06 December 2013

Bound and Helpless

This horny pup is immobile and entirely vulnerable. Anyone could do anything to him and he would have utterly no choice.

And he loves that idea.

He's so excited at that possibility that he's had a raging hard-on for hours that won't go away. His balls hurt and are swollen with cum because he's so turned on what might happen.

"We're gonna take you in the back room where a dozen donkey-hung thugs will gangbang you to within an inch of your life all night."

Unable to speak, he nods his head up and down vigorously. It sounds like he's shouting "please sir!" through his gag.


  1. Anonymous06:24

    Oh wow - love this. Really brings out the inner pervy beast in me. Where would I begin? I know where I would eventually (very eventually) end up. I really like what they've done with his legs...... Now I'm all steamed up and hard.

  2. Fucking awesome!


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