19 May 2019


CNBC published an excellent piece last week (link here) about how Donald Trump's reckless tariffs are equivalent to a massive tax increase. That's because retailers and wholesalers will simply add the tariff cost to their prices.

Trump has repeatedly said that China will pay the tariffs, not the American consumer. That presumes -- stupidly -- that retailers and wholesalers will not raise prices to cover tariffs of 25 percent and just take it out of profits. Trouble is, retail profit margins are considerably lower than 25 percent.

Trump's clumsy and ignorant tariff rollout seems like something that was designed by someone who never took an entry-level class in economics. Considering the Trump has an undergraduate degree from Wharton, one has to imagine he paid other students to do his papers and take his exams, because he clearly doesn't have the capacity to understand basic econometric principles.

A Whimpering Mess

The bottom here is Henrik Sommer, a German musclestud who always bottoms and always ends up a whimpering mess by the end of the video. He loves to be fucked extra hard but, at the same time, he's whiny about the whole thing. He makes the best noises because they seem so realistic. And the glasses are a great touch -- perfect for cum coating!

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18 May 2019

The Plot Thickens

Donald Trump's former National Security Adviser is in the news again as he awaits sentencing after pleading guilty to a single felony count. The sentencing judge has ordered release of certain documents and other evidence that casts a new light on how the Trump campaign courted Wikileaks to obtain emails stolen by Russia and also how certain individuals engaged in actions on the President's behalf that look an awful lot like witness tampering and obstruction of justice.

These developments are important because they reveal in part aspects of the Mueller Report that were redacted from public view. These include:

(1) An unsealed filing reveals a yet unnamed individual "connected to Congress" attempted to influence Flynn's decision to plead guilty and cooperate with the special counsel's investigation into Trump and his associates (details here and here) in an action that could be illegal witness tampering.

(2) A voicemail recording exists of someone from the Trump administration contacting Flynn to influence his testimony (details here) in another action that could be illegal witness tampering. A transcript of this call will soon be released.

(3) A transcript will be released by the end of the month of the now infamous telephone call between Flynn and the Russian ambassador about the incoming Trump administration's plans for closer relations between Washington and Moscow (details here). This is the call that Flynn later attempted to cover up by lying to the FBI, a crime which led to his downfall.

Flynn, of course, was only one of several associated with Trump who lied to keep secret details of contacts between the President and Russia. The question has yet to be answered as to who, if anyone, higher up the chain of command ordered these lies and why.

These revelations also cast a darker cloud on claims by Trump's attorney general that the President should not be charged with obstruction of justice once he leaves office. They suggest the unredacted Mueller Report paints and even more unflattering picture of the President than is seen in the public redacted version.

Columnist Jennifer Rubin published a good summary piece (link here) on why these reactions are so important.

In reacting on Twitter to these developments, Trump tried to blame others for the fact that he brought Flynn into his own campaign and offered him a job as his National Security Adviser.

More on this will come soon. Stay tuned.

Saturday Pornrush

The weekend is here, so time once more for a big disk dump of piping-hot porn. Offered for your enjoyment today are more than fourteen hundred hardcore photos from thirty different shoots, all but two of which were released just this past week. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, be sure to click here.

17 May 2019

A Future Attack?

In recent weeks, a number of conservative, so-called red states have passed anti-abortion laws that severely restrict or even outright totally ban the procedure which has been constitutionally protected for nearly a half century.

These are obvious attempts to get an abortion case challenging Roe v. Wade before the Supreme Court in the near future. The hope on the part of the anti-abortion faction is that Donald Trump's most recent Supreme Court nominee and now sitting justice Brett Kavenaugh will be the critical fifth vote to overturn Roe.

This undertaking has caused me to wonder in recent days if the ultra-conservative forces behind this frontal attack on the legality of abortion will, if successful, next cause the far right to attempt a strike on LGBT rights by overturning the case recognizing that same-sex partners have the right to marry.

After all, were is it written that Roe v. Wade is their only target?

Roe may be overturned because of Trump's nominee, notwithstanding that until not too long ago the President was visibly and vocally pro-choice. The fact that he would so cavalierly toss his own beliefs on the scrapheap in order to curry favor with conservatives shows what a deeply flawed and immoral person he really is.

Time Out on the Field

If sports programs on television had time-outs like this, I might be more inclined to watch. I don't much like the insipid chatter that's common to so much of TV sports. This is a refreshing alternative -- let's hope it catches on in the "legit" cable channels.

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16 May 2019


The Washington Post published a very interesting piece on Tuesday (link here) about how Donald Trump's businesses have badly suffered since he became President. Indeed, the piece is titled "Trump’s businesses are faltering. That’s good news."

One of his golf resorts, for instance, has seen a 70 percent decline in revenue.

This is good news because it means Trump is not enriching himself by capitalizing on his presidency. But it's not for a lack of trying. Nonetheless, his business is struggling because people don't want to patronize his company because of his toxicity.

There's only one person to blame for that: Trump himself. Once again, he is his own worst enemy.

The Newcomer

The top here goes by Jax, at least in smutworld. He just started doing porn in March, and this is his third scene released so far. I like that he has a hot body, oversize cock, and doesn't look like he graduated from high school within the last year.

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15 May 2019

Swift Justice

Donald Trump has filed two lawsuits in recent weeks in an attempt to block release of his personal financial information to House of Representatives investigators. The suits came after various businesses prepared to comply with the House's subpoenas.

An important hearing occurred yesterday in one of those lawsuits (details here and here) and the judge certainly sounded like he's highly skeptical of Trump's legal arguments.

Trump's very dubious argument holds that Congress cannot review such matters because (he claims) they're politically motivated. Attorneys representing the House, however, were sharp enough in their argument that the judge said motives can’t be questioned when deciding the legality of a Congressional subpoena.

No congressional subpoena has been overturned by a court since 1880, so Trump is already fighting a very uphill battle. And the arguments they attempted to put forward yesterday would invalidate prior Congressional review of past presidencies, actions which the Supreme Court specifically upheld.

It sounds like the judge will rule on this matter next week sometime. Few legal experts will be surprised if the judge rules against Trump as his legal arguments are so thin. If that happens, expect Trump to petition the US Court of Appeals to intervene. If that happens, then the trial judge's ruling might be blocked pending appellate action.

The President likely wants this before the Supreme Court in hopes that the conservatives will save his bacon. History tells us, however, that the high court is hostile to presidential attempts to evade congressional oversight, as both Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton learned when they lost their subpoena appeals when they were before the Supremes.

The second lawsuit Trump has filed challenging financial subpoenas has a hearing scheduled for next week in New York. Stay tuned.

Flip Flop Again and Again

This is a great scene. You have big hot men, nicely photographed, and really into each other. This is also the best kind of flip-flop scene because they switch top/bottom roles several times. Three thumbs up!

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14 May 2019

Two Good Lists

I like articles that present an accounting of Donald Trump's many crimes and transgressions, so I was pleased to see two of them appear in recent days.

First up at the Washington Post, a good piece (link here) is titled "A guide to 20 inquiries Trump and his allies are working to impede." The President may not succeed with stopping any or many of these, but he's doing his damndest to delay them as long as possible.

Richard Nixon tried tricks like these but they only lasted so long. If Trump thinks he can nudge some of these out to beyond the 2020 election, he's setting himself up for a disappointment.

At the New York Times, they put together a piece (link here) titled "Tracking 29 Investigations Related to Trump." Ten of those are federal criminal investigations, eight of them are state, with some also being criminal investigations, and eleven are congressional investigations, any and all of which could lead to further criminal investigations involving Trump.

The bottom line -- Trump likes to fool his followers into thinking he's out of the woods now that the Mueller Report has been released. The reality of the situation, however, is entirely different.

Bound and Determined

Here's an instant collection featuring twelve different lads, each in their own photo shoot, whilst bound and edged and tormented. Fun for all ages!

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13 May 2019


LGBTQ Nation published a disturbing article last week (link here) about how Donald Trump's administration is appealing a court ruling requiring the government to treat LGBT married people like straights. It's part of an ongoing legal battle with Trump's State Department about whether a gay couple's son is an American citizen.

If the child in question were parented by two straight people, then there would be no question that he would be considered an American citizen. But because his parents are gay, Trump's administration is trying to deny citizenship to the child because his biological dad is not a citizen.

One could see this as yet another attempt by the Trump administration to nibble away at LGBT equality rights. It's important to remember that Trump's State Department is headed by Michael Pompeo, an ultra-conservative Catholic who still opposes marriage equality, even though it is the law of the land (details here).

So rather than protecting LGBT Americans, as required by law, Pompeo is trying to use the State Department to persecute them and treat them like second-class citizens. And Trump is happy to let him do that.

Add this to the hundreds if not thousands of pieces of evidence that, contrary to his lie that he's pro-LGBT, Trump is actually the complete opposite. His administration is not a friend of LGBT Americans. It is the enemy.

The Big Tease

This is Chris, who posts his selfies on limited access subscription sites. As you can see, he's a big tease and won't show everything. He also sells self videos, but they're only slightly more revealing and show only a one-second glimpse of his long, thick, uncut cock and then that's it.

Perhaps he privately sells more revealing selfies or this might be the limit. After revealing this much, what would be the harm in showing everything whilst he stroked his hard cock? It's not like he can pretend these tease selfies are showing something other than his rigid manhood in his snug underpants.

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12 May 2019

The Ukrainian Smear

Jonathan Chait wrote a great piece on Friday (link here) about how Donald Trump and his corrupt attorney Rudolph Giuliani are trying to pressure the Eastern European country of Ukraine into smearing Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, the latter being the Democrat the President expects to be his 2020 opponent.

But as Chiat notes, there's utterly no basis to smear either individual because the "scandal" they're attempting to gin up is non-existent. So like many things in Trump world, they're attempting to build a massive web of lies and then using that in a game of "gotcha" against their "enemies."

As Chiat notes, this may not be illegal. But "it’s grossly, terrifyingly improper."

Ukraine is already anxiously needing America's help against its aggressive neighbor Russia so it's inclined to do whatever Trump needs. It already stopped cooperating with the Mueller investigation because Trump told them to knock it off, which many argue was a criminal attempt to obstruct justice on Trump's part.

Chiat may not be right that the attempted Ukrainian smear is not illegal. It could be quid pro quo assistance for a political campaign from a foreign government, which is a criminal violation for the candidate if it is solicited, which it certainly appears to be here.

This whole sorry incident illustrates there's no unethical, corrupt low the Trump campaign won't stoop to. It has already refused to desist from using any hacked data or information about opponents, which could be seen as a promise to possibly commit criminal acts.

Bottom line: the Trump 2020 re-election campaign will make the Nixon 1972 re-election campaign look like a girl scout picnic in comparison.

The Summer of 1972

Here's a full-length porn flick from 1972 called The Insatiables I've never seen before. It's amazing to think this was made close to a half century ago. Life was much different for LGBT people then. Unless you lived in a major, progressive city like New York or San Francisco, chances are you were still very much in the closet for fear of persecution and/or prosecution should you go public. I'm glad times have changed.

To watch on the source website or to download a free copy of this scene to add to your collection, please click here.

11 May 2019

The Impeachment Trap

Axios published a great short piece yesterday (link here) about how Donald Trump is caught in a no-win impeachment trap.

If Trump continues to refuse to provide any subpoenaed documents or witnesses, that gives the House of Representatives more reason to impeach him for repeatedly violating the constitution.

If Trump provides all subpoenaed documents and witnesses, "he risks new material surfacing that piles on top of the Mueller report, triggering impeachment."

Damned if he does. Damned if he doesn't.

Refusing to cooperate gives the House a stronger hand to play, as Politico notes in a piece published yesterday (link here):

"Judges have repeatedly ruled that Congress has a greater claim to sensitive government documents and personal information when it can point to an ongoing legal matter, instead of just a congressional investigation or legislative debate. And impeachment would give lawmakers that legal matter -- the process is essentially a court procedure run by Congress where the House brings charges and the Senate holds the trial."

We may get a sense as early as next week which way the wind will blow. CNN reported yesterday about how the federal judge in one subpoena fight will rule next week whether Trump's accountants must comply with Congresses's subpoena (details here).

"Judge Amit Mehta plans next week to weigh the major legal issues raised in Trump’s challenge of a congressional subpoena for his accounting firm’s records, according to an order issued Thursday — putting the case on an even faster track than it previously looked to be." The judge will not just issue a preliminary ruling; he is expected to issue a final ruling, which almost certainly will bring an immediate appeal, particularly if Trump loses, as is expected to happen.

A Lusty Flip-Flop

I searched around to see if I could find any more full-length Rico Marlon videos online and was happy to land on the one featured today. This time it's a steamy hot flip-flop scene, the best of all worlds.

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10 May 2019

The Joy of Murder

During one of his ego-fluffing "campaign" rallies on Wednesday night, one of Donald Trump's supporters shouted from the crowd that border control agents should shoot asylum seekers seeking to enter the United States at the Mexican border (details here).

Rather than condemn suggestions of what would both be illegal and outright murder, Trump just laughed.

In Trump world, desperate asylum seekers and their children fleeing violence should be mowed down for daring to cross the border and lawfully requesting asylum.

No past President, Democrat or Republican would have reacted this way. But to Trump, brown people from south of the border are somehow less than human.

The man is truly disgusting.

Friday Free For All

Another week has ended, so it's time for a weekly hard disk dump. Today's selection features more than a thousand photos from thirty different hardcore porn shoots that were released just in the past week. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, click here.

09 May 2019

A Whirlwind of News

The last thirty-six hours have brought a torrent of news developments that collectively are very bad news for Donald Trump and his circle.

Late on Tuesday night, the New York Times published ten years of federal tax information about the President (link here), representing the years 1985 to 1994. This is the largest release about his tax returns to date and comes almost exactly four years after Trump promised to release his tax returns if he ran for high office, which he never ended up doing.

The Times also published a companion story (link here) with the five most shocking revelations from the story, which include the fact that Trump had more than a billion in alleged losses, paid no federal tax for at least eight years, that in some years had the highest tax loss in the country, and that he engaged in an illegal scheme known as "pump and dump" where he publicly claimed he was taking over a company simply to run up the stock price, then quietly dumped all his shares.

Unrelated to the above, Reuters broke the story that Trump's former attorney and personal fixer Michael Cohen brokered a deal before the election to make "racy personal photos" featuring Jerry Falwell Jr. disappear. Shortly after this favor, Falwell endorsed Trump in a move that substantially improved the latter's standing with evangelicals and could have made the difference in getting him elected.

Such a quid pro quo could be a criminal violation of federal election laws if Cohen's disappearing act was a prerequisite for the endorsement. A poolboy who mysteriously received a business loan of nearly $2 million from Falwell around the same time as the photo incident has denied being involved in the racy photos (details here).

Yesterday, in attempt to head off contempt charges against his attorney general, Trump suddenly declared the entire Mueller Report and all of its exhibits were exempt from release because of executive privilege, notwithstanding that most of the report, including many damning portions, have already been released to the public (details here). If you claimed the report exonerated you, why would you need to hide it?

The House Judiciary Committee nonetheless voted to hold the attorney general in contempt and now the matter moves to the full House for a vote. That could end up being the first step to the attorney general's impeachment.

At the same time, it was was revealed Trump's son Donald Trump Jr. had been subpoenaed by the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee because his previous testimony before them is significantly different than what Robert Mueller's team uncovered regarding the family's involvement in planning the Trump Tower Moscow at the same time as the presidential campaign.

Meanwhile, the House Ways and Means Chairman is expected to decide today whether to skip a subpoena of Trump's tax returns and proceed directly to federal court to force their release (details here and here). A challenge to Trump's claim of executive privilege over the Mueller Report is also expect to land in federal court shortly.

In New York, the state senate voted yesterday in favor of fast-track legislation to release Trump's state tax returns to Congressional investigators (details here). The matter is expected to easily pass the state's other legislative chamber and will then proceed to the governor for signature, something he has already said he will do.

New York's state income tax is such that the return largely mirrors a federal return and would thus provide investigators with financial data that should be duplicated on a federal return.

Each of these developments likely will spawn new stories and reports and I'll try to bring such details to you here in future reports.

Mondo Porn

Some of the porn studios have elimited still photo sets altogether whilst others have cut back on the number and/or quality of the photos. The studio featured today has gone in the opposite direction and vastly increased the photo quality so that each one could be a screensaver -- or a billboard for that matter.

The big beefy top here, who goes by Brock in porn, has been featured twice before on this blog: in several photo sets here (the display photos are gone but everything is still in the active download link) and in a hardcore video here.

Today's photo set download features twenty images in the highest resolution I have ever seen in porn. They're so detailed, you can crop out just a little portion and it's still huge enough to use as a screensaver. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, click here.