07 July 2010

Going Down My Way?

The idea of being in a submarine always seemed claustrophobic to me. After seeing this video, however, I realize the submariner's life has excellent benefits of which I was previously unaware.


  1. ZZinDC16:03

    Damn that's hot - I'd be a submariner if I could be Jake Taylor's personal sex pig - always wanted that hard hairy sweaty body on top of me and that big dick shooting his bog load all over me. And when Jake was busy I wouldn't mind topping Kyle McKenna, for some variety. THANK YOU

  2. Thats the hottest video I seen for a long time on here

  3. Anonymous18:49

    Dive, dive, dive. That's hot!

  4. Small space but great moments!
    3 is so good number for sex


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