09 June 2016

Command Presence

This amateur selfie is a mystery. The badge and other elements in the photo suggest he's a genuine police officer, but would a real cop whip out his cock and take his own picture?

If you look at the uncropped original here, you can see what appears to be a firearm and bulletproof vest on the bathroom counter beside him. He's also wearing uniform pants -- you can slightly make out the seam stripe on the sides.

Underneath his wifebeater, he's wearing a foam skin guard, something that real cops wear under their body armor to prevent skin chafing. He also has a muscular physique, and real cops often are very physically fit.

If he's a real American cop, this picture could probably get him fired. He could be from another country, but that style of badge is typically only seen in the United States.

So his true identity will remain unknown as well as why this photo was made. Perhaps it was strictly private and only intended for his significant other but then later somehow made its way onto the Internet. I tried using Google's image search to see if this turned up anything but, alas, nothing.

The larger cropped version of this photo is archived here and the uncropped original is here.


  1. Anonymous06:38

    Solo podiera haber estado jugando al policía.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. That is a pic of the Canadian "performance artist" named Brent Ray Fraser. He is an artist who paints with his penis. I have also seen him do cam shows with the name "dickelangelo" but I don't think he uses that name anymore. He is actually a very friendly straight man.

  3. this guy is an artist named Brent Ray Freser...Canadian ..he paints with his penis

  4. Anonymous10:03

    What's with the grimace?

  5. Anonymous10:15

    He clearly has a future in porn - gay or otherwise!

  6. Anonymous13:49

    This is Brent Ray Fraser from Vancouver, BC. He is well know for his ability to paint with his penis!

  7. Anonymous17:34


  8. Anonymous08:57

    I wonder if he's any relation to Brenden Fraser, who is also from Vancouver!

  9. Anonymous16:31

    This is BRENT RAY FRASIEFR- not a cop! lol He's a painter and performance artist and cams on many porn sites- cam4 camfuze chaturbate etc. he sells everything-his cum, his body hair, underwear plus paintings. a true self salesman and street performer. fit as fuck and a very witty, friendly nice guy in person. straight ? well i beg to differ-- he goes where the profit is. he has his own .com online to sell and promote his work. 9-16-2016


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