacking yet another of his own appointees. This time it was Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General.

Not surprisingly, the media has been widely covering this latest Trump tirade. Both The Daily Beast (link here) and Talking Points Memo (link here) published good pieces on Trump attacking his own people.

The media has been reporting over the last several days that some in the President's inner circle are encouraging him to fire Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating the mushrooming Trump/Russia scandal. But Trump himself can't actually do that; Rosenstein is the only one.

I've not yet seen any media pundits wonder about the following: did Trump order Rosenstein to fire Mueller and Mueller refused to do so?

If this turns out to be true, that would certainly explain Trump's explosion yesterday. He is known to completely lose his shit whenever he deems that someone has been "disloyal."

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