18 May 2016

The Cum Geyser

Here again is Toby, featured here yesterday in still photos. When you watch these videos, I think you'll understand why I posted them.

The first video is a basic jerkoff scene that ends with an award-winning cumshot. The second video features the same cumshot looped several times and in slow motion.

So does this lad always cum like this, or was this a fluke? It he does this regularly, it's a shame this is the only porn video he's ever made. He could have a big porn career.

Six years ago, I featured another impressive cummer here on the blog. Imagine these two blokes together in one scene, cumming together and on each other. Wow.

If you'd rather watch these on the source webpages or to download your own free copies to keep, click here for the original video and here for the closer look video.

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  1. Anonymous05:23

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