29 June 2017

Harley's Dungeon

The big bruiser top here, who goes by Harley Everett in porn, has been featured on this blog before. He's in his thirties, stands 6'4, and weighs in at a thumping 220 pounds. He's also out and proud and married. He describes his non-porn husband as "a big muscular inked guy who is incredibly handsome and has a heart of gold."

I'm a little confused about whether Harley is actually still doing porn. In 2014 on his Twitter page, he posted cryptically something along the lines of "Harley Everett is no more" but porn scenes in which he stars are still being released. Did he go back into porn or are they being pulled off a shelf somewhere?

Harley has been featured on this blog several times before. He had a post here with a huge set of photos that can still be downloaded. He also appeared here and here topping in video scenes that are still live.

The new photos posted today are much larger than appear below and are part of a massive collection with more than three-hundred images of Harley in three different sets, solo in one and topping two different lads in the others. To download the complete group in a free zipped folder, you should click here.

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