11 June 2017

Cheapening Pride

LGBT activists and others are outraged in Pennsylvania and elsewhere after Pittsburgh Pride was renamed for a fracking company (details here).

They are particularly incensed because the fracking company has given at least $82,000 in campaign contributions to anti-LGBT Republican politicians who have fought against marriage equality.

For now, the corportized name will remain, but the future is less certain. In my opinion, no corporation's name should ever be featured in any pride or LGBT event titles. Corporate sponsorship information should be limited to publicity and discretely on signage for the event.

No one would ever think about allowing something like the Exxon Martin Luther King Parade, so the same standard should apply to events celebrating LGBT equality.


  1. Anonymous04:16

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  2. good gracious! can i invite them out for a cocktail? i know i'd love it! :-)


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