30 June 2017


Donald Trump stooped to a new lowest low yesterday with an appalling Twitter tirade directed at a morning television personality (details here). The comment showed Trump at his worst as a cruel bully who acts like a spoiled brat with no sense of common decency.

His behavior was so shocking and so un-presidential that it was widely and resoundingly condemned by both Democrats and Republicans alike in Congress. Not one single public official outside of the administration spoke up in defense of the President's behavior.

There are so many reasons why this is wrong that it's difficult to know where to begin. There was no reason for him to do this. It shows a man who is dangerously petty and thin-skinned. It also shows a man who is dangerously mentally unstable. It shows a man who isn't emotionally fit to be President.

How could he react calmly and rationally during a true national crisis when he can't even handle minor criticism?

The New York Times published an excellent op-ed yesterday (link here) about how this latest incident demonstrates, once again, Trump's fundamental lack of decency and his craven disrespect for other people.

The piece quotes prominent law professor Joan Williams who said: "Trump’s persistent insults to high-profile women play to that part of his base that has long been incensed at a definition of political correctness that includes women, L.G.B.T.Q. people, immigrants and other groups -- but leaves out working-class whites nursing the hidden injuries of class."

Trump's behavior yesterday underscores, once again, that he almost certainly is what mental health professionals call "a pathological narcissist," someone who is devoid of empathy toward others (details here). That means he will throw anybody and everybody under a moving bus who doesn't grovel before him.

Yesterday's tirade shows the time has come to seriously consider removing Trump from office as soon as possible with the 25th Amendment (details here), a more expeditious process than impeachment.

There is just no other reasonable choice at this point. Trump isn't going to change, and he must not be allowed to continue to damage America's standing in the world.


  1. This president is NOTHING like presidential.

    I saw in all Canadian and American TV news broadcasts how outraged were ALL the people asked on this last «bully« tweet of Trumpty Dumpty.

    More, I saw and heard the lady at the White House press conference trying to defend the «president» in front of ALL journalists.

    This press conference was pathetic and showed how embarrassed are the White House personal to go and try to make good point to excuse his bad behaviors.

    Sure, ALL the attention was on this bad tweet and NOT on the Trumpcare or the international crisis or the tax cuts etc.... When will someone in the White House STOP this moron tweeting in such a bully manner and frankly in such a stupid way.

    USA deserve a more dignified and respectful president that can show the best side of USA people.
    For now, he is making USA look like ridicule to have put such a clown in office.

    When we see Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel, to name only those, acting with respect and great dignity to represent their people, your president seems to be out of this kind of state representatives.

    Hope for USA that he'll be soon thrown out of the White House for your own greatness and respect by all other countries in the world.

    HE isn't «making America Great Again».
    HE is doing completely the contrary.

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