15 June 2017

Self-Inflicted Wounds

Once again, Donald Trump has proven to be his own worst enemy.

Last night, The Washington Post broke the story (link here) that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has widened his probe to include a criminal investigation of Trump for possible obstruction of justice. This is now a part of Mueller's omnibus investigation into all matters relating to possible criminal activity and collusion by various members of Trump's campaign operation, including now Trump himself.

This investigation was triggered by Trump's firing of former FBI Director James Comey. In a great twist of irony, in his letter firing Comey, Trump crowed about how the latter had told him several times he was not under a criminal investigation.

But by firing Comey, Trump walked himself straight into a criminal investigation.

As the Post piece reveals, "Mueller sees the question of attempted obstruction of justice as more than just a 'he said, he said' dispute between the President and the fired FBI director."

The article also includes this tantalizing detail: "Investigators have also been looking for any evidence of possible financial crimes among Trump associates."

So it's official: Trump has entered into Richard Nixon territory. Nixon was brought down by his obstruction of justice. We can only hope the same happens with Trump.

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