22 December 2012

The Speeding Ticket

In the interest of justice and to keep traffic court backlog to a minimum, Ranger Bobby decides to dole out the necessary punishment to a mouthy cracker caught speeding in his park. But one wonders if the lad was going too fast deliberately, hoping for a taste of Ranger Bobby's rough justice.


  1. I must admit, the video was hot. But, I'll take romantic over rough and tender over torture any day.

    After seeing how well the officer was hung, it's no wonder he has a picture of a horse over his bed. The horse is in good company.

    Leo G.

  2. slave-6-1-000:28

    It 's always a pleasure to see Bobby in action, I had my black stud that I fill every day and I fuck a beast!

  3. I wish I knew where this park was so I could speed like hell!


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