12 June 2017

Sucked In

Things seem to be going very badly for Donald Trump's Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. And they soon could get a whole lot worse.

Yesterday, Politico ran an excellent article (link here) with the title "Sessions getting sucked further into Trump’s Russia mess." The piece reviewed how Former FBI Director James Comey's testimony last week revealed that, as the piece states, "Comey cryptically testified that he knew details about the attorney general before his recusal from the Russia probe that would make his involvement in the Russia probe 'problematic.'"

That suggests there's a unknown scandal that has yet to be made public. If so, could this lead to Sessions resigning and/or facing criminal charges himself?

On Saturday, The New York Times reported (link here) that Sessions will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee tomorrow about the Russian interference scandal.

One related matter the committee almost certainly will investigate is why Sessions testified before Congress in his confirmation hearing that he had no contacts with Russians during the campaign, while information about at least three secret meetings between Sessions and the Russian ambassador during the campaign have so far been made public. The ambassador in question is believed by many, including intelligence professionals, to also be a spymaster for Vladimir Putin.

If Sessions deliberately deceived Congress, that would be perjury, a felony that could lead to criminal charges and, if convicted, prison time. If Sessions forgot about all three meetings, then one has to wonder why someone so scatterbrained was made attorney general.

As of now, it is not known whether Sessions will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee in a closed or open sessions. It's the latter, that means it will be on television and with journalists present. If it will be closed, one has to wonder why and what Sessions might be revealing that has not yet been made public.

According to a number of press reports, Sessions has recently offered his resignation to Trump. How the latter responded is not known, but it is known that Trump is very angry at Sessions for not personally derailing the Russian investigation.

I wrote on this blog late week (link here) about how removing LGBT-hating Sessions from office would be a great start to curbing Trump's presidency. In the best of all worlds, both men would be removed from office and then each would face criminal charges.

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