02 December 2012

Toilet Monster

I forget the name of the generously endowed top here. I'm sure somebody will speak up in the comments. I freely admit to watching videos like this with a certain fascination, but I don't think I'd want something that big shoved up my bum.


  1. Anonymous06:21

    The Top is Chad Hunt. This is a great glory hole flick.

  2. Anonymous08:20

    Is the top Chad Hunt?

  3. Anonymous08:50

    How can you forget Chad Hunt??? He does have a huge dick (ever notice that guys with monster cocks can't seem to get them fully erect?) but Roman Heart had a lot more going on here- I would have nabbed him and left Chad in the bathroom.

  4. Anonymous11:12

    Chad Hunt

  5. Anonymous12:10

    Roman Heart and big-dicked Chad Hunt from Falcon's Hustle & Cruise.

  6. Anonymous13:16

    chad hunt and roman heart?

  7. Anonymous13:36

    Who's the bottom? Gorgeous!

  8. The well endowed Hunk in the video is a lad by the name of Chad Hunt! My favorite Porn actor!

  9. The third comment provoked a question that I never before asked myself. Would I rather have an average (or underaverage as is my case) penis that can easily get fully erect or a monster cock that can only achieve a partial erection?

    I'll have to get back to you on this.

    Leo G.

  10. Chad Hunt my dear!


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