18 October 2018

Pump and Dump

ProPublica published a deeply researched piece yesterday (link here) about how Donald Trump has deeply mislead the American people and also his real estate investors about his involvement in various building projects.

The article explains at the beginning: "An eight-month investigation ... reveals that the post-millennium Trump business model is different from what has been previously reported. The Trumps were typically way more than mere licensors or bystanders in their often-troubled deals. They were deeply involved in these projects. They helped mislead investors and buyers — and they profited handsomely from it."

"Patterns of deceptive practices occurred in a dozen deals across the globe, as the business expanded into international projects, and the Trumps often participated. One common pattern, visible in more than half of those transactions, was a tendency to misstate key sales numbers."

Hopefully federal prosecutors are already investigating these incidents for possible crimes.

I recommend reading the linked article. It's on the long side but nonetheless provides a clear picture of the President's dishonesty and potential criminality.

Alternatively, you can download the article in audio form (link here) and listen on your iPod or MP3 player.

Underwear Thief

Mason does his wash in the middle of the night after he gets home from second shift, and gradually begins to discover someone is stealing his dirty underwear from his laundry basket. He sneaks back before his first load is finished and discovers Lance with his hard cock in his hand whilst sniffing Mason's briefs. Mason decides to exact a price right there for this thievery, and Lance is more than happy to pay the penalty with his eager mouth and hungry hole.

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17 October 2018


Yesterday, after a lawsuit against him by adult performer Stormy Daniels was dismissed by the judge, sore winner Donald Trump was at his vulgar best when he tweeted disparaging remarks about her, including the schoolyard taunt "horseface."

In one word, Trump scored another victory in his attempt to demean the presidency of the United States. What other President would have even thought about doing this?

Not surprisingly, Trump rabid mouthbreathing supporters were overjoyed at his crassness, as detailed by the Washington Post (link here). That same piece, however, chronicled Trump's behavior as yet another attack on women, something echoed in a piece at the Huffington Post (link here) with the title "Donald Trump Calls Stormy Daniels ‘Horseface’ In Latest Attack On A Woman’s Appearance."

Before acting or speaking, any President other than Trump would first evaluate the positives and negatives. There is no positive in calling a woman "horseface" but there are plenty of negatives. So it's simply not done.

Yet the perpetually puerile Trump shows no such restraint. The fact that he did this three weeks to the day before the midterms certainly doesn't help him, particularly with undecided voters and women.

At CNN, a different view was taken and one that should be considered (details here). Brooke Baldwin speculated the whole horseface incident was a deliberate attempt to distract attention from the escalating Saudi scandal. Trump seems desperate to divert attention away from his many ties to Saudi Arabia, which are now strained due to the kingdom's possible involvement in journalist Jamal Khashoggi's murder.

Whatever the reason, Trump both damaged the image of the United States and weakened his stance in advance of the critical midterm vote. Once again, he's his own worst enemy.

Like an Oreo Cookie

Two hot studs and a white lad create their hardcore version of an Oreo cookie, with the light sandwiched between the dark. This is also a very creamy cookie with some great cumshots to finish.

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16 October 2018

Lying in Plain Sight

Donald Trump has endlessly mocked Senator Elizabeth Warren for, according to him, falsely claiming that she has some Native American ancestry. He underscored his oft-repeated taunt by saying at several different times that he'd give $1 million to her charity of choice if she could prove her claim with DNA testing.

Yesterday, Senator Warren released DNA test results documenting that she's long been telling the truth -- she does have Native American ancestry (details here). With conclusive scientific proof in hand, she called on Trump to donate $1 million to a charity she named.

Within hours, Trump denied to reporters that he ever said he'd donate a million dollars, notwithstanding that he's made the donation promise more than once in events that were recorded on video.

That's Trump for you -- blithely steaming through a big fat lie even though conclusive video proof exists he said he'd donate $1 million.

Farmer's Tan

This lad is allegedly named Bowen. This is his first foray into porn and, based on comments from the releasing studio, it may be his only time. He has the physique of someone who built his body through manual labor and not at a gym. The farmer's tan also suggests he works outside or does a lot of gardening.

He's described as being thirty but I'm not sold on that. He looks older. He's said to be 5'10 and 200 pounds. He's also described as bi.

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15 October 2018

Very Fine People

Friday night in New York City, roving bands of far-right supporters and members of the "Proud Boys" hate group -- some wearing red hats supporting Donald Trump -- beat, kicked, and punched protestors and passersby with police standing nearby but neither stopping nor arresting the attackers (details here).

While a group of them stomped on a fallen person near Third Avenue and 83rd Street on Manhattan's east side, one of the attackers can be heard repeatedly screaming "faggot" on a video made during the violent attack (details and video links here).

Police did arrest three people protesting the Proud Boys appearance for allegedly stealing one of the hate group supporter's backpack.

This rolling incident has now sparked an angry backlash in New York, with elected officials and prominent citizens calling for an investigation into police inaction in response to the attacks.

For his part, notwithstanding he has been ranting and raving on Twitter and at his rallies over the past several weeks about nonexistent "extremist Democrat mobs," Trump made no public statement about the attacks in his hometown. In the past, he has called far-right hate group supporters "very fine people."

Attacks like these and resulting police inaction are the sorts of things you see in dictatorships and autocracies. The fact that authoritarian wannabe Trump is President and things like this are now happening in the United States are symptomatic of a serious problem.

How long with Trump and his supporters on Capitol Hill remain silent about this weekend's attacks. I'm suspecting indefinitely.

Exam Room

Vic Rocco is the top here, and although he'll never be accused of being a handsome man, he has a great body and skilled cock. Originally from West Virginia, Vic is in his early fifties, stands six foot even, and weighs in at 210. He's been doing porn for ten years. He posts lots of hardcore images and video loops on his Twitter page (link here)).

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14 October 2018

Incompetence in Action

Quartz published a great piece on Friday (link here) with a title that says it in a sentence: "Trump’s tariffs on China are doing the exact opposite of what they’re supposed to."

Almost no economists of any repute are in favor of tariffs. They raise the cost of goods for all consumers and fuel either inflation or recessions -- or both.

Part of the reason the Great Depression was so bad was because governments, including the United States, significantly increased tariffs.

Donald Trump has the numskull idea that trade deficits are bad and is trying to make them go away by imposing severe tariffs. Once again, you'd be hard pressed to find many legitimate economists who think the trade deficit is harmful.

Instead of shrinking the trade deficit, however, Trump's tariffs are actually making it even larger. Once again, he's his own worst enemy.

But we'll all pay for this in the end. Prices are already up sharply for certain items when they shouldn't be, like on home appliances. So his tariffs are an invisible tax we'll all be paying.

Hopefully Congress will step in soon and restrict what Trump is trying to do. The chances of that will increase if Republicans lose seats in the midterm elections in a few weeks.

That's yet another reason to vote. To stop Trump from making us pay more for everything.


The top here is skinny because all of his nutrition goes into his enormous uncut cock. The bottom deserves a gold medal for being able to handle that monster.

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13 October 2018


The Guardian published an article yesterday (link here) about how the Trump Administration is trying to severely limit and outright prohibit where demonstrations and protests can take place outside the White House, on the National Mall, and in front of Donald Trump's hotel on Pennsylvania avenue, among other DC locations.

This is nothing short of a brazen attempt to violate constitutionally protected free speech rights. It's no surprise that Trump's presence in the Oval Office has increased protests and picketing outside the White House. It's also well documented how thin his skin is when it comes to criticism.

A lone person standing in front of the White House with a small sign and not part of an organized protest would be subject to arrest under this proposal if approved.

The fact that Trump is trying to stop protests in front of his hotel is an appalling attempt to use the government to police his private property.

Any American can speak out against this proposal and submit brief comments in writing online. Simply visit the proposal webpage (link here) and click on the blue "Comment Now!" box in the upper right hand corner of the page.

All comments must be received by Monday at midnight. Do it now! It only takes a minute.

Out of Control

This is a super hot scene. The white lad is Ace Era, the black lad without the beard is Sean Xavier, and the bearded black lad is Lucas Fox. If you don't get a bone whilst watching this scene, I regret to inform you that you're clinically dead.

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12 October 2018


Politico ran an interesting article yesterday (link here) about how viewership on Fox News for Donald Trump's rallies has dropped so sharply the network no longer carries them live. Market share for the events has dropped below that of standard Fox programming.

This suggests Trump's core base is eroding badly. He can still draw some but not as many. Some of those former viewers may still support him, but obviously with markedly less enthusiasm. And those are voters who could be peeled away with some organization and effort.

Trump has dialed up the number of his rallies before the midterms -- they're supposedly to support candidates but they're overwhelmingly about stroking his own ego. He always fills his diatribe with lies and often controversial ad lib remarks.

One is left wondering how many people Trump convinces by a rally versus how many he offends to the point to where they're more inspired to vote against any candidate he endorses. Let's hope the latter number is considerably larger.

Given all the offensive comments about women he's made in rallies in the last few days, he may once again end up his own worst enemy.

Military Muscle

This is Marc, who is one hot piece of ass. As usual, the releasing website provided utterly no information or stats for him. He doesn't look terribly tall -- perhaps 5'8 or so -- based on his proportions to objects in the room. He looks like he could have been in the service recently, unlike some of the blokes seen on these military websites.

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