11 December 2012

The Slugger

This lad goes by the name of Kent Slugger. I'm guessing that's not his real name but it is cute nevertheless.

He's an aspiring model in his early thirties who's from the south and stands 5'7". I can't help noticing his body, but the real attraction for me is his sweet, handsome face.

I have found one video where he wanks on screen. I don't know if he's done any other adult work. Please add a note in the comments if you know of anything else.


  1. I was very turned on by the first picture. The second picture changed that. Why do these god-like men feel the need to cover their beautiful bodies with huge tatoos?

    When it comes to tatoos, little (or none) is more.

    Leo G.

  2. He is perfect in so many ways.

  3. Anonymous04:46

    The one looking out the window is so sexy. What a great body & cute face! Peter

  4. Anonymous10:32

    I've seen him go by "Kent Travis"

  5. Anonymous02:23

    "I have found one video where he wanks on screen."

    Is that the vid that you posted as "Kent's Self Love?" I suppose we could argue about what constitutes wanking, but as stunning as Kent is in that vid- he's not really wanking.

    If you have another, please post it!! For the love of God, please post Kent wanking.

  6. Anonymous03:04

    I think this guy's face reminds me of an elementary/middle school classmate that I was friends with for many years and ALMOST had inside me. That's the truth.

    If we had known about lubricants, I would have been fucked - in the best way possible. I was so in love and lust with him.


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