19 February 2019


Former acting FBI director and lifelong Republican Andrew McCabe appeared on the 60 Minutes television program on Sunday night with some shocking revelations about Donald Trump. Vice published a great writeup of the program (link here). CBS has released a full transcript of the interview (link here)

What many have found to be the most startling reveal was how Trump ignored American intelligence about North Korea because he didn't believe it and said that he instead believed what Vladimir Putin had told him.

As McCabe described it: "The President launched into several unrelated diatribes [during a security briefing]. One of those was commenting on the recent missile launches by the government of North Korea. And, essentially, the President said he did not believe that the North Koreans had the capability to hit us here with ballistic missiles in the United States. And he did not believe that because President Putin had told him they did not. President Putin had told him that the North Koreans don't actually have those missiles. Intelligence officials in the briefing responded that that was not consistent with any of the intelligence our government possesses, to which the president replied, 'I don't care. I believe Putin.'

Trump does not believe his own government but he does believe the government of a nation hostile to the United States.

Many have speculated that Trump is some kind of Manchurian Candidate controlled by Putin himself. While that may sound ridiculously far-fetched, with revelations like this, one cannot help but wonder if they're true.

The White Album

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18 February 2019

Open and Angry

The New York Times published a very good but disturbing piece yesterday (link here) with the title "Rift Between Trump and Europe Is Now Open and Angry." The article does a good job summarizing how badly relations between the United States and its close European allies has deteriorated in the last two years since Donald Trump became President.

Of course Vladimir Putin is ecstatic about this. As the article notes "even the normally gloomy Russian foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, happily noted the strains, remarking that the Euro-Atlantic relationship had become increasingly 'tense.'" Once again, Trump seems to go out of his way to help Russia while concurrently hurting America.

Undoubtedly, many of Trump's supporters are glad that Europe is angry at America. Many of them have his same "fuck foreigners" attitude. A large majority of them have never been outside the United States, with the exception of military service, so what do they care?

American isolationism may have worked in the nineteenth century, with the country protected by an ocean that took weeks if not months to cross. But those days are long past us now. Weaker relations with Europe will seriously harm the American economy.

The world is like a large neighborhood. You need to at least try to get along with most of your neighbors. But if you try to go it alone while snubbing most of your neighbors, then when you're in trouble, they'll be far less inclined to help you.

Many but not all Europeans know that Trump lost the popular vote and is a deeply unpopular President here. The best way to reinforce that message would be for him either to be removed via the constitutional methods or for him to be resoundingly defeated in 2020. Then, relations between Europe and America can start to heal.

Gogo Hottie

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17 February 2019

The Mystery Investigation

The news in the latter part of this week was dominated by the budget deal as well as Donald Trump's potentially unconstitutional emergency powers order.

Pushed more to the background was the stunning news that Paul Manafort, Trump's campaign chair, was found to have lied to federal prosecutors about campaign contacts with a Kremlin-connected Russian (details here).

Of course, this raises the question of why Trump's people consistently find it's necessary to lie to cover their tracks, even after they've been charged with federal crimes. Are they doing this in anticipation of a pardon or are they doing this to hide some crime involving the President or a member or members of his family?

Buried in the Washington Post piece linked above about Manafort is this tidbit: "[Manafort] made false statements that were material to another Justice Department investigation whose focus has not been described in public filings." This explains why some of the recent Manafort hearings have been closed to the public and the record sealed.

So who is this mystery individual -- or individuals -- under investigation and facing possible indictment. Trump's son? His son-in-law? His daughter? Hopefully, time will tell and soon.

Man of Steele

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16 February 2019

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Yesterday as expected, Donald Trump signed a national emergency declaration so that he could end-run Congress which had refused to fund his border wall. Before even close of business, lawsuits were already being filed to block the declaration.

To announce his action, Trump held a rambling, often contradictory and downright nonsensical press conference. Not surprisingly, the event was yet another festival of wall-to-wall lies. Numerous media fact checkers have already published detailed analyses of his falsehoods and fibs (examples here and here).

Arguably his most spectacular lie was "a big majority of the big drugs, the big drug loads don't go through ports of entry." He has been trying to rationalize his wall by saying it will stop a majority of illegal drugs entering the United States. But contrary to his "big drug loads" claim, the overwhelming majority -- more than 99 percent -- of illegal drugs enter the country through legal admission points.

Trump also made a candid admission that his alleged emergency isn't an emergency at all. At one point in the press event he said: "I didn't need to do this. But I'd rather do it much faster." One has to hope these words will haunt him in the various lawsuits filed against him.

Home Invasion

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15 February 2019


After promising several times before television cameras that he would not, Donald Trump appears to be ready to declare an emergency along the border so that he can build his wall without Congressional appropriations.

As the Washington Post noted in a piece published last night (link here) "an emergency declaration by Trump will lead to lawsuits. Lots of them."

One can expect also that the Supreme Court would weigh in on this issue before all the dust settles.

If Trump's order were allowed to stand -- provided he actually does this -- a dangerous precedent would be created. A President could simply ignore Congress by declaring a national emergency. That's very disturbing and downright dangerous. This must be stopped.

Artistic Porn

Here's a large collection of high quality images from a porn flick titled All Saints. Looking at these pictures, I can't make heads nor tails out of what the plot might be. Something involving well hung ghosts?

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14 February 2019

A Blizzard of Lies

Yesterday, the New York Times published another one of their excellent interactive graphic features, this time one featuring the hundreds of times Donald Trump made promises about a border wall between Mexico and the United States (link here). Given the budget deal this week which includes no new funding for his wall pipe dream, his past promises have now become a blizzard of lies.

Prominent among these are the literally hundreds of times Trump promised that Mexico would pay for his proposed wall, not the American taxpayer. Then, within days of the 2016 election, he was changing his tune and talking about how the wall cost would be reimbursed indirectly via trade deals.

Equally, Trump's promises about the scope and construction of the wall has shifted in terminology, too. He has engaged in considerable backpeddling since the election and thus abandoned scores of prior promises.

The way Trump so cavalierly and resolutely makes promises he has no intention of keeping makes you wonder if he really understands how the internet works. At the same time, his near constant lying is always thoroughly documented, so Trump's lasting legacy will be that he was fundamentally dishonest.

Valentine's Day Banging

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13 February 2019

A Carnival of Lies

Donald Trump held yet another one of his rallies on Monday night, this time in El Paso, Texas. As is typical, it was a fib-filled evening, which the Huffington Post dubbed "A Carnival of Lies" (link here).

One particular claim was so glaringly false it's a wonder he has the stones to lie like this so shamelessly. He said, referring to Virginia's Ralph Northam (source here): "The governor stated that he would even allow a newborn baby to come out into the world and wrap the baby, and make the baby comfortable, and then talk to the mother and talk to the father and then execute the baby. Execute the baby!"

Northam, of course, said nothing of the sort. And Trump undoubtedly knows that. He almost certainly said this to pander to anti-abortion voters.

The great irony to all this, of course, is that while Trump now pretends to be anti-abortion, he once was strongly pro-choice. "I am very pro-choice" he said in a 1999 television interview (source here). And several media outlets have reported that Trump may have paid for as many as eight abortions for his numerous mistresses (source here).

Monday night likely offered something of a preview of Trump in the 2020 election. He will shamelessly lie at an even greater and more grandiose rate than he has to date. Whoever is his opponent needs to be prepared for that. This will be an election like no other, where truth and lies are battling head to head.

Habitual lying is a common trait among dictators. But in a democracy, anyone who peddles lies so shamelessly like Trump should be rewarded with a resounding defeat.

Riding Rocco

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