05 June 2017

Turn Up the Heat

The Associated Press reported late last week that the criminal investigation into possible links between Donald Trump's campaign and the Russian government may now also expanded to include Attorney General Jefferson Sessions.

While it's still early days, the idea that Sessions could be indicted and prosecuted would be giant karma payback for an odious anti-LGBT hater and overt racist. Of all the venomous haters Trump has picked for his administration, Sessions is arguably the absolute worst.

To date, I believe John Mitchell is the only US Attorney General who has ever been prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to prison for his misdeeds. How fitting it would be to add Sessions to that Hall of Shame.

Even if Sessions would only resign because of scandal, it would remove one of the driving forces behind the Trump administration's anti-LGBT policies. And Trump arguably would have to pick a more moderate replacement in order to be confirmed by a Senate that likely would be more hostile and skeptical towards any of his nominees, as happened during Watergate days when Richard Nixon had to replace his indicted administration officials.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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