13 June 2017


On Saturday, The New Yorker magazine published a must-read article (link here) with the title "How a Russian Journalist Exposed the Anti-Gay Crackdown in Chechnya."

The piece first provides a brief overview about the continuing strife between Russia and Chechnya, gay repression in the autonomous region, and how the Russian journalist, Elena Milashina, broke and reported the story. The body of the article is an interview with Milashina.

It's worth noting that Milashina is affiliated with the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, which has published investigative, unflattering pieces on Vladimir Putin's corrupt government. As a result of this, six reporters from Novaya Gazeta have been murdered in recent years, including Anna Politkovskaya.

The piece also notes that some international leaders, particularly German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron, have pressured Putin to do something about these heinous murders. It also notes how "friend of the gays" Donald Trump has been utterly silent about this genocide.

I urge you to read this short piece linked above. Whilst Chechnya may seem like an strange place far away, the fact that a nation can so easily and quickly target the vulnerable is deeply and profoundly disturbing.

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