25 November 2012

KSEX 90.9 on Your Dial

I've found this linked before on Xvideos, but when I posted it here, it was taken down before it ever went live on the blog. So hopefully this time it will work. The two performers here are Nino Bacci and Gus Mattox.


  1. Thats a great video. I love Gus - so handsome, perfect body, smart and knows how to fuck on camera. Even better off I bet.

  2. Anonymous06:13

    One of the best fucks ive seen, that top is so fucking hot, i want him

  3. Whew, are these two hot for each other or what??? Gus Mattox has to be one of the most handsome guys out there, and Nino Bacci along with him make the perfect pair. Thanks for posting this again--glad I caught it!

  4. Anonymous03:09

    Gus is one of the hottest. He was in great shape for a guy who didn't do porn until in his 40's. He has done stage acting and performing. Currently on the club circuit with his show I believe. aka Tom Judson has also written a book of essays and observations entitled "Laid Bare." Very interesting and hot guy with many talents.


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