01 December 2012

Hot & Steamy

I've never seen this before but I liked it. The movie critic in my crotch liked it, too. I found it in the back warrens of Xvideos, where only forty users have viewed it so far, so hopefully it will stay live for a while.


  1. Soooo very hot! If I couldn't be in the same room as these guys, I would settle for having the room across the street. What a great morning view!

    These guys played so well together. Its's like they forgot there was a camera in the room. Even the trash talk seemed natural

    Speaking of trash talk, can anyone tell what Mr. Bottom says between 4:35 to 4:40? It sounded like "strip that big dick" and "look and that balance". And at 5:58 he says something like, "You gonna make me water I'm guessing?"

    Leo G.

  2. That was phenomenal...you can tell they're into each other, almost oblivious to the camera.

  3. Anonymous20:05

    This definitely was shot at the Palmer House in Chicago during IML. I'd recognize that carpet anywhere.


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