14 April 2011

The Package Inspector

Here's just a tiny selection from the fantastic Tumblr blog Package Inspector that I inspect regularly. He features both amateur self-shots and hot professional porn images.

Is the word "package" still a part of contemporary slang? Is it international or just used in the English-speaking world?

The word is fraught with sexual meaning if you're familiar with it. An instant visual image forms in my mind when you say "package" -- I see a hot muscular bloke in snug jeans that can barely contain his thick bulge.

Or I think about my hot and very friendly straight Hispanic UPS man and the thick mound in the crotch of his snug brown shorts. I'm always happy to see him with a package for me, but I wish I could inspect it more closely before he gets back in the truck.


  1. Anonymous06:05

    The guys in images #3 and #4? "Give me! Give me! Tell me NOT of fear!" I want them in the worst and best way. Fuck me sideways.

    Tumblr is great...

    - John

  2. i love your blog will. i usually don't get too hot and bothered though by pix. not today. the sweats are comin off so i can get off to these pix. wow! thanks buddy!
    oh yeah...i'd do my UPS man in a new york minute.

  3. Fantastic set Will. Some real gorgeous men here.

  4. At least in Argentina Spanish slang, has the same meaning than in English.

  5. I forgot to mention package= paquete in Spanish

  6. No. 1, 2 and 4....
    They are soooooo HOT !!!
    Very arousing pics...
    I'm melting on my keyboard...LOL !

  7. OMG!! A set of very perfect pics!!! DELISH!!!!

  8. Thanks for great set of pictures. I love seeing 'hot packages', whether they are covered, or out in the open!

  9. Anonymous09:19

    Blonde fuzz on a hot ass- I'm there.

  10. Paul05:05

    The first guy is awesome. Would love to get my hands (and mouth) on him!

  11. Anonymous06:16

    I am originally from Montreal. We would say a guy has "un bon/beaux lunch" (a good/beautiful lunch).


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