21 June 2017


The Washington Post's conservative columnist published a brutal op-ed yesterday (link here) that presents a withering indictment of Donald Trump's disastrous and scandal-plagued presidency so far.

She notes, for instance, in the latest support poll to date, his approval rating has plummeted to "a measly 36 percent" with his disapproval at a staggering 57 percent.

Trump has been repeatedly battered by Rubin and others for failing to fill key administrative positions. He is required to nominate about 560 people to key positions but has only nominated 145 to date, a number far below any of his predecessors, meaning more than 400 slots remain vacant.

As Rubin notes, "lacking scores of political appointees, he has little ability to see that his policy initiatives are implemented." To use a metaphor, Trump is stranded in open sea on an ocean liner with only a motorboat engine.

In some ways, this fecklessness is a blessing in disguise. By being magnificently inept, he can't inflict as much damage on the country and our civil rights as if he was running on full power.

Remember how Trump crowed during the campaign about his business background would make him a much better chief executive? The opposite has proven to be true, but then Trump is not particularly successful as a businessman. He filed for bankruptcy six times and many of his properties are believed to be mortgaged at 100 or more percent.

Abysmal approval ratings and a do-nothing record are the perfect formula for a landslide loss should Trump make it to the end of his term and try to run for re-election. While it's too soon to tell if Trump has fatally doomed his chances for a second term -- who knows if he'll even be able to finish his first one -- he certainly isn't helping his chances with his failures, scandals, and incessant lying.

Sometimes there really are silver linings to dark clouds.

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