17 July 2019

A Sad Passing

The news broke last night that retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens died earlier yesterday after having suffered a stroke on Monday (details here). He was 99.

Stevens sat on the court for thirty-five years and was one of its earliest champions of LGBT rights.

He was known as a great liberal but was nominated to the court by a Republican President, Gerald Ford. Stevens famously evolved leftward during his time on the court, although he began as a fairly progressive Republican, a species now that is all but non-existent.

Stevens continued to be outspoken about national affairs and politics after his retirement and was not above criticizing the current White House occupant. He also wrote three books in his retirement, the newest of which was published two months ago.

Mormons in the Loo

When they're performing their missionary work, young Mormons do often live with Mormon families in the area, where possible. And it's possible something like this could happen, but not very likely, except on Planet Porn.

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16 July 2019

Progressive Versus Regressive

Progressive Versus Regressive G&M

Before Donald Trump came into office, plans were well underway for former slave and famed abolitionist Harriet Tubman to appear on the $20 bill in place of Andrew Jackson, a slaveowning racist President.

Once he became President, however, that plan was abandoned. Trump would not go down in history as the first American head of state to usher in non-white people on the currency.

I thought about this controversy when the news was announced yesterday that, in Great Britain, my native land, Alan Turing would appear on the new £50 note (details here). Turing, of course, is famous for both beig a gay man and also the one who lead the effort to break the Nazi's Enigma code, something which ensured an Allied victory, made D-Day a success, and shortened World War II by months if not years.

Britain has a conservative head of state yet it's progressive enough to embrace LGBT people in its culture and celebrate their achievements. Yet in the United States, the White House is controlled by someone so regressive that a woman of color had to be removed from its currency because she was not white.

Afternoon Delight

I had more photosets than could fit into an 500 MB folder last Friday, so presented for your pleasure today are some big sets and images with huge resolution that were put on hold. Today's batch features nearly three hundred photos, many very high resolution, from eight different hardcore shoots released in just the last ten days. To download the complete collection in a free zipped folder, click here.

15 July 2019

Go Back

Donald Trump made one of his trademark profoundly racist comments yesterday when he said that four Congresswomen of color who routinely criticize him that they should go back to the countries where they came from (details here).

Except as it turns out, three of the four women in question were born and raised in America.

This is another poisonous apple from Trump's birther tree. If you're not white like him, he assumes, you can't be an American. This was at the root of his disgraceful and false claims that President Obama was not born in the United States when, of course, he was, simply because he was not white. He's made similar remarks about Kamala Harris, the USA-born African- and Asian-American Senator from California who is running for President.

In response to Trump's racist tirade, Yoni Appelbaum at The Atlantic penned a biting piece (link here) that it's Trump who should go back to where he came from, specifically Queens, New York. The way Appelbaum describes it, the Queens of yesteryear sounds like a dirty, corrupt hellhole, the perfect spawning ground for a creature like Trump.

Easy on the Eyes

This is Chad, who is one hot-looking stud. Unfortunately, the releasing studio provided no information or stats for him.

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14 July 2019

The QAnon Connection

I wrote on this blog last year about the bizarre QAnon and its connection to some of Donald Trump's most ardent supporters (link here).

While the movement has seen some support peel away after the bizarre predictions have not come true, the cult still counts thousands of adherents. The result is that they've seen their marriages and their relationships destroyed, as revealed by a sobering Vice article published this week (link here).

If Trump had an ounce of compassion and integrity, which he doesn't, he'd try to gently talk his supporters away from association with what has turned out to be a dangerous cult. But of course he doesn't. He needs them to remain compliant for his nonstop supply of lies.

And With Acting, Too

This is the first porn I've seen in a while with some actually decent acting. There is a woman in the first few minutes but she's in a completely non-sexual role. She also must be extremely dense to not know what is happening under her nose.

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13 July 2019

Feeling the Heat

Donald Trump's Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta resigned yesterday (details here) as a result of the mushrooming scandal involving the sweetheart deal he cut as a federal prosecutor with billionaire pedophile and Trump friend Jeffrey Epstein.

As the article linked above notes, the resignation under obvious pressure was entirely about protecting Trump. The longer the spotlight played on Acosta, the longer that same media attention was focused on the sexual predator in the White House and his many connections to Epstein.

That may give Trump a short reprieve from attention for a while but it isn't a long-term solution. Trump now faces the real danger of something far more daunting: Epstein going on trial immediately before the 2020 election.

Very Fresh

This scene was just released in the last few days and stills from it were included in yesterday's post. If you don't have a chance to watch this now, download because it's probably an unauthorized share and may not last long online. The top is quite the hottie.

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12 July 2019

Bosom Buddies

Like all profligate liars, Donald Trump often simply pretends certain aspects of reality do not exist. Given that the internet is widely used to disprove many things he says, it's no surprise then that in the last few days he's made a number of claims about barely knowing billionaire pedofile Jeffrey Epstein, even though such assertions can easily be disproven online.

Some facts are so large, however, that they serve to underscore how staggeringly absurd his position is. Such is the revelation that came this week that Trump once hosted a party at his Mar-a-Lago resort for himself, Epstein, and 28 women (details here). No other men were present.

Does that sound like something you would do with a man you "barely know"?

Epstein may fall out of the headlines for a few weeks, but as his criminal proceedings unfold, he'll be back in the headlines. And the connections to Trump will once again circulate. And once again Trump will lie that he barely knows the man.

Porn Tsunami

The weekend is here, so time for another tidal wave of porn. Today's instant collection features about nineteen hundred photos from fifty different hardcore shoots that were released within the last week. To download the complete group in a free zipped folder, click here.

11 July 2019

A Disappointment

Yesterday, a federal appellate court threw out one of the two emolument cases against Donald Trump (details here).

These cases contend that Trump's ownership of his Washington hotel violates the constitution's emoluments clause. The court yesterday dismissed the case on the grounds that the two states suing Trump did not have standing to challenge him in court.

Standing means a party to a lawsuit has a sufficient connection to the dispute.

The plaintiffs in the dismissed case can appeal to the Supreme Court or they could first ask the full bench of the appellate court to reconsider the matter. Based on statements made to the press, this sounds likely.

Nonetheless, yesterday's ruling was a disappointment. Previously, another federal court had dismissed an emolument's case brought by private citizens, saying that they too lacked standing.

There is a third emoluments lawsuit still working its way through federal court. This one was brought by members of Congress and is unaffected by yesterday's dismissal.

If that case should be thrown out on standing grounds, that will mean no one can bring an emoluments challenge against a sitting President. That then poses the question of how the emoluments clause can be enforced?

Impeachment, of course, would be one way. But if a President had no other impeachable issues, that would mean removing him or her over emoluments alone, and that seems rather drastic.

For this reason, it will be critically important to watch what happens with the emoluments suit that's still active. Stay tuned.

Porn Debut

The top here is making his porn debut and is using the name Bruno. He stands 6'3 and weighs 220 pounds. His thickly muscled body is nicely covered with a layer of fur. He'd be fantastic cuddle material.

The originals for these photos are huge and are part of a collection featuring about six hundred images from eight hardcore shoots which were released within the last week. To download the complete group in a free zipped folder, click here.