14 August 2018

Reality Bites

Donald Trump has a long history of bad hiring decisions and a loyalty to incompetent hire who remain fiercely loyal to him. When he hired Omarose Manigault-Newman as a senior White House official with a posh West Wing office only a few steps away from Trump's, based on the simple fact that she was a loyal contestant on his reality television program, he once again demonstrated his cluelessness in judging people.

Not surprisingly, Manigault-Newman turned out to be a disaster at her job. Notwithstanding she was still loyal to Trump at the time and he to her, she was fired from the White House early this year.

In true Manigault-Newman form, after she was fired, rather than get angry, she got even. She landed a deal to write a tell-all book, which was recently published to very mixed reviews, in part because the book contradicts itself a number of times.

Her lack of other talents aside, Manigault-Newman is an expert at self-promotion. Perhaps predicting she'd be fired, as she had been in a number of previous jobs, she made secret tapes while at the White House and after she was terminated.

As part of her promotion for her book, she has been releasing those tapes during media appearances promoting her book. The first release was an audio recording made during her actual termination by the White House Chief of Staff.

While that incident had no particularly newsworthiness other than as gossip, how the recording came into being is very newsworthy and shows, once again, how the Trump White House is recklessly insecure.

The secretly taped conversation was made in the White House Situation Room, one of the most security facilities in the world. This event is now being called one of the worst security breaches in presidential history (details here).

Yesterday, another secret tape was released -- this one of a telephone call made between Trump himself and Manigault-Newman the day after she was fired and removed from the White House (details and recording here).

This tape reveals a clueless President who's apparently been doing a lot of television viewing. Trump opened with saying "Omarosa? Omarosa what’s going on? I just saw on the news that you’re thinking about leaving? What happened?"

His White House hasn't told him one of his own senior staffer was hired and he's learning that instead from TV. She said to him at this point "General Kelly came to me and said that you guys wanted me to leave."

Trump replied: "No-- I, I, Nobody even told me about it.... I didn’t know it. I didn’t know that. Goddamn it. I don’t love you leaving at all."

This begs the question of who's really in charge, because Trump makes it sound like he isn't -- he's just some figurehead parked in the Oval Office in front of a TV.

The last famously disconnected President was Ronald Reagan, late in his second term when adcancing senility of kept him isolated and confused. That was when a major scandal, Iran-Contra, went down without Reagan knowing, an illegal action that ended with certain key White House official facing criminal prosecution.

With these tape revelations on Trump, one can only imagine what's going on right now under Trump's nose in the West Wing. It doesn't sound like knows much of what's going on at all. That's a very dangerous situation for America, one that adversaries like Vladimir Putin will certainly try to exploit.

Roadside Hookup

These two blokes obviouly needed it badly. They encounter each other way out in the wild and just have to stop and fuck in the road as soon as they can.

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13 August 2018

Keep Out

Vanity Fair published an excellent article yesterday (link here) about how the far right anti-immigrant Stephen Miller, currently serving as Senior Advisor for Policy to Donald Trump, is quietly gutting America's pro-immigrant and pro-refugee policies in effect since the end of World War II.

Basically, if you're anything other than a white European interested in immigrating to the United States, then Trump via Miller wants you to keep out. This all harkens back to Trump's now-infamous "shithole" comment: he wants more people from places like Norway and none from places like Africa.

The results of this policy are heartbreaking and cruel. Even American-born citizens trying to adopt children from overseas are being blocked (example here).

America is a nation of immigrants. It has always been the case. But a few previous Presidents and the current one don't respect that. Trump is the son of an immigrant, but he wants to make sure blocks the door for nearly everyone not already here.

This is an economically moronic idea, too. The United States has an historically very low birth rate. The only way to grow the population -- and thus grow the economy -- is to allow immigration.

In higher per capita numbers, newer immigrants tend to fill lower-ranked service jobs. The next several decades will see a huge increase in demand for these jobs, particularly to care for the ever growing population of elderly.

If you block the door for these potential workers, this benefits no one. Except for white racists who don't like so many brown people.

The damage Trump is causing America will take decades to reverse. The sooner he goes, the better.

Marek Returns

This is Marek, one of his many porn names, who was featured here on the blog three years ago and is back for a return engagement. It's nice to see he's keeping in shape and not quite as pale as he was before.

He looks like he could be a pleasant, ordinary fellow outside of porn. I wonder if smut is his only job. Does he also escort? Do people in his life know about his fuck film work?

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12 August 2018

Space Cadets

In mid-June, Donald Trump announced the United States would create a new branch of the military to be known as Space Force. The proposal was little more than a one-page wish list that many defense experts quickly mocked as ludicrous, and the predicted its chances of actually happening were close to zero, given Congress was not likely to back nor fund the proposal.

That aside, if it were somehow to come to life, international treaties severely the amount of weaponry and armaments that can be used or even carried in space. Considering the United States has no active launch facility nor any space vessles to serve in the Space Force, one has to wonder what exactly the force part of the Space Force would actually be.

More recently, people began to realize that Trump's 2020 election campaign, already up and running, was actively selling Space Force merchandise on a webpage (details here). Shoppers could also "help select" official logos and the like.

This all raises the question of whether Trump is pushing the Space Force concept simply to be able to sell stuff to raise money for re-election. This is not the first time Trump has tied merchandising product to presidential actions -- he order the minting and sale of a special medal to accompany his visit with the North Korean dictator.

Trump may be woefully ignorant and unqualified to be President. But he does have one special kind of genius -- he's long been skilled at fleecing ordinary Americans with dollars to fund his personal windfalls.

Fuck Fiend

Tim's studio is certainly not the biggest around and is actually inside his own apartment. His videos, however, never fail to please, as this one very nicely demonstrates.

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11 August 2018

Deadly Nihilism

Like many British-born naturalized American citizens, I am mystified by far right conservative Republicans and their gun fetish. The Supreme Court has ruled many times that Congress may pass reasonable limits and regulations governing firearms, but the hard right nonetheless screams that any and all of these are unconstitutional.

Yesterday, the New Yorker published a superb piece (link here) with the title "The Las Vegas Massacre Report and the Rise of Second Amendment Nihilism."

If you're not too familiar with the word nihilism, in the context here it could be the "doctrine of destruction for its own sake." In short, you must destroy simply because you can.

Other applications of this premise would be, for instance, "because you can deliberately drive your car into a brick wall, you must do that now." And, "because you can smash all of the windows in your house, you must do it now." And, of course, "because you can buy as many guns as you want until you run out of money, you must use those guns to their maximum lethality."

Consider the following excerpt from the article: "The [shooting commission summary] report takes on the supposedly baffling question of [the shooter] Paddock’s motive, and what comes through is that—unless some astonishing new connection or fact appears in the future -- his intention appears to have been purely nihilistic." Because he could perch in a window and shoot dozens of people within a few minutes, he must do that.

The writer really hits his stride here: "We have entered a new phase in the American horror -- that of Second Amendment nihilism. No effort will be made to stop gun massacres. This is, in practical terms, indistinguishable from arriving at a state where the point of having lethal weapons in private hands is to have massacres become ritual sacrifices to be greeted, as all ritual sacrifices are, with prayers. The massacres have become essential to the demonstration of the power of guns, a kind of tribute to the Moloch of absolute autonomy, to a fantasy view of 'liberty' that involves the destruction of another person."

In other words, we must allow shooters the freedom to fire their weapons into crowds of people, because that "freedom" is essential to American democracy. Once that allowance is removed, America ceases to be a free country.

This last short excerpt hits it out of the park: "Given the new state of the Supreme Court, and the nature of the Trump White House, Second Amendment nihilism may be the reigning position in the American gun debate for all the future we can see. Its participants can congratulate themselves on the triumph of their obsession. Its price is more needless death."

"Nihilists" are a great way to decribe many Trump voters. They don't care that he's corrupt and incompetent. They want to see the American system ripped apart, so what better person to do that than Donald Trump?

It's destruction for destruction's sake. Trump is the perfect instrument of destruction.

Scaffolding Sex

The hulking top here is Wade Steel. He's been featured twice before on this blog (links here and here). Both photo download sets are still live and the links active.

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10 August 2018

Loose Lips

Devin Nunes, a Republican Congressman from California, is Donald Trump's biggest apologist on Capitol Hill. As chair of the House Intelligence Committee, rather than objectively investigating Trump's Russia scandal, Nunes has gone out of his way to hide the truth and deceive the public.

On Wednesday night, the broadcaster Rachel Maddow played a secretly recorded audiotape of Nunes at a political fundraiser brazenly admitting that a House Republican majority was critically necessary to protect Trump (details here). He's admitting that the House would try to hide Trump's crimes from the American people or look the other way and prevent his removal from office.

This is a shocking admission. He's essentially saying no matter what Robert Mueller's criminal investigation may find, and if the Justice Department doesn't shut it down, then a Republican Congress must shirk it's constitutional duty and shield Trump.

He's saying that country doesn't matter. The constutution doesn't matter. The law doesn't matter. Truth doesn't matter. Protect the corrupt criminal at all cost.

That is absolutely disgusting. It's not surprising many in Congress and academia have now called on Nunes to resign. You can expect that won't happen.

In the secret recording, Nunes also admitted that the Trump campaign colluding with Russia could be a crime (details here), even though he has said the opposite publicly. And he said that Rod Rosenstein's potential impeachment, a Republican political stunt, would be delayed so as not to derail confirmation of Trump's Supreme Court nominee (details here).

One good thing Nunes has done was make clear how wrong he is and why it's essential for Republicans to lose control of at least one house of Congress. For good measure, Nunes should lose his re-election campaign, too.


This lad is named Randon, which is so unusual, it doesn't sound made up. Maybe he didn't realize you need to constantly change your name to do porn.

He's not ripped fitness model handsome but he has a good body and keeps in shape. He seems tall to me and would be great for a fuck and a cuddle afterwards.

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09 August 2018

Birds of a Feather

Yesterday, federal prosecutors announced they had indicted Republican Congressman Chris Collins from New York state on insider trading charges (details here). While Collins and his attorney have said he's innocent, the evidence is overwhelming and damning.

Collins' case warrants our attention for several reasons. One is that he was the very first member of Congress to endorse Donald Trump early in the 2016 primary season.

Trump rewarded him for that once he became President with regular phone calls and visits to the White House. Collins in turn rewarded Trump for that loyalty by loudly denouncing Robert Mueller's criminal investigation of Trump and his circle and demanded that it end (details here).

So summarize, Collins in a raging hypocrite.

Given that federal prosecutors have a track record of 97 percent convictions in cases brought to trial and given the overwhelming evidence against Collins, which is far greater than in most insider trading prosecutions, the congressman should prepare to put his affairs in order. This almost certainly will not end well for him. As one of the wealthiest members of Congress, that lad is in for a bit of a humbling. Even a minimum security federal prison is humiliating.

At least five other sitting Republican members of Congress also owned the same stock which became the subject of Collins' indictment. It remains to be seen if he communicated anything to them, whether they acted accordingly, and if they will be facing down indictments, too.

Notwithstanding the closeness between Trump and Collins, it shows how the criminal justice system in the United States is largely divorced from politics and politicians, as it should be. Collins was indicted by a U.S. Attorney whom Trump nominated but who is putting the law and the American people above party, as he should.

As Martin Luther King, Jr., famously said, "the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." Now it appears Congressman Collins has reached the end of his arc. May that come soon for Donald Trump, too.

And in the total coincidence department, Richard Nixon resigned 44 years go yesterday, more than two years after the Watergate story first broke.


This lad goes by Tank in porn world, at least for the duration of this shoot. The releasing website provided no other information about him, which is typical.

He looks somewhat familiar, like I've seen him in hardcore porn under another name. Given he's only using a first name with no surname, even if a fake one, he's difficult to research to see if he has credits under another name or names.

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08 August 2018

Silence Is Not Golden

The Daily Beast commissioned a survey of media attitudes and reported yesterday on the findings (link here). One of the most shocking revelations was that 43 percent of GOP members want to give Donald Trump "the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior."

This is just appalling. These people have no respect for the First Amendment. No American politician should ever have the power to shut down any media outlet ever.

Other questions in the survey showed that Republicans are moved by Trump's anti-media rhetoric. A significant majority of GOP members believed that "the news media is the enemy of the American people."

One of the greatest advantages of the American system of government is freedom of speech and a free press. It's a far better standard than in other democracies, including my country of origin, Great Britain, where the Official Secrets Act is used to muzzle media outlets and journalists.

Trump would love to be able to muzzle the media. That's the dream of every autocrat. Unfortunately, far too many people in America, particularly Republicans, would have no problem giving a President the power to do so.

This is why change must come this November and in 2020. The American people need and deserve elected officials who honor and uphold the Constitution.

Midweek Muscle Pounding

These lads really go to town. I don't know either's name but the top looks familiar. I believe they're speaking Portuguese which would probably make them Brazilian.

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