05 November 2009

Seducing His Straight Married Friend

Wow, had I known it was this easy to seduce hot married men, I would've tried long ago!


  1. dear will....i was forunate to ran accross your blog today ...really , after takeing a look at some of the post....this is by far the ulimate male blog...i have never seen one that comes close to the quality of what you've put down..and just in case no ones thanked you lately ..let me 'THANK YOU ' AM GONNA LOVE VIEWING YOUR BLOG...SINCERLY LUCKY

  2. So many hungry men outhere

  3. Looks like fun!

  4. Ahhh, I love Paul Carrigan !

    I'll forgive him any amount of bad acting, when he offers up that boofy arse of his and takes it like a man.


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