02 June 2017

The Silence Is Deafening

June is LGBT Pride Month. Zack Ford at Think Progress wrote an excellent piece (link here) about how Donald Trump has not issued a proclamation recognizing the event nor has there been any mention of it by the White House.

Past Presidents like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama gladly and openly recognized LGBT Pride Month with presidential proclamations. But from Trump it's crickets.

Trump issued five proclamations for June recognizing little-known events such as National Homeownership Month and Great Outdoors Month. Quite honestly, when was the last time you heard of a parade to recognize National Homeownership Month?

Ford comments about how Trump's omission does not jive with his frequent boasts during the campaign that he was LGBT-friendly. He also correctly notes that Trump "hasn’t taken a single pro-LGBTQ action in office."

And then Ford goes for the heart of the matter when he distills why Trump thinks he's pro-LGBT -- if you're LGBT and Islamophobic, then Trump's your man. He won't do jack shit on LGBT issues but you can be sure he'll be as Islamophobic as possible whilst protecting you in your home from ISIS ninjas.

As I've said many times, Trump has no moral compass. So it's no surprise he completely ignores LGBT Pride Month.

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  1. Another field where there are many differences between USA and Canada (and many other countries in the democratic world).

    In Canada, our politicians and more, our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is participating in ALL Gay Pride parades.

    Not a big deal here because for decades, our Gay Rights are part of our constitutional rights and that our people is open minded toward them.

    With that decision of «Trumpty Dumpty» yesterday to back off from the Paris Accord on Climate Changes, "HE" is showing again that he is a man of the past and by it, is more and more isolating USA people from the rest of the world.

    Not surprising "HE" isn't doing anything to underline and promote Gay Rights in his own country.
    He lives in a «old time» era and more, he is being advised and under the power of USA «Evangelic» Christian extremists. Those who are such bigots and wanting to put LGBT Rights in the closet once and for all.

    In the past years, «America Was Great» but now with ALL we see coming out from the White House, USA are backing off so many world wide partenerships that he is «Making America Weaker» letting the leadership to other countries instead of remaining in those groups and lead the parade.

    It's a bad, bad, time for USA to do so.

    Hope is coming from every USA cities, corporations, and people that are stating their faith in the Paris Accords against «Trumpty Dumpty's» bad decisions.

    Gay Prides in many cities in USA don't need a «presidential act» to be strong and go forward to promote equality and respect of your rights.

    Fight back this bigot, old fashion, isolationist presidency.

    USA is better than that.


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