17 June 2013

Hot Men With Pussies

I bet you thought this was something different, based on the headline. Worried you there for a second, did I? He he.

Finding pictures of hot blokes with cats is much more difficult than finding sizzling lads with dogs. I guess dogs are perceived as "more masculine" while cats are the opposite.

But a hot man who's comfortable with his sexuality doesn't worry if he's holding a cat or a flower or an umbrella. And any bloke with a soft heart for an animal is an asset as a friend no matter what.

The lad with a typewriter was outside in the street yelling "Stella" up at the windows. I wonder what that's about?


  1. Anonymous06:25

    I guess Marlon had the first laptop.

  2. Anonymous07:38

    "PURRRFECT" macho man with their pussies.. So macho yet so soft...Thank you for showing the tender side of the bigger wild beast.

    MP (man pussy)

  3. Anonymous10:01

    Not only are the cats cute, the guys are even cuter/hunkier.

  4. Anonymous19:57

    The dude in the last pic, can touch my "pussy" anytime.

  5. Anonymous05:10

    It's a known fact, man has had a love hate relationship with their pussy since the beginning of time.

  6. Anonymous18:40

    What man doesn't like to "pat a pussy":):)


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