03 June 2017

Irish Eyes Are Smiling

I'm British-born and a naturalized American citizen, but like many Brits I have some Irish ancestry. So I was particularly proud to read that the next Prime Minister of Ireland will be Leo Varadkar, the gay son of an Asian immigrant (details here).

Ireland has a curious form of government where the President is the head of state elected by the people and primarily a figurehead who in turn appoints the Prime Minister (technically called the Taoiseach), the head of government and the most powerful official in the country. (In comparison, in Britain the monarch is the head of state while the Prime Minister is the head of government, and in the United States the President is concurrently both the head of state and head of government.)

Ireland has a long history of inclusiveness, welcoming people who are not ethnically Irish to be a part of the country. Arguably the most famous politician in modern Irish history was Éamon de Valera, the American-born Jewish son of an Irish woman and a Spanish father.

Varadkar is known not to suffer fools gladly. I can't wait to see the fireworks when he confronts Donald Trump at the next G20 Summit.


  1. Anonymous05:32

    Tu alegría es mi alegría. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. This is another LGBT that isn't only labeled and definite by his sexual orientation but more by his personal competences.

    With the Luxemburg and Belgium gay prime ministers and many more, he is a mentor for young gays to go ahead and make their mark in our societies.

    Here in Canada, we have prime minister of Ontario, Catherine Winn, who is openly lesbian. Few years ago, we also had a Québec province prime minister that is a gay man.
    Many elected members of parliaments (députés) in our municipal, provincial and federal governments are openly gay.

    Even the mayor of my subdivision of Montreal, Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, is openly gay and is doing a superb job too. He is reelected for many years now.

    The mayor of Paris, Mrs Hidalgo is also a lesbian..

    So, not surprising to see in «civilized» countries the competence of a person isn't judged only on his sexual orientation.

    Not sure this could be easily accepted in some of your states.(??)
    You had in the past, Harvey Milk, and he just didn't remain long in office.
    He was killed...
    Yes, it was back in the 80s, but are things changing since then in USA ?

    Not sure if you live in the «Bible Belt» states.

    USA have a lot to do to come over those issues.
    Just see how even «black civil rights» are not quite main stream in some states and black people have issues to be accepted as full citizens in USA.

    So LGBT are far to get rid of those bigots ideas and be living very freely in USA.

    The religious Evangelical extremist lobby is too strong in Washington as the NRA which are restraining USA to enter in the XXI century amongst the most advanced countries in the world.


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