01 September 2011

A Man of the People

Brian here is not model hot but he sure is working-bloke hot. He's like the hot plumber who comes to fix your pipes whom you wished you could lure into bed.

I suspect, however, he's straight because the only gay porn I've seen him do is solo stuff. He's also done a few male/female videos. But the solo stuff might make him "gay friendly" -- so after six beers and what with his girlfriend on the rag, who knows what might happen?


  1. Anonymous19:49

    Where might we find his awesome videos???

  2. Anonymous06:25

    Not very attractive even for a non-model type which I generally like.

  3. Anonymous07:04

    You're right. He's not model material. Still, I'd like to bite his ass.

    Leo G.

  4. Anonymous23:06

    i love this stubby-dicked studs`s body type, not too big and bulky, definently not an anorexic fag either. such a shame he doesn`t have a bigger dick to go with such an awesome package!!!


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