28 June 2017


The excellent Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold published an article yesterday (link here) with the title "A Time Magazine with Trump on the cover hangs in his golf clubs. It’s fake."

The piece details how Donald Trump has a phony Time magazine cover of himself framed prominently at a number of his golf clubs, sometimes alongside other real magazine covers on which he has appeared. He has also spoken about the fake magazine cover, as if it was real, on a number of occasions.

I remember reading some months ago, in the real Time, on whose cover he did not appear, about how Trump lovingly collects magazines on whose cover he has appeared. He has multiple copies of each magazine on display in a special room at Trump Tower.

Truly, how pathetic is this? He must be terribly insecure that he has to constantly fluff himself up like this. It's not enough that he was on real magazine covers that he has to have fake ones, too?

The man is dangerously unstable. I sometimes worry that he'll pull some kind of psychotic shit whilst President, particularly if the heat really turns up with the Russian scandal investigation.

The sooner Congress impeaches this man, the better. Yes, I know, that means we'll end up with President Pence or President Paul Ryan, but at least they're not seriously mentally ill.

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