08 May 2014

Gym Bunnies

None of these lads have an erection. None of them are even showing their cocks. But I defy you to assert that this set isn't boner-inducing. Right now, I'm imagining all of them in a sweaty gangbang, with only three bottoming. Or what about six bottoms and two tops?

I titled this entry "gym bunnies," although the meaning that term seems to vary based on your local vernacular. To some, it means any man who works out obsessively and is fixated by his looks and getting laid. To others, that only applies to gay men who live in the gym, except when they're out at clubs cruising for sex.

Some of these photos are much larger than they appear, so if you'd like to see and save those, plus eight other hot lads showing off their sculpted bodies, please click here for a free folder online.


  1. Anonymous17:35

    I'm thinking these guys would never have time for anyone other than themselves. I say: "Let them have them."

  2. Can ANYONE please ID picture 4? I've seen that picture all over the place with no name and it's driving me nuts because that guy is a slice of heaven.

  3. Anonymous05:04

    I indeed like all these "gym bunnies", but I think I love "gym bunny" #4.. Woof, right up my alley:), these type of "bunnies keep me working out.


  4. I believe #4's name is My Future Ex.husband lol
    Honestly he is HOT!


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