08 May 2016

Brock aka Trevor

The hot and beefy lad seen in the first video below appeared sometimes as Brock and other times as Trevor. He was versatile and appeared regularly as both a top and bottom. He retired from porn for unknown reasons a few years ago.

In the solo video, he acts like this is the first porn video he's ever made and that he's straight, but it was not his first shoot by any means. Whether or not he's straight is anyone's guess, but I'd guess that he wasn't.

In the second scene here he bottoms to an assertive younger lad. The dynamic works well here, because the trash-talking top seems like he's seducing the gay-curious older married lad.

In the third video, Brock aka Trevor uses strip poker, the oldest trick in the book to talk a cute younger guy into getting naked. It works like a charm and soon he's pounding the pup from behind.

If you'd rather watch these videos on the source webpages, or to download your own free copies to keep and enjoy later, you should click here for the solo scene, here for the bottoming scene, and here for the topping scene.


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