15 November 2012

Man Eggs

If Nobel Prizes were handed out to men for their testicles, Landon surely would be in the running for a laureate slot. They are pretty damn perfect.

I love how they look like eggs inside his scrotum. I need to watch a few of his videos to see if they tighten up when he cums. These are nice big photos; be sure to click each one so you may better admire his balls.


  1. Anonymous06:15

    One would expect them to be "low hangers." He's definitely got great skin tone all over.

  2. Anonymous07:43

    He's a beautiful man.

  3. Anonymous13:10

    I'm with you 100%, those are Grade A large eggs.

    It's funny, I know we always refer to man's testicles, as "balls" or "nuts", but I am always saying to myself, Nice freaking eggs on that dude.. lol.. you can serve them anyway you want them to me, and I will enjoy.

    "TEABAG" anyone?

    OV (over easy)

  4. Anonymous01:09

    They are damn nice as if they were real eggs!! ^^

  5. I'd love to have those balls slapping either my chin or ass!!!

  6. Anonymous08:04

    These are nice, but I'd still rather have Anthony Biaggi's slapping me on the chin or ass any day!


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