06 December 2012

Sex Club

I usually don't post videos on Thursdays, but my photo host is temporarily knackered so I'm subbing a movie today.

The quality is not the best here, but I love the idea of getting a blowjob whilst a room full of horny blokes watches and cheers me on. Maybe I need to put that on my bucket list.


  1. Anonymous06:51

    He ruined his body with too many tats.

  2. Anonymous16:48

    Hmmmm...sorry....NOT hot!! But no doubt, the concept is sexy, as long as a couple look HOT!! : )

  3. You know by the mere fact that I frequent this blog, that on some level, I must have voyeuristic tendencies. But I must agree with last post--I didn't find this video hot either. I actually found it kind of pathetic. I guess that makes me a hypocrit. Of course, I've never actually been to a live sex show. Perhaps if I had been there, I would have enjoyed the show too.

    Leo G.

  4. Anonymous04:22

    Like you, Manhandler, it brings out my exhibitionist tendencies - the actual sex in the video might not be very exciting (& rather difficult to see), & I agree that the tattoos are not appealing, but the whole situation is VERY hot.

  5. I encourage you to try exhibitionism sometimes. It is great. I do all the time. Fun! Try it once when you feel right about it and a few men watching, not lots like in the video. I started slow and build up from there. Enjoy!


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