03 April 2011


The last photo reveals this is some kind of porn shoot, not an actual rugby league that plays in jockstraps. I suspect there are more explicit shots in this series as well as clips out there somewhere.

We moved from the UK before I was old enough for rugby in school so I never had a chance to play. I was a wee little runt so I'm sure I would have been the last picked for a team.

A scrum allows for less impeded viewing of male posteriors and thighs than in American football where the players are obscured somewhat with padding, so for that reason alone it should be encouraged. I do watch it on the telly occasionally when I'm back home in the UK for this very reason.


  1. I would not mind watch that rugby game.


  2. Anonymous10:52

    Scrum? Bum? Cum? Yum!!!!


  3. The pics were taken for the Seattle Quake Rugby Club Calendar
    These were for a calendar a couple of years ago

    But who wouldn't want to scrum down with these guys?

  4. will,
    you can be in my scrum anytime. trust me, ruggers love to get nekid. i've played many a match sans kit w/ my str8 mates...even in the snow.


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