14 June 2019

Begging for Collusion

After tweeting hundreds of times that there was "no collusion" between his campaign and Russia in 2016, notwithstanding more than 250 contacts with Kremlin-connected individuals, on Wednesday Donald Trump said in a televised interview on ABC that there was nothing wrong with accepting incriminating dirt about his election opponent from Russia or other countries and that he'd do it again in 2020 (details here and here.) He also said he saw no reason to contact the FBI.

No surprise, Trump is wrong on the law here. While "collusion" is not a crime, conspiracy is a felony as is accepting things of value from foreign nationals, including opposition research.

Not surprisingly, Trump's remarks set off an immediate firestorm of reactions from both Democrats and Republicans who condemned what he said. Multiple legal experts on both the left and right said as well that the statement alone was grounds for impeachment.

What kinds of aftershocks will this statement produce? Time will only tell. Hopefully Democrats in the House of Representatives pick up on this and use it against Trump.

At a minimum, Trump's 2020 election opponent should use it over and over again against him because it shows Trump has no moral compass and puts self enrichment before national security.

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