07 June 2016

My Disk Is Hard

Part of the reason I started this blog how many years ago was because I had collected so much porn that I felt I should share some of my treasure trove. After I started the blog, I realized I was collecting porn at an even faster rate than ever before.

As a result, I had to buy portable hard drives and also stashed some of the collection away on cloud storage services. I don't have an exact total of what I've accumulated, but the size is now in the multiple terabytes.

Because my primary hard drive was nearly full once again, I once more had to offload several hundred gigabytes yesterday. I had hundreds of folders with thousand of photos I saved for this blog, and I realized I could never post everything I had kept.

So today rather than just spotlight one photo set, this post will feature twenty random photo sets I pulled off my hard drive. Some of them are lads together in hardcore action whilst others are lads alone making love with their right or left hand.

Featured below are a few shots from one of those twenty photosets. He's Darin, who stands 5'10 and weighs 190 pounds. He has a man's body and a sweet, innocent face just begging to be corrupted. I believe this is the only porn shoot that he ever did.

To download the complete collection of twenty picture sets in a free zipped folder, with a collective total of nearly seven hundred photos, you should click here.


  1. Anonymous06:27

    Just WOW! Thank You!

  2. cute! ... he needs black rimmed glasses (nerd/bookworm style glasses) and i'd be all over him :)

  3. Anonymous04:49

    El se ve tan feliz.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  4. Anonymous03:49

    As sweet as they come...

  5. Darin is so cute. He has beautiful eyes.


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