12 May 2009

London Laborer

I found this bloke on Flickr. He was identified as "Grant," a laborer from London, but who knows how accurate that is, given he doesn't seem to like having his picture taken. The location could possibly be New Oxford Street.

I'm always glad when warmer weather arrives because laborers are compelled to strip down to their wifebeaters or go shirtless. Tomorrow, two god-like Italian brothers who are carpenters are coming to do some work on my house. They're bronzed, muscular, and hairy with the most fantastic bushy armpits. I would love to take their picture, but then they might think that was odd.


  1. Anonymous05:07


  2. Dante08:12

    Very Hot!

  3. Anonymous08:23

    They guy behind "Grant" is pretty hot, too.


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