30 November 2012

Ass Curls

Sometimes lads have more hair on their ass than on their chest, and Donny hear provides ample evidence of that. I wonder if there's a scientific or medical name for those tufted curls on his ass. Anyone know?


  1. Hell.. man I've got a pelt on my chest, stomach and forearms; hardly any on my legs, ass and back and very little on my head. Color ranges from ginger (pubic area), ash brown, grey and white. If shaving didn't itch so much I'd do it.

  2. Anonymous11:56

    OMG, I just fall in love. What a handsome masculine dude. Love his hairy pits, what a beautiful treasure trail, that leads down to his nice thick hairy bush. Now what word I use for his hairy ass. It's called being a man. With any dude you never know how much or how little hair he will have on his butt, till you see him (ah hopefully in the gym showers or even better in your bed).


  3. Anonymous14:27

    Oh, where to start with my tongue!

  4. Anonymous19:10

    I think the technical term is "sexy as fuck"!

  5. Anonymous01:58

    TRES EXITANT................ J AIME


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