12 December 2012

Kent's Self Love

This is not the most dynamic of videos, but it's the only one I could find featuring Kent naked. I love how he really seems to enjoy playing with his cock and stays hard through most of the video. I hope that's real and not Viagra induced.


  1. Anonymous07:46

    I am not sure if he used Viagra or not, but he sure kept me HARD watching the 15 minute video!!

  2. Anonymous11:04

    Oh yes, its perfectly normal to be in a vacant cold room posing in front of a camera with no touching or stroking of yourself and to hold an erection hard like that for however long the non-sexual and boring shoot takes. .. perfectly normal.. .. Why would anyone doubt that??? Yeah, right! Thats Trimix or Caverject injection without a doubt. Not normal to be holding a rock hard erection like that for no apparent sexual reason but just standing around and posing. .. Do you know how hard it is to stand around and pose like that and TRY to have a CONSTANT hard on?? Almost impossible without some help.

  3. Anonymous21:55

    Why don't they show him FINISHING the deal! If you find a video that does, please post it!

  4. berlinboy01:15

    an erection is an erection is an erection....with or without viagra...and I´ve known guys to get hard and stay like that for a very long time (no priapism), unfortunately I´m not one of them

    1. Anonymous10:33

      you're so right ! drugs like Viagra and Cialis are so common now / any guy who likes to hold a steel-hard erection for a whole weekend (Cialis) should use it / nothing wrong with that !

  5. Anonymous04:55

    Loved the video. Wish there was more out there on Kent Slugger.

  6. Randsome06:51

    Cute boy - he does what ever he is told and thats the sign of a good bottom - Grab some rope and a gag and let me use that bottom


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