03 August 2011

Legendary Julian

Hugely endowed Julian has done hundreds if not thousands of straight porn scenes but only two bisexual clips where he was sucked by a man. He's also done some solo shoots, like this one here. I had to laugh at how he takes off his shirt. I've seen little kids undress like that but never a grown man.


  1. Leo Fisher07:52

    I can understand why he takes off his shirt this way: It’s because there’s not so much space in the car. Try it yourself …

  2. Anonymous10:59

    That's one way to get rid of that new car smell. That van has a few custom extras--including a handy lube dispenser. It's good to see a fellow who still knows how to drive a stick.


  3. Anonymous11:58

    Dayum, what I wouldn't give to be between those legs gulping down his seed. What a beautiful man. Thanks!

  4. Please, post those bisexual clips!

  5. He escorts for men through David Forest, too!


    He's hot.

  6. A. Hunter, a while back I ran a survey here as to whether readers would mind occasional clips or photo sets in which a woman appeared. The majority consensus was against it. I've jotted down your email and will see if I can find any links for his bi clips.

    Leo Fisher, I've changed in my car and was still able to remove my shirt with both hands over my head. I'd be happy to undress Julian and show him how it's done. ;)

  7. Play nice you guys! He took the fuckin shirt off! Let's be thankful for that. And I'd be happy to watch you show Julian how it's done! Please post! ;)

    But I have to admit, it's odd. It's like he's taking off a bra...

  8. Anonymous10:41

    Very sexy guy. In some of his straight films he doesn't have a goatee and mustache, but I definitely prefer him this way.

  9. This is one HOT video. Thanks for sharing.



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