20 May 2014

Samurai Stud

This is Fred aka Miklos aka Jean-Paul aka Jack, a not-uncommon laundry list of aliases common for men who fuck for a living in the porn industry. I've never been able to figure out why so many pseudonyms are necessary.

According to one online porn credit directory, he's still appearing in films. Another says he retired in 2005. That's the problem with porn credits -- they're not as well maintained as those for the so-called "legitimate" film industry.

All that aside, he's a hot piece of ass. I hope he's careful with that sword, though. He's Hungarian, 5'11, 205 pounds, and eight or nine inches uncut (different websites report different lengths; what a surprise, because men never lie about their cock length).

He's known to be versatile but more often bottoms than tops. Given Hungarian men tend not to be homophobic, many Hungarian porn studs are gay-for-pay, so who knows what Fred's inclinations are. I have seen him bottom in porn and he's remained hard while rammed, if that's an indication of anything.

These photos are larger than they appear below, so click here for a free folder where you may see and save in their larger size.


  1. Anonymous08:25

    We should find some videos of this guy!

  2. Anonymous10:50

    Most guys with a heavy long cock don't point north. Fred is an exception. I think we would all agree he has very tight suspensory ligaments.

  3. You guys worry about the wrong things just let me suck him and then he can use that light sabor on me

  4. Who cares if he points North so long. as he points at Me
    I could wreck that body all night or day

  5. I don't know what suspensory ligament s are but I want them from him from in front and behind

  6. Anonymous06:50

    Yes, find us some videos

  7. video of this guy would be good, like to see that fuck stick in action

  8. Anonymous11:04

    I wonder if the guys forced into some of these ridiculous photo shoots feel as silly as they look...

  9. yes! videos! find!


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